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Snowshoe Ragdoll Cat: Pictures, Care Guide, Info & More

Brooke Billingsley

By Brooke Billingsley

Snowshoe Ragdoll cat sitting on couch with flowers

If you’re looking for a new cat to add to your home but struggling to choose between the equally lovely Ragdoll and Snowshoe breeds, then look no further than the Snowshoe Ragdoll mix. This wonderful mix of parentage results in beautiful and loving cats that are usually smaller than their Ragdoll parent. This mix also usually has a shorter coat than the Ragdoll, making it an easier kitty to keep up with grooming. Here’s what you should know about the Snowshoe Ragdoll.

Height: 8 – 13 inches
Weight: 7 – 15 pounds
Lifespan: 15+ years
Colors: Seal, blue, chocolate, lilac, cream, flame
Suitable for: Active families, houses where someone is home regularly, homes with other pets
Temperament: Laid back, loving, attention seeking, gentle

Since this is a mixed-breed cat, it’s impossible to know exactly what mix of parental genetics you’ll get in a kitten. However, since both parent breeds are loving, social, and friendly cats that usually get along with everyone, the Snowshoe Ragdoll is typically a wonderful cat with a desirable temperament. With this mix, you can usually expect a cat with mental and emotional intelligence that is loving and outgoing but is also likely to be extremely attached to its people and won’t like to be left home alone for too long.


Snowshoe Ragdoll Cat Breed Characteristics


Snowshoe Ragdoll Cat Breed Kittens

Since there aren’t too many stray Ragdolls or Snowshoes running around, you may struggle to find this mix of breeds. Some shelters and breed rescues may have kittens and cats from time to time, but it may take some searching to find the right Snowshoe Ragdoll cat for your home. You are most likely to find this mix from a breeder, but you should thoroughly investigate the breeding practices of any breeder before purchasing a kitten from them. In general, breeders should be breeding to improve their chosen breed, so breeders that breed mixed breeds intentionally may not have the best interest of their breed or cats in mind. Avoid breeders who don’t perform the recommended health testing for their breeding pairs, which, in Ragdolls, may include a cardiac screening.

To make it even more difficult to find one of these mixes, Snowshoes are a highly uncommon breed, so there are very few breeders in the US who breed them. Even fewer breeders are intentionally creating Snowshoe mixes by crossbreeding them with Ragdolls or other breeds.

Due to the sensitive nature of these cats, your kitten may need gentle handling while they adjust to their new home. Although quite loving cats, it’s important for your kitten to feel like they can trust you and are safe in their new home. After the initial adjustment period, you can count on having a curious kitten who is interested in learning about their new environment. They may not want to be left alone for very long, but it’s important for your kitten to learn at a young age that they can’t constantly be in the presence of someone.

Parent Breeds of the Snowshoe Ragdoll Cat
Image Credit: (L) nevodka, Shutterstock | (R) Quatro212, Shutterstock

Temperament & Intelligence of the Snowshoe Ragdoll Cat

The Ragdoll cat has a loving and laid-back temperament, making it a great addition to family homes. These cats are typically gentle and good with other pets. The Snowshoe has a similar temperament, often being very sweet-natured and adaptable. Both breeds are intelligent and trainable, as well as playful and energetic. They are highly social cats that love to spend time with their human and furry family members.

When it comes to the Snowshoe Ragdoll cat, you can expect a similar temperament and intelligence level of both parent cats, making for a trainable, playful, and loving family member.

Are These Cats Good for Families?

Snowshoe ragdoll cat portrait
Image Credit: Atmosphere1, Shutterstock

Yes, the Snowshoe Ragdoll is usually an excellent family cat. Both parent breeds are known to be good with children, thanks to their gentle and laid-back temperament. They are active cats that require physical activity and mental stimulation, as well as affection and attention. Because of their highly social nature, these cats don’t usually like to be left at home alone all day.

Although an excellent addition to families that are active at home, this may not be a suitable addition to a home where everyone is gone all day at work or school and participates in lots of activities outside of the household.

Does This Breed Get Along With Other Pets?

Yes, both parent breeds of the Snowshoe Ragdoll are excellent cats for homes with other pets, so the mixed offspring are likely to be as well. They may not be tolerant of rowdy pets, like puppies and large dogs, but they will get along well with other gentle, laid-back pets in the home.

You can expect Snowshoe Ragdoll mixes to want to socialize and play with the other pets in the home, but like most cats, they will likely only want to do this on their own terms. Proper introductions and early socialization are important for success in keeping the peace in a multi-pet household.

