I love this video, because it proves your cat could be more considerate.. they just choose not to be. And, it is hilarious.
Agreed, it is way more fun to make the mess then clean up after it.

Common teenager does: clothes on floor, muddy boots and discarded half built brilliant projects, pizza boxes and piles of books and games, unwashed dishes…

Your favorite furry kitten friend does:  shred the side of the couch, and knock over our grandmas vase or leave their split open catnip (or real) mouse on the floor and the cat litter tracked all over.

Both do: Leave the toilet paper roll empty.

This little video we found proves that cats could be more considerate… they just choose not to be. (We are still waiting on the teenager proof).

Treat your cat really good, and maybe they will start to pick up after themselves.


If they feel like it.

Or if they want something.

[via: jezebel (read hilarious comments there!) and youtube]