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Smalls vs Cat Person: Which Fresh Cat Food is Right for Your Cat? (2022)

Chelsie Frasier

By Chelsie Frasier

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The world of pet food seems like a jungle. With so many brands, options, ingredients, and opinions, how do you know which one to choose? We know you only want the very best for your cat, and we’re here to help. Fresh cat food that is delivered to your door seems like a healthy option, and you don’t have to worry about lugging around heavy bags of kibble. But which delivery service should you choose? We did the work and compared the two cat foods: SMALLS and CAT PERSON.

A Sneak Peek at the Winner: Cat Person

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
Cat Person Chicken & Turkey Recipe Dry Cat Food Cat Person Chicken & Turkey Recipe Dry Cat Food
  • No additives
  • Mostly animal-based protein
  • Durable, easy to open and close bag
  • Close Runner-Up
    Second place
    Smalls Fresh Bird Recipe Smalls Fresh Bird Recipe
  • Rich in animal protein
  • Low carbohydrate level
  • High in moisture, great for digestion
  • Cat Person comes out as the winner in our comparison, but only by a small margin. Its customizable options for meals and delivery intervals give them an edge on Smalls. They have more flavor choices, and unlike Smalls, Cat Person food has never been recalled (although Smalls has fixed this issue).

    Both Cat Person and Smalls have attributes that will appeal to different customers, so without further ado, let’s take a closer look at each of these brands so you can make an informed decision.

    About Smalls

    Smalls cat food offers human-grade, fresh cat food free from grain, artificial additives, and fillers. Prior to signing up, you can fill out a short questionnaire on the Smalls website, after which they will provide you with custom meal plan suggestions and begin your subscription. Unfortunately, these custom meal plans are where Smalls misses the mark.

    Ingredient Sourcing

    Small is made with human-grade, quality ingredients that are sustainably sourced within North America. Their foods are free from any fillers and by-products as they claim, and they are rich in protein to support your cat’s development.

    Smalls offers both kibble and wet food formulas that are produced in Chicago, Illinois. Their freeze-dried foods are manufactured in Minnesota.

    What kind of food is offered by Smalls?

    While it began as a fresh cat food company, Smalls now offers fresh food, freeze-dried food, and extra pantry items. Each type of food comes in several flavors, and you have the option to choose from four different protein sources, chicken, turkey, beef, or fish. You can also choose from two different textures: smooth or ground.

    The freeze-dried food is only available in duck, chicken, or turkey. These can provide a nutritious alternative to traditional cat kibble, as freeze-dried foods preserve their original nutrition.

    smalls cat food in a plastic container

    Customer Feedback about Smalls

    Since Smalls has only been operational since 2017, they don’t have a ton of history. They have, however, received a fair amount of both positive and negative feedback from customers, which we will give a brief overview of here.

    Trustpilot contains 405 reviews about Smalls cat food. Their overall rating is 3.8 out of 5 stars. Although, 60% of their reviews give a five-star rating, 15% give them only one star. The largest proportion of negative reviews are with regards to customer service and their subscription payment system, not with the food itself.

    Buying a sample pack with Smalls automatically commits you to a subscription, so if you don’t cancel this subscription before the assigned renewal date, you are automatically charged and sent your next batch of food. Many customer reviews express frustration at an inability to easily cancel the service.  Since Smalls customer service only allows contact via email or text message, it’s difficult to obtain quick customer service.

    The positive reviews for Smalls food do outweigh the negatives. Customers report improved energy levels in their cats and seem to be impressed with the overall quality of the food. Several states that Smalls was a great solution for their picky eating cat.

    Is Smalls a good choice overall?

    Smalls offers an excellent variety of food choices and meal plans that meet your cat’s nutritional needs. While the food itself seems to be a good choice, the company’s customer service remains something to be desired. But, they are working on their customer service, and their healthy food options make them one of our favorite cat food options available this year.

    • Good variety of food choices
    • Convenient subscription service
    • Nutritionally balanced food
    • Sustainably sourced ingredients
    • Customer service needs improvement
    • Recent recall

    About Cat Person

    cat person review

    Cat Person is another subscription food option that offers a high-quality auto-delivery service. While there’s nothing overly special about the food or the meal options that make Cat Person stand out from the competition, a few qualities about this company make it a good choice.

