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Shiba Corgi (Corgi & Shiba Inu Mix): Info, Pictures, Facts

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shiba corgi outside

Height: 10 – 15 inches
Weight: 15 – 25 pounds
Lifespan: 12 – 15 years
Colors: White, cream, fawn, red, brown, sable
Suitable for: Families with older children
Temperament: Intelligent, independent, confident, friendly

The Shiba Corgi is a designer dog that is the result of mixing a purebred Shiba Inu with a purebred Cardigan or Pembroke Welsh Corgi. The breed is a relative latecomer as far as designer dogs go, only having been developed in the late 2000s.

Known for their calm, curious, and at times, stubborn personalities, these dogs are affectionate toward their families but can be standoffish when it comes to strangers and other pets.

The Shiba Corgi is also a protective and alert dog, and if their personality leans more toward their Shiba Inu parent, they may also be brave to a fault.

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As with all designer dogs, there is no guarantee as to which of their parents that your Shiba Corgi will take after in terms of their looks, personality, or temperament. In terms of appearance, the Shiba Corgi tends to be a quirky looking, medium-sized dog with the short legs of a Corgi and the curled Spitz-type tail of a Shiba Inu. They typically have a long foxlike muzzle and pointed and erect ears, and their double coat will be short in length.

On the personality front, it is common for Shiba Corgis to inherit at least some of the Shiba Inu’s extremely reserved, standoffish manner, often making them reserved or even guarded with strangers and not at all fond of other dogs. As a result, the Shiba Corgi may be best in a single-dog or only-pet household.

3 Little-Known Facts About the Shiba Corgi

1. Your Shiba Corgi will likely have a smile.

Both the Shiba Inu and the Corgi are dogs that are often said to have a natural smile. As such, it is highly likely that your Shiba Corgi will also smile.

2. The Shiba Corgi can be a fussy eater.

Shiba Corgis have a reputation for being fussy eaters, so it may be that you need to try several different types of dog food before you find one that your puppy likes.

Ideally, you should start your dog off with the same food that your breeder fed them, and if you wish to change brands or type of food, do it slowly so your dog becomes accustomed to the new food you want to give them.

3. The Shiba Corgi will usually have a mask.

The Shiba Corgi is one of the few dogs that have the “Corgi mask,” a coloration on their face that makes it appear as though the dog is wearing a mask.

The parent breeds of the Shiba Corgi - Shiba Inu and Welsh Corgi
Image Credit: Left – FRA v, Pexels | Right – Alvan Nee, Unsplash

Divider 3Temperament & Intelligence of the Shiba Corgi 🧠

The Shiba Corgi is an intelligent dog that has a reputation for being independent and at times, even a little stubborn. They can also be quite standoffish and unless socialized when young, may dislike other dogs and be wary of strangers.

Shiba Corgis are quite protective of their territory and their families, and in this regard, they can be good watchdogs.

Are Shiba Inu Corgi Mixes Good for Families? 🏡

The Shiba Corgi can be a good dog for families with older children. These dogs are not the best around young children and toddlers because they don’t like being pushed around and have little tolerance for rough play.

In a family setting, Shiba Corgis will get on well with all members of the household but will likely form a particularly close bond with just one person. This person could be any individual in the family but will probably be the person with whom they spend the most time with while they are young.

Shiba Corgis enjoy spending time with their families and appreciate receiving a little affection, but they are not likely to be the type of dog to curl up with you on the couch at night. Rather, it is more likely that they’ll retire to their own space, where they can keep an eye on what is going on around them.

Do Corgi Shiba Mixes Get Along With Other Pets? 🐶 😽

It is not advisable to bring an adult Shiba Corgi into a household that already has pets. While they are not particularly aggressive dogs, they can be quite territorial.

Shiba Corgis are far more likely to get on with other pets if they have been raised together, and as such, the best time to introduce new pets into your house is when your Shiba Corgi is still a young puppy.

shiba corgi inquisitive
Credit: cudjo, shutterstock

Divider 4Things to Know When Owning a Shiba Inu Corgi Mix

Food & Diet Requirements 🦴

As a dog owner, you have the responsibility for ensuring the health and well-being of your pet, and an important part of this is ensuring that your dog receives a well-balanced and nutritious diet.

