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Shameless Pets Soft Baked Dog Treats Review 2023: Our Expert’s Opinion

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By Nicole Cosgrove

Shameless Pets Product Review

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Our Final Verdict

We give Shameless Pets Blueberried Treasure Soft Baked Dog Treats a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars.

Shameless Pets is a relative newcomer to the dog treat scene. Shameless Pets was only founded in 2018, but in these few short years, they have been vigorously working on creating something special. What Shameless Pets lacks in name recognition; they are frantically making up for in quality. The Shameless Pets Soft Baked Dog Treats aim to be healthy, natural, and sustainably made. The ingredients are upcycled, the treats are delicious, and the packaging is made with green energy. Hearing all of these claims might sound like buzzwords, so do Shameless Pets live up to the hype? We think that they do.

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The Shameless Pets Soft Baked Dog Treats Recipe

Image Product Details
Our Favorite Flavor Shameless Pets Blueberried Treasure Shameless Pets Blueberried Treasure
  • Mostly natural ingredients
  • Not too many calories and very little fat
  • Made in the USA
  • Shameless Pets Dog Treats Reviewed

    shameless pets blueberried treasure soft baked dog treats

    About Shameless Pets

    Who Makes Shameless Pets Soft Baked Dog Treats and Where Is It Produced?

    Shameless Pets manufacture their own dog treats in the United States using upcycled food. The Shameless Pets world headquarters are located in Chicago, Illinois. Since Shameless Pets make their healthy dog treats in the United States, you do not have to worry about potential contamination or mislabeling from a foreign factory. Making and shipping their products in the United States for American dog owners also cuts down on the carbon footprint of shipping which helps with their eco-friendly goals. Shipping treats from Chicago is much better for the planet than shipping them in from another continent. Shameless Pets aims to make each treat from 40% upcycled food which helps reduce food waste that would otherwise be thrown out from big box stores that overbuy.

    Which Types of Dog Is Shameless Pets Soft Baked Dog Treats Best Suited For?

    Shameless Pets Soft Bake Dog Treats are suitable for dogs of all shapes and sizes. Shameless Pets’ healthy ingredients and sustainability goals are easy to root for. If you have a small dog, you can give them a couple of treats a day. If you have a large dog, you can give them up to eight treats per day, so no one is left out. There are no problematic ingredients in Shameless Pets, so there are no red flags for dietary restrictions making this an excellent choice for nearly every dog owner.

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    Discussion of the Primary Ingredients (Good and Bad)


    Sunflower Meal

    Sunflower meal is a simple byproduct of sunflower oil production. When sunflower seeds are crushed to create oil, the remnants are collected into sunflower meal. This is a natural and healthy binder for the dog treat. Sunflower meal is filled with oleic and linoleic acid and is low in fats.


    Potato is a basic and natural ingredient that is great for dogs. If you have ever fed your dogs french fries or potato chips, you know how much dogs love the taste of potatoes.


    Blueberries are an excellent fruity treat for dogs. Blueberries are chock full of antioxidants, helpful natural fiber, and vitamins C and K. Blueberries add some great flavor without using any chemical additives.

    dog looking at the shameless pets blueberried treasure treats

    Apple Pomace

    Like sunflower meal, apple pomace is a byproduct of apple juice creation. The remnants of the apple, after the juicing process is finished, are turned into a slushy pomace which includes up to 30% of the original apple. Apples, like blueberries, are a great and healthy fruit for dogs to eat.

    Mint & Parsley

    Mint and parsley are great additions to these dog treats. Mint and parsley are two things that veterinarians recommend using to help control a dog’s breath. These ingredients will help your dog’s mouth smell fresher. The fruit plus the mint and the parsley mean that your dog won’t have bad breath after eating a handful of these treats. That is not the case for meat-based treats, which can leave your dog’s mouth smelling rank.

    Mixed Tocopherols

    Mixed tocopherols are used in Shameless Pets dog treats as a preservative. That might not sound super healthy, but they are actually a mixture of vitamin E sources. Mixed tocopherols often come from things like flax and sunflower seeds, along with leafy greens. In this case, they are likely a byproduct of the sunflower and flax found in the treat itself, so there is nothing to worry about.

    dog eating shameless pets blueberried treasure treats


    Coconut Glycerin

    Coconut glycerin is safe for dogs, but it is a sugary syrup. These are the kinds of ingredients that many dog owners try to avoid. Coconut glycerin is primarily used in the cosmetic industry, but it can also be used as a sweetener for food. Coconut glycerin is one of only a few processed ingredients found in these dog treats.