    Ingredient sourcing

    Cat Person isn’t a cat food company, and they don’t manufacture their own products. They sell a variety of cat-related products, including bowls, toys, beds, and, more recently, cat food. Their cat food is primarily manufactured in Thailand but by a human food provider with a strong reputation for providing sustainably-sourced ingredients. All of the seafood contained in their products is certified by the Marine Stewardship Council.

    Cat Person has expanded its food manufacturing to a US-based facility to meet demand. This facility also uses ethically sourced meat and is run entirely on solar power. All of this brand’s manufacturing facilities have strong reputations for ensuring their operations leave the smallest carbon footprint possible.

    If a company’s environmental awareness is important to you, Cat Person certainly takes this seriously.

    What kind of food is offered by Cat Person?

    Cat Person offers 19 different cat food recipes in both wet and dry formulas. Their wet food has two different textures, shredded and pate in broth, each of which comes in eight flavor options.

    While cat person doesn’t claim to offer human-grade ingredients, their food is all made in human food facilities, which implies that it is of higher quality than typical animal feed-grade pet food. There are no fillers or by-products, and all of Cat Person’s food is made with animal protein as the primary ingredient. There is no corn, wheat, soy, or artificial colors contained in any of their food.

    Cat Person has several customizable options for their food plans, including the frequency of delivery, which can be weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

    cat person review

    Customer feedback about Cat Person

    The only notable negative feedback that stands out about Cat Person food is regarding the price. While the actual cost varies depending on your choice of food recipe and delivery frequency, this food is higher priced than other comparable services.

    Their website and subscription management service appear to be easy to manage, and cancellation is hassle-free. Cat Person even gives you three days’ notice before your renewal date to give you plenty of time to cancel if you wish. Their customer service representatives are only available via text or email, so it’s difficult to get in touch with someone in person. If you’re more comfortable having a customer service representative available over the phone, this might not be the best choice.

    Is Cat Person a good overall choice?

    Cat Person is a good option for anyone who wants high-protein, meat-based food delivered directly to their door regularly. They have plenty of flavors to choose from, with the needed variety to manage picky cats, multi-cat homes, or cats with sensitivities. Their custom options allow you to order exactly the mix of foods you want, at whatever delivery interval is most convenient for you.

    Whether these qualities outweigh the price of Cat Person is based on personal preference. While their subscription service appears easy to manage, its price is significantly higher than other subscription food options. Since there isn’t anything special about the food that can’t be obtained through another company, the premium price seems a bit over the top.

    2 Most Popular Smalls Cat Food Recipes

    1. Smalls Fresh Bird Recipe

    Smalls fresh cat food contains 92% fresh protein and is packed with flavor. This food also contains green beans, peas, kale, and vegetable oil. Although this is a lot of plant ingredients for fresh cat food, it’s not a significant amount. The overall carbohydrate level is just under 5%. The fat level in this food is moderate, but overall, it is an appropriate, meat-based recipe for cats.

    • Rich in animal protein
    • Low carbohydrate level
    • High in moisture, great for digestion
    • The main fat source is plant-based

    2. Smalls Freeze-Dried Raw Turkey Recipe

    Freeze-dried food offers an alternative to fresh. It still maintains all the original nutrient content but doesn’t spoil. Therefore, it doesn’t require refrigeration or storage like fresh food does. This recipe contains turkey as the main ingredient, in addition to ground bone and turkey organs.

    One interesting ingredient in this food is goat’s milk. It contains prebiotics that can help with digestion. There is also some turkey egg and herring oil present on the ingredient list.

    While freeze-dried foods are usually meant to be rehydrated before feeding, Smalls freeze-dried cat foods are meant to be fed as is. Not only does the food not absorb moisture, but it also doesn’t provide any added moisture to your cat’s diet, so you’ll need to ensure they are drinking enough during meal times.

    • High-quality protein
    • Animal-based fat sources
    • No additives or fillers
    • Limited ingredients may be helpful for cats with sensitivities
    • Low moisture content, doesn’t rehydrate
    • High in phosphorous, which is not ideal for cats with kidney disease

    3 Most Popular Cat Person Cat Food Recipes

    1. Cat Person Chicken & Turkey Recipe Dry Cat Food

    chicken and turkey dry cat person

    As bags of kibble go, Cat Person’s Chicken and Turkey recipe has some notable benefits. First off, the bag is sturdy and difficult to rip but has an easy pull strip to open and a resealable closure. Anyone who’s fought with a bag of cat kibble knows this is a huge bonus.

