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  • Bird Safe Cat Collar

    Protect the wildlife from your little ball of terror with this bird-safe cat collar. These collars come…

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    Cat Canopy Bed

    Treat your cat like the king or queen that they are with this luxurious cat canopy bed.…

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  • Cat Donut Collar

    Let’s face it, traditional cone collars are boring! If you want something that’s a lot more comfortable…

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  • Cat Steps For Older Cats

    These soft, fabric cat steps come in every color under the sun. Designed to accommodate the needs…

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  • Jumbo Litter Box

    Looking for a litter box that’s a little different?  This jumbo-sized litter box is surrounded on all…

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  • Litter Box With Lid

    Add a little extra privacy on top with this double-lid litter box. The confines of the box…

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    Plant Litter Box

    Brighten up your home and give your cat a private, safe space with this unique plant litter…

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