    Glucose Syrup

    Glucose syrup is the most processed ingredient in these treats. Glucose syrup is found in many foods, and it adds sweetness, taste, shelf life, and calories. Glucose syrup is considered highly processed. Thankfully, in this case, it is one of the last ingredients in the treat, so it does not make up a large portion of the snack. Despite the small amounts, it is good to know that these treats contain this processed sugar.

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    Shameless Pets Soft Baked Dog Treats Review

    Shameless Pets Blueberried Treasure Soft Baked Dog Treats

    Shameless Pets Soft Baked Dog Treats are a great snack for your dog. Not only are the treats made from natural, high-quality ingredients, but they are also made by a company with sustainability in mind. The treats are made from upcycled food that would have normally gone to waste. The treat packaging is made using solar energy. They even shipped me the treats in an envelope made from recycled materials. That shows a dedication to quality and green initiatives at every level.

    The treats themselves are made from largely natural ingredients. They are even in the shape of adorable hearts. Putting one of these hearts in your dog’s mouth will make you love those dog kisses once again because these treats are also designed to improve your dog’s breath. Unlike other treats, Shameless Pets does not load each individual morsel with a lot of calories and fat. That means that even small dogs can have multiple treats per day without any adverse side effects. Other treats can rapidly add empty calories to your dog’s diet which can make them fat and out of shape. If you follow the generous guidelines found on the package, you won’t have that problem with Shameless Pets Soft Baked Dog Treats.

    We personally tested out the Blueberried Treasure flavor, but there are nine other flavors to choose from, including unique tastes like Applenoon Delight, Duck Duck Beet, and Lobster Rollover, which gives you the freedom to choose a variety you know your dog will love.

    • Mostly natural ingredients
    • Not too many calories and very little fat
    • Sustainable company uses recycled food and materials to create their products
    • Made in the USA
    • Tons of unique flavors
    • A couple of processed ingredients are still present

    Ingredients Analysis

    Crude Protein: 10%
    Crude Fat: 7%
    Crude Fiber: 8.5%
    Moisture: 20%

    Calories Per Treat Breakdown:

    • 17 kcal/treat
    • 2,735 kcal/kg
    • 5-15 lbs. | 1-2 treats per day
    • 15-30 lbs. | 2-4 treats per day
    • 30-50 lbs. | 4-6 treats per day
    • 50-75+ lbs. | 6-8 treats per day

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    Our Experience with Shameless Pets Dog Treats

    My dog Bolt is a mutt who can be a little particular about food. Some days he wants to eat everything in sight, and other days he is skeptical and won’t eat anything put in front of him. At first, Bolt was hesitant about Shameless Pets dog treats, but as soon as the taste hit his tongue, he was hooked. The soft baked method leaves these treats soft and crumbly, which puts him off a little bit. Bolt normally eats hard treats and bones, so the soft consistency was something he usually doesn’t eat, but he powered through anyways.

    The treat bag is very well designed with all of the information I needed as a pet owner to make a good decision for Bolt. The blueberry flavor with mint was also a great choice for Bolt, who likes to give a lot of kisses. I was impressed that even the shipping envelope was made from recycled materials.

    The whole experience, from opening the envelope to feeding the treats to Bolt, was a pleasant one. As a dog owner and someone who is concerned about global waste, there is a lot to love about Shameless Pets. I feel good giving Bolt their treats, and I feel good about using their products. Sadly, it feels like that only sometimes happens in the 21st century.

    shameless pets blueberried treasure soft baked dog treats

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    Shameless Pets nailed it with their Blueberried Treasure Soft Bake Dog Treats. There are very few drawbacks to buying these dog treats. They are healthy, natural, and sustainably made. Dogs love these treats, people feel good about using them, and they are made in the United States. For all of these reasons, we can confidently give these dog treats a hearty recommendation for nearly any dog owner.

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