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Should All Cats Wear Collars? Advice for Indoor & Outdoor Pets

Rachael Gerkensmeyer

By Rachael Gerkensmeyer

a cat wearing collar

Cats are wild creatures with independent attitudes, but it is our job as caretakers to ensure that they stay safe day in and day out. One way to keep a cat safe is to make sure they’re wearing a collar. This may seem like it would only apply to cats that spend time outdoors, but the truth is that it’s a good idea to put a collar on your cat even if they live strictly as an indoor pet. Ultimately, we recommend that all pet cats wear collars.

That said, it is important to note that collars are not enough. Every cat collar should be outfitted with an identification tag that includes the cat’s name and their owner’s phone number. Here’s what else you should know.

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Why Outdoor Cats Should Wear Collars

Pet cats that are allowed to spend time outdoors should always wear a collar and identification tag. Even if your kitty knows exactly where home is, something outside could spook them and make them run to an area that they are not familiar with. A collar and nametag can help people get your lost cat back home again. If your cat is used to being around many people, they may go up to strangers while outdoors. A collar and identification tag will make clear to passersby that your cat has a loving home, so they shouldn’t try to capture them.

tabby cat with gps collar sits behind a tree trunk
Image Credit: Heide Pinkall, Shutterstock

Why Indoor Cats Should Wear Collars

You may never expect your cat to get outdoors if they live strictly inside. You likely go to great lengths to make sure they stay indoors at all times, day and night. Screens and household rules about keeping the doors closed can help ensure that your kitty stays inside. However, nothing is foolproof, and there is always a chance that a door will be left open or a loose screen in the window will get breached at some point.

Therefore, it’s important to make sure your indoor kitty wears a collar and identification tag even when you don’t expect them to go outside. If you keep all the doors and windows closed at night while you sleep, you may be able to take the collar off at this time. Just remember to put it back on first thing in the morning!

How to Get a Cat to Wear a Collar

While some cats don’t enjoy wearing collars, most tend to take well to them. There are a few things that you can do to ease the process of getting your feline friend used to a collar. First, start putting a collar on your kitty as soon as possible after bringing them home for the first time, while they are still young. Start by putting a collar on for a couple of hours at a time until your cat seems to be used to it.

Then, keep the collar on for longer periods of time until your cat is fine with wearing it 24 hours a day. If your kitty resists the collar, try keeping the collar on your bed or couch for a few days before putting it on your cat, so it gets infused with your scent. This can help make your kitty feel safer and more comfortable while they are getting used to wearing the collar.

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Final Thoughts

It’s important for all cats to wear collars, especially ones with identification tags, so they can be returned to their owners in the unfortunate event that they get lost. Most cats are fine with wearing collars, but if your cat resists at first, you can slowly get them used to it.

Featured Image Credit: Amos Niu, Unsplash

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