Dogs have individual dietary requirements that are typically based on their age, weight, and activity levels, as well as any specific health problems that they may have. The type and amount of food that a dog needs will change over time, and as the owner of a Shiba Corgi, you may also find yourself dealing with a picky eater who only likes certain types or brands of dog food.

As a rule, it is best to start feeding your Shiba Corgi puppy with the food that they have been eating at the breeder’s kennel. This will not only ensure that your dog will eat the food you give them, but it will also make their transition into their new home less of a challenge.

After a while, you will inevitably need to change their food. When this happens, you should look for a premium brand of dry dog food that has been formulated for active medium dogs. There are many different brands and flavors available, and you may find that your Shiba Corgi will happily eat some of them and turn up their nose at others.

The best way to avoid this problem is to slowly introduce new food by mixing small amounts of it with the food that your dog usually eats. Then, over the course of a couple of weeks, gradually increase the amount of the new food while simultaneously reducing the amount of their old food in the mix.

The amount of food that you need to give your dog should be based on the feeding guide for that food, which will be printed on the packaging. Of course, if you have any specific concerns about what to feed your dog, the best person to ask is your dog’s vet.

Exercise 🐕

Both of the Shiba Corgi’s parent breeds are working dogs, and as such, they are a fairly active dog themselves. For this reason, Shiba Corgis are not the best dog to have in an apartment, as not only do they need a moderate amount of physical exercise, but they also need plenty of mental stimulation.

The best way to ensure that your dog gets both the exercise and mental stimulation they require is to take them out on a nice long walk in the morning and again in the late afternoon or early evening. If possible, you should try to vary the route so your Shiba Corgi sees and smells new things each time.

Training 🦮

Shiba corgis are quite intelligent dogs and on that basis, should be moderately easy to train. However, as the breed also has a bit of a stubborn streak, the success of your training seasons is more likely to be dependent upon how well you keep your dog interested, rather than on their ability to learn.

Ideally, you need to make training seasons fun and interesting. Shiba Corgis crave mental stimulation, so if you can keep their interest, you will have more success over the long term.

Grooming ✂️

Shiba Corgis are relatively easy dogs to maintain when it comes to grooming. They have short, low maintenance coats that don’t require regular brushing or bathing. As they are quite clean dogs, the only time they do become smelly is if their undercoat is left wet for long periods.

The breed does, however, have a thick double coat will shed their undercoat twice a year, once at the start of summer and again at the beginning of winter. During this time, your pet will need at least twice-weekly brushing with a fine stripping comb to release all the loose undercoat. Alternatively, when your dog starts their seasonal molt, you may wish to engage the services of a professional dog groomer who can strip and de-molt your dog’s coat.

Health and Conditions ❤️

The Shiba Corgi is generally a healthy breed of dog, and provided that they are well looked after, there is every chance that they will live a happy and healthy life well into old age.

However, as with most dog breeds, several health conditions are more common for Shiba Corgis.

Minor Conditions
  • Skin irritations / dry skin
  • Eye infections
  • Cataracts
Serious Conditions
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Patella luxation
  • Degenerative myelopathy
  • Intervertebral disc disease

Divider 5Male vs. Female

When it comes to choosing a Shiba Corgi, there is little difference between a male and a female puppy. As with most breeds, male Shiba Corgis tend to be a little larger than females, and you may find that females are more affectionate and more possessive than males, but these are only minor differences.

So, unless you have a particular choice for a male or female puppy, you may be better off choosing a Shiba Corgi on their personality and activity level. The best way to do this is to observe the litter over an extended period to see how the puppies interact with each other and with their mother. Of course, this may not be easy or feasible to do, so it is recommended that you discuss your choice with the breeder, who will be best placed to advise you on which puppy will be more likely to be suitable for you.

Divider 3Final Thoughts: Shiba Inu Corgi Mix

The Shiba Corgi isn’t a dog that will suit everybody. Still, if you are prepared to put in some work with training and socializing them and you don’t have very young children or other dogs in your household, these loyal and intelligent dogs can make fantastic family pets.

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