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Things to Know When Owning a Snowshoe Ragdoll Cat:

Food & Diet Requirements

These are active cats, so they will need a high-quality diet that can support their high energy levels.  Since Ragdoll cats have long coats, they are more prone to developing hairballs than the Snowshoe cat. With your Snowshoe Ragdoll, the risk of hairballs will be dependent on the individual cat, so a hairball formula food or the addition of a hairball control supplement may be needed.

Aim for a food that is WSAVA compliant to ensure your cat is getting the best nutrition, or consider a consultation with a Board-Certified Veterinary Nutritionist to help you develop a nutritionally sound homemade diet for your cat.

Keep in mind that Ragdolls are large cats that are prone to developing obesity, so proper food portioning and adequate exercise are important to helping your Snowshoe Ragdoll maintain a healthy body weight.

Ragdoll Snowshoe cat with blue eyes
Image Credit: danielmarin, Shutterstock


Daily activity is a must for the Snowshoe Ragdoll cat, thanks to the high energy level of both parents. These cats will love to have lots of areas to explore and play, so consider the addition of a catio or cat trees and shelves in your home. Due to the social needs of these cats, you will also need to spend one-on-one time playing with your cat every day. Cat wands, interactive toys, puzzle toys, and even games of fetch are excellent options for keeping your Snowshoe Ragdoll cat active and at a healthy weight.


The Snowshoe Ragdoll cat is a highly intelligent mix of cats that is likely to be pretty trainable. Positive reinforcement training is the most effective training method for these cats. Due to their emotional intelligence and sensitivity, any negative training techniques are likely to result in stress for your cat and a lack of willingness to perform the desirable behavior. Snowshoe Ragdoll cats can be trained to perform tricks and tasks with patience and consistent training.


Although the Ragdoll cat has a long coat that can have high grooming needs, the Snowshoe has a shorter, lower maintenance coat. Because of the coat combination, it’s not a guarantee what type of coat your kitten will have, but you are likely to have a cat with a medium-length coat.

The Snowshoe Ragdoll mix usually has a moderate grooming need, so regular brushing to prevent mats and tangles is a must. Shedding is definitely going to occur, but routine brushing will help reduce the amount of loose shed in your home.

Health and Conditions

Although the following list of potential health problems in the Snowshoe Ragdoll cat may look overwhelming, these are actually usually quite healthy cats. Getting a cat from a reliable breeder who has performed all recommended health testing is the best way to ensure you will likely have a healthy cat.

Many of the following conditions are common conditions in all cats, while others are genetic conditions that can be prevented from being passed on through proper health testing and responsible breeding practices.

Minor Conditions
  • Seasonal allergies
  • Food sensitivities and allergies
  • Obesity
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Dental disease
Serious Conditions
  • Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM)
  • Feline aortic thromboembolism
  • Respiratory diseases
  • Polycystic kidney disease (PKD)
  • Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)
  • Cataracts or blindness
  • Mucopolysaccharidosis
  • Diabetes
  • Hyperthyroidism

Male vs Female

Like most cats, you can expect female Ragdoll Snowshoe cats to be smaller than males. However, the size variance in these cats can be significant due to the size difference between the large Ragdoll and medium Snowshoe.

3 Little-Known Facts About the Snowshoe Ragdoll Cat

1. Snowshoes Are Born White

Regardless of their adult coloration, all Snowshoe kittens are born completely white. On occasions, very faint point markings may be present, but this is uncommon. It can take weeks or months for a Snowshoe kitten to begin to develop its true colors.

2. Ragdolls Have Blue Eyes

One of the standards of the Ragdoll breed is that they all have blue eyes. Since blue eyes also run in the Snowshoe breed, you have a high likelihood of having a cat with blue eyes with the Snowshoe Ragdoll mix.

3. Snowshoe Ragdolls Are Not Suitable for People With Allergies

There are no truly hypoallergenic cats since the allergens shed by cats are in their dander and body fluids, not their fur. However, the Snowshoe Ragdoll mix is an especially poor choice for people with allergies. The Ragdoll has a predisposition to obsessive grooming, and the Snowshoe is a fastidious cat that will regularly groom itself. Due to the high level of self-grooming, the Snowshoe Ragdoll is likely to have higher-than-normal levels of allergens on their body.


Final Thoughts

The Snowshoe and Ragdoll breeds are exceptional cats that are suitable for homes with the time and attention they require. These homes are also great for the Snowshoe Ragdoll mix. These cats are usually very similar to both parent breeds, thanks to the similarities in the temperaments of the parent breeds.

Each individual cat may vary, and when it comes to the genetics of crossbreeding, you never truly know what you’re going to get. However, since both parent cats are known for their docile, loving nature as well as their playful tendencies, you’re likely to get a cat with a very similar temperament with the Snowshoe Ragdoll mix.

Featured Image Credit: Rheanna Brett, Shutterstock

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