Usually at Hepper, we send out happy fun stuff to brighten your day. But this topic is too important to ignore. 

Modern people like to do things the “cheap and easy” way. I must admit, that is usually my favorite answer.

However, sometimes the “cheap and easy” has a big negative effect, either immediately, or sometime down the road.

Like this story about a Mountain Lion in LA’s Griffith Park that has been terribly sickened by people putting out rat poison.

Often, we don’t have to see the negative effects of our “cheap and easy” choices. But when we do it is important to pay attention.


Of course, restaurants can’t have rats in the kitchen. But if rat poison the “cheap and easy” answer, is having this kind of effect, we need another solution.

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Is there another place in your life that the cheap and easy way is having a not so good effect? Follow the chain of action and reaction to make the world a better place.