    Inside the bag, you’ll find small, disc-shaped pieces of kibble mixed with chewy chunks called “chicken chunks.” Presumably, these are whole pieces of dehydrated chicken meant to add flavor.

    The ingredient list for Cat Person’s dry food is limited. It only contains meat, peas, and supplements. This food has 64% animal protein and 24% peas and pea protein. Flaxseed, chicken fat, and salmon oil round out the food.

    • Mostly animal-based protein
    • Durable, easy to open and close bag
    • No additives
    • High levels of pea protein
    • High in carbohydrates

    2. Cat Person Pate Chicken Recipe Wet Cat Food

    cat person chicken pate

    All Cat Person wet food comes in plastic containers with pull-off lids. The packages can be difficult to manage as the lids are hard to remove.

    The food itself is so smooth it’s almost liquefied, making it more of a puree than a pate. If your cat is older, has difficulty chewing, or is missing teeth, this would be a good choice. The recipe is made with real chicken, and it’s eerily reminiscent of chicken pure baby food.

    Chicken and chicken broth make up 88% of the recipe; the dried egg is added in as a secondary protein source. Tapioca is used for thickener instead of traditional “gum” ingredients, and sunflower oil is the primary source of fat.

    • Rich in animal protein
    • Chicken is the primary ingredient
    • Low in carbohydrates
    • Extremely soft and smooth consistency
    • Sunflower oil is the primary fat source

    3. Cat Person Shreds in Broth Tuna Recipe Wet Cat Food

    cat person tuna in broth

    This shredded wet food contains tuna as the primary ingredient. The moisture content is extremely high. When you open the container, you will have to be extra careful to avoid splashing broth everywhere.

    Tuna and fish oil are rounded out with tapioca, sunflower oil, and a mix of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to make each of these meals nutritionally complete.

    • Tuna is the primary ingredient
    • Protein-rich
    • Low in carbohydrates
    • No harmful additives
    • Nutritionally complete
    • Sunflower oil is the primary fat source

    Recall History of Smalls and Cat Person


    Several varieties of Smalls cat food were voluntarily recalled by the company in June 2021. All fresh chicken and turkey recipes were affected by this recall.

    The recall was motivated by customer feedback that reported spoiled and foul-smelling food. After a thorough investigation by the company and laboratory testing of food samples, no answers were provided regarding the issue.

    The issue is reported to still be under investigation. There have not been any reports of animals becoming ill from eating Smalls cat food, and the company is allowing customers to receive replacement products for certain batch numbers of food.

    Cat Person

    There are no recalls that have involved Cat Person cat food.

    Smalls vs Cat Person Comparison

      Smalls Cat Person
    Recipe Options Four protein sources, two wet food textures, three flavors for freeze-dried foods 19 different recipes
    USDA Certified? Yes Yes
    Delivery Options Monthly Bi-weekly or Monthly
    Customization Suggested meal plans Suggested meal plans, custom meal plans, and portions
    Money-back Guarantee 100% money-back guarantee 100% money-back guarantee
    Packaging Multi-portion pouches with portion lines, custom storage trays Resealable dry food bags, plastic sealed wet food containers
    First Box Offer 25% off your first box 10% off every order, free shipping
    Customer Service Email or text, website difficult to navigate, hard to cancel the subscription Email or text, the website is easy to navigate, easy to change or cancel orders


    After a thorough review, we have chosen Cat Person as the winner over Smalls. While both subscription services offer high-quality cat food, home delivery, and customizable meal plans, Cat Person has a few features that make it stand out. First and foremost, Cat Person offers hassle-free cancellations and has an easy-to-navigate system for changing your orders. They also send you an alert prior to your renewal date, so you can cancel without incurring extra charges. Smalls lack in customer service, and it’s difficult to change or cancel your subscription if you need to.

    The food quality of both brands is comparable. Smalls does offer a freeze-dried option that Cat Person doesn’t, so if this is your preference, Smalls will be a better fit. For dry food, Cat Person has a far superior formula and easier to manage packaging. Their wet foods may not have easy-to-open packages, but they are textured and prepared to make feeding cats with dental issues or special needs easy. Their limited ingredient list is also ideal for cats with allergies or food sensitivities or those who are just plain picky.

    Whichever option you choose, both Smalls and Cat Person cat foods are sure to give your cat a healthy, well-balanced diet that is rich in protein and provides high-value nutrition.

    Featured image credit: Smalls.com (Left) and CatPerson.com (Right)

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