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10 Schnauzer Haircuts & Grooming Styles in 2022 (with Pictures)

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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Many dog breeds need good grooming now and then, but the adorable Schnauzer tops the list for dogs whose fur you can practice creativity on.

Schnauzers tend to grow long, wavy, or curly fur. Depending on the dog, the hair also grows relatively quickly and will take quite a bit of maintenance to keep them looking stylish. If you want to take them to dog shows or for them to look good on a walk around town, then there are hairstyles that you should consider trying next time you go to the groomer.

Divider 8The 10 Schnauzer Haircuts & Grooming Styles

1. Traditional Schnauzer Haircut

This first Schnauzer haircut is the traditional look for a Schnauzer. This style is what most people are the most familiar with regarding Schnauzer. They might even think that this is how these dogs naturally look!

To achieve this style, the groomer will cut the fur short across their belly, on their body and tail, and up their neck. They will also cut the hair on their head short while leaving the beard. Often, this will only need a bit of styling. Then, their legs are cut to a medium-length and kept quite tidy.

2. Long Pants Schnauzer Haircut

The long pants cut is a dapper look that gives the appearance of freeform maintenance. It is similar in cut and style to the traditional haircut for a Schnauzer. The primary difference is that the hair on their legs is left much longer.

Although this one can mean less maintenance for the groomer along the legs, it means more work for you. You need to pay closer attention to brushing your pup so their legs won’t get matted and filled with grime.

3. The Schnauzer Puppy Haircut

The puppy cut is a common haircut for a Schnauzer. Although the name might signify that it is only suitable for a puppy, this isn’t true at all. Instead, it is meant to make your dog look younger and more carefree instead of so dapper and well-manicured. It is also cute as a miniature Schnauzer haircut since they are already so small.

To achieve this cut, the groomer needs to cut their hair the same length across their entire body. They should leave about 1-2 inches. The effect will be a soft, wavy, and fluffy appearance, sort of like a puppy. You can maintain more of their age by leaving the beard on the face or trim it to give them an even more innocent look.

4. Shaved Schnauzer or the Kennel Clip

The fact is that the haircut you give your Schnauzer shouldn’t always be what you think is the most adorable. Instead, you need to consider the dog’s needs as well. During the summertime, your pup will go through the hot days just like you and won’t want to wear extra layers. That is just when this next cut comes in handy.

Give your Schnauzer a short haircut all over their body. Trim up the hair on their legs, faces, tail, back, and stomach to about half an inch or even shorter. The plus side for you is that this cut is extremely low-maintenance. There is no extra un-tangling that you need to do to keep your dog feeling comfortable.

5. Au Natural Schnauzer Haircut

Just because the option is there to give your Schnauzer a styling new look, that doesn’t mean you always have to do it. Instead, you can try to see what it would be like to let them grow their hair naturally. Trim the hair around their face to keep them clean and tidy.

From here, you can also elect to chop off just a bit more around their back, head, or neck to give them more of a neat look. Otherwise, just let them fluff out for a while. It is also a great option for cold winters.

Divider 7Focused-on-the-Face Cuts

The Schnauzer’s overall look and body aren’t the only things you can pay attention to if you want them to look distinctive. There are many options for what you can do on their face alone.

6. Schnauzer Moustache Cut

A Schnauzer has much more fur on their snout. They grow iconic beards and mustaches. There is much work that can be done to give them different looks. Let the beard grow out and brush it down, so it looks like a full face of facial hair. Keep it trimmed and neat for a more dapper look.

7. Schnauzer Eyebrows

A Schnauzer’s eyebrows are also quite iconic, growing straight out and down from their face. You can trim these back on top and let the hair grow out underneath for a gentlemanly look. You can also style them into a sleek triangle or rectangle growth over their eyes if you are going for a distinct show look. Cut them all the way down for a more innocent, puppy-ish face.

Divider 4

Schnauzer Bangs

The hair in between their ears will grow long if you let it. Some people grow this and style it daily to give their Schnauzers something similar to doggie bangs. Although it is high-maintenance, it sure is cute.

8. Schnauzer Mohawk

If being dapper isn’t really what you are looking for in a haircut for a Schnauzer, then you might be interested in the Mohawk. A trendy look in the 80s that everyone recognizes, the mohawk is fun to do with the hair on the top of your Schnauzer’s head and down their back.

Trim the fur along the rest of the neck and their body to make it complete. The longer the mohawk hair, the more obvious the design.

9. Schnauzer Poodle Haircut

Although not as common because a Schnauzer’s hair is not as curly as a Poodle’s, you can still cut it in a similar style. Since there are plenty of ways that you can cut a Poodle’s hair, you can do all sorts of things with your Schnauzer to try and emulate those styles.

10. Schnauzer Winter-Time Snug Cut

Just like they need to feel cooler during the summer, your dog will thank you for giving them extra layers of fur during the winter. You can leave it longer on their bodies than normal and even longer on their legs to emulate the traditional Schnauzer cut, just with a little more fur.Divider 5

Grooming Advice for Schnauzers

Just like there are best practices for keeping our human hair healthy and looking sleek, there are certain tips to consider for a Schnauzer.

Avoid illness by practicing good grooming methods.

Consider them and their seasonal needs as you go about choosing their newest haircut. If it is hot, don’t make them go around carrying a bunch of extra fur.

If you decide to keep some of their fur longer, no matter what time of year, you need to do daily maintenance after they leave the groomer.

Set up a maintenance schedule.

These dogs require more maintenance than most breeds. They will need regular grooming every 4-6 weeks to keep them comfortable and looking in good shape. Your schedule will differ depending on how fast your pup’s fur grows.

Keep their facial fur brushed.

Most of the styles we looked at involve leaving some part of their iconic facial hair longer. If this is true for your pup’s style, then you need to comb it out every day, sometimes after each time they eat, depending on how messy they are. Their fur type is prone to tangling and matting, no matter where it is on the body. Comb out anything that you leave longer.

Wait until they are at least 5 weeks old to give them their first haircut.

A puppy needs a bit of time to grow before taking them to the groomer for the first time. You should wait until they are between 5 and 8 weeks old to get that first visit in. It is also handy to get them accustomed to a brush at home and perhaps the sound of a clipper, so they are ready for the experience when they get to the shop.

Featured image credit: Pashin Georgiy, Shutterstock

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