And Thankful for Happy Cats!

That’s Winter.  He lives with Richard in California. Richard and I met when he reached out about some of our beds that his cats loved.

Richard is a devoted pet parent and animal lover – he volunteers on the weekends at Fix Our Ferals and also helps to support Berkley Animal Shelter.

And at home he has 18 cats.  18 Cats!

In his own words:

I volunteer for a local organization called Fix Our Ferals. We trap ferals, spay/neuter, and vaccinate them, and then return them to their colonies, which we also feed. Occasionally, we trap kittens and foster them at our homes for later adoption through local shelters. Often kittens go unadopted because they have health issues or even because they’re black, or just undesirable for some reason. So a few of us wind up adopting them ourselves so they may have homes and happy lives. And that’s how I’ve come to be cat dad to 18 kitties!

Not only sharing his house, but also his budget: he buys 7 cases of food and 100 pounds of litter per week.

Richard also works with the Berkley Animal Shelter through Friends of BACS, which is the shelter’s fundraising organization.  Last year I worked with Richard to donate 15 Hepper beds to the shelter.

So, in this day of being thankful, I’d like to say Thank You to Richard, to BACS, and to Fix Our Ferals for all of their hard work.

Please consider supporting these great organizations!


If you have any thoughts, please leave them in the comments below.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Here’s pictures of just some of the 18 furry friends in their new Nest beds!