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How to Stop Your Dog from Peeing on the Carpet: 4 Simple Tips

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Owning a dog is a fun and rewarding experience. They’re loyal, and they don’t ask for much more than food, love, and attention in return. But living with a dog isn’t all fun and games. They can sometimes be destructive, and they don’t always wait to use the bathroom until they are let outside to do so.

Peeing on the carpet is one behavior that no dog owner should have to endure. It can make the house smell terrible and can damage your carpeting and floors over time. Your dog might be peeing on the carpet inside instead of waiting to go outdoors due to either health or behavioral issues. Luckily, there are a few different ways that you can stop your pooch from peeing on the carpet, no matter the reasoning for their behavior. Following is a checklist of things that you should do to stop your dog from peeing on the carpet.

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How to Stop Your Dog From Peeing on the Carpet

1. Head to the Veterinarian’s Office

The first thing you should do is visit your veterinarian if your dog is already housetrained, yet they’ve started peeing on the carpet for no apparent reason. This should also be the case if they seem to be peeing more than usual. which creates their need to pee on the carpet. Your dog could be suffering from a urinary tract infection, especially if they’re older. Cushing’s disease may also be contributing to your dog’s urination problems. Whatever issues your dog may have, your veterinarian should be able to identify and address them, which should help your pooch naturally stop peeing on your carpet at home.

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2. Utilize Potty Pads

If your puppy is just starting to potty train or if your dog is dealing with incontinence in their old age, potty pads can be used to keep them from peeing on your carpet. Potty pads are relatively easy to clean up, and they won’t leave behind the unpleasant smell of urine. Here are guidelines to consider when using potty pads within your home.

Choose a Designated Spot

You should place your potty pads in the same spot every time so your dog learns that it’s the only spot where they should be using the bathroom at. If possible, choose a spot where there isn’t any carpet, like in the bathroom or laundry room. To avoid confusion on your dog’s part and frustration on your part, never move the pad to a new spot — choose your original spot wisely!

Change the Pads Often

It’s a good idea to change the potty pads often, even as frequently as every time they pee. This will keep their designated pee area clean and inviting so they don’t feel like they must find a cleaner spot to relieve themselves.

Make Praise a Priority

When you catch your pooch peeing on the potty pad, praise them and let them know how happy you are with them. Positive reinforcement will make them want to use the potty pad so they can please you.

3. Create a Schedule and Stick to It

Your dog needs the opportunity to head outside for a potty break regularly throughout the day, or they might end up peeing on your carpet at some point. They can only hold it for so long, just like humans. So, to make sure that your pooch has plenty of opportunities to use the bathroom outdoors, create a potty schedule, and stick to it. Using the same schedule every day will allow your dog to get used to the schedule, and they can anticipate when they’ll be heading outside.

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Make sure you take your dog out first thing in the morning and again every couple of hours throughout the day. If you will be leaving your dog at home alone, you should make sure that they have access to an outdoor area, even just a porch, where they can relieve themes while you are gone. Keep your dog’s typically bathroom times in mind when creating your schedule to ensure that you will be meeting their needs as much as you’re meeting your own.

4. Make Use of a Kennel

If your dog tends to only pee on the carpet when you aren’t around or at night while you’re sleeping, you can train them to stay in a kennel during those times. Staying in a kennel should keep them from using the bathroom at all until they are let out of the kennel to do so because they won’t want to go in their small space. However, you can always put a potty pad inside so they can relieve themselves if you’ll be away for more than a couple of hours at a time.

You can also kennel your dog while people are visiting so you don’t have to worry about them peeing on the carpet due to all the excitement. Just place the kennel in a corner of the room you’re spending time in, so they don’t have to completely miss out on the experience.

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Conclusion: Stop Dog Peeing on Carpet

It’s never fun to deal with a dog that pees on the carpet, but with a little work and patience, you should be able to correct the problem in no time. Never punish or yell at your pooch for having an accident, as this could backfire and make them scared to go in front of you — even outside. They should be firmly corrected when they have an accident and are highly praised when they don’t. Do you have any tips or tricks to share that could help others stop their dogs from peeing on the carpet? Feel free to share them with everyone in our comments section below.

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