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Top 13 Extraordinary Cat Behaviorists

It’s a myth that cats are independent creatures. For the last 50 years, they’ve evolutionized and become highly dependent on humans. And by punishing a cat for bad behavior or even abandoning her for not meeting our expectations, we not only betray the animal but perhaps also condemn it to depression or even death. That’s not the option.

No matter how bad our cat behaves, there’s always a reason for that. Specialists known as cat behaviorists help us find out these reasons and deal with the problem. They are like psychologists, providing our felines with mental and physical stimulation and teaching us, owners, how to understand cats better.

Here go twelve most extraordinary cat behaviorists in the business.

Mieshelle Nagelschneider


✉️ [email protected]   

(503) 267-8888

United States (California, Oregon, Washington)

World-renowned cat behaviorist and New York Times acclaimed cat behavior science author, Mieshelle is known for her leadership in cat behavior education and has earned her reputation as a pillar in the “cat behaviorist” specialty.

Founder of The Cat Behavior Clinic LLC, Mieshelle is one of the most sought-after cat behaviorists in the world.  Oxford and Harvard University was her most recent study of animal behavior and she has conducted thousands of cat behavior consultations by phone or video in the U.S. and in over 30 countries.  She is the cat behavior expert for National Geographic cat behavior TV documentaries, and books.  Mieshelle has traveled the globe from Australia to the Philippines as an international cat behavior expert, welfarist, guest speaker, and spokesperson for Whiskas, Arm & Hammer Cat Litter, Best Friend’s Animal Society, and international Humane Society Conventions.  

Her award-winning cat behavior science book, The Cat Whisperer, is published by Random House in 4 languages and is the first scholarly-cited cat behavior book for cat owners.  She is the cat behavior expert for NatGeo Wild’s T.V. show Animals Doing Things series with Howie Mandel and made guest appearances on the Today Show, Hallmark Channel, and Animal Planet.

Pam Johnson-Bennett


✉️ [email protected]

Nashville, TN

The bestselling author of eight books on cat behavior, Pam promotes the “think like a cat” approach and is considered a pioneer in the field of cat behavior consulting.

Pam Johnson-Bennet is one of the most popular cat behavior experts in the world. Having started her career in 1982, Pam owns Cat Behavior Associates, LLC (a veterinarian-referred behavior company) and travels as a featured speaker at veterinary and animal welfare conferences, national TV and radio, book festivals, and pet expos.

She is the author of books like Think Like a Cat, Psycho Kitty, Cat vs. Cat, CatWise, and others. All they serve as the “cat bibles” for pet owners and experts when it comes to understanding felines. Much of the information about cat behavior we see on the corresponding websites comes from Pam’s articles and lectures.

Anita Kelsey


✉️ [email protected], [email protected], 07956 640 194

London, the UK

The only feline specific behaviorist in London, Anita is also an expert in cat grooming, and she knows cats’ natural behavior inside out.

Anita Kelsey is a Certified Cat Behavior Expert, a full member of Canine and Feline Behavior Association (CBFA* ), and a regular contributor to pet magazines (The Vet Times, CFBA Magazine, Your Cat, and others).

Anita received a first-class honours degree at Middlesex University after completing a three year work based BA (Hons) focused on her own cat behavior practice. Also, she is the author of Claws: Confessions of a Cat Groomer book and the holder of the 2018 Global Health & Pharma award as the best cat behaviorist and groomer.

Anita runs her cat behavior practice and volunteers at The Mayhew Animal Home. She works hard to gain the best understanding of feline origins, habits, health, breed personalities, needs, and patterns within their species.

* Please, notice that her consultations are vet referral only.

Marci Koski


✉️ [email protected], (503) 927-1107

Vancouver, WA

Marci is a certified cat behavior consultant who develops personalized behavior plans for felines and their humans.

Dr. Marci Koski has got her certificates in Feline Training and Behavior from Animal Behavior Institute. As noted on Marci’s website, her mission is to keep cats in homes and save them from being abandoned to streets for bad behavior. She works hard to make owners better understand felines and work with their cats to encourage desired behavior.

Marci had been working as a biologist for over ten years. (She holds a doctorate in Fishery and Wildlife Biology.) Today she volunteers at Furry Friends, which is a cat rescue organization in Vancouver, and works with Humane Society for Southwest Washington, assisting them with a program that connects prisoners with under-socialized cats.

Actually I love what Marci is doing so much that she is also listed among 55 best cat lover blogs on our site.

Jessica Char


✉️ [email protected], (831) 313-4888

San Jose, CA

Specializing in positive reinforcement training protocols, Jessica works with shelter cats to modify their fear and aggression so they could find homes.

Jessica Char is an expert in behavior modification she calls Feline Engineering. With two degrees in Engineering and the Cat Behavior and Retention course under her belt, Jessica combines all the knowledge into a unique perspective on problem-solving to improve the lives of cats and their humans.

A member of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC), Jessica also has a certificate of a Fear Free Animal Trainer. Cats aren’t the only clients for her. She also trains and performs behavior modification for dogs. When not working, Jessica teaches her rabbit, Dewey, to do a “high five.”

Cristin Coll


✉️ Contact Form 

Los Angeles, CA

With her mission to help to keep cats happy, Cristin insists they are very trainable, which makes most behavior issues preventable and resolving with the relevant info and education.

Cristin Coll is a Certified Cat Behavior Consultant who has completed the Advanced Feline Training program (Animal Behavior Institute) and earned her CFTBS and CAFTP. Long story short, Cristin is a super professional in feline training and cat behavior. She helps owners with personalized training plans to understand their cats and replace the bad behavior with a more appropriate one.

Cristin volunteers with local rescue organizations and is a member of numerous associations (IAABC, PPG, ABMA, and others). She works with many cat behavior problems, including aggression, litter box issues, and new cat introductions.

Molly Devoss


✉️ Facebook, Contact Form

Dallas, TX

With the passion for reducing the number of cats euthanized in shelters, Molly works with owners and veterinarians, as well as several cat shelters and rescues.

Molly Devoss is a Certified Feline Training and Behavior specialist (CFTBS) and a Fear Free Certified Trainer. She uses her knowledge and positive reinforcement to reduce stress in cats and provide behavior modification to help felines express natural behavior in ways that are preferable for their humans.

Her Cat Behavior Solutions is a non-profit organization saving cat lives through correcting and preventing their behavior issues in the home. What they do is online and in-home consultations, Cat Talk Radio’s weekly podcasts, educational seminars, and sharing information in the blog and social media. Molly works with cats at organizations such as Felines & Friends New Mexico, Dallas Animal Services, and others.

Jane Ehrlich


✉️ [email protected], (602) 410-9236

Phoenix, AZ

Her lifelong commitment to improving the lives of cats and their humans makes Jane one of the most experienced experts in the profession.

Jane Ehrlich is a feline behaviorist with 35 years of experience in the profession. She was involved with cat behavior decades before there were such things! She studied and researched ethology in the 70’s and worked in RSPCA in London for 18 years simultaneously helping a shelter. A member of the American Association of Feline Practitioners and International CatCare, she writes for online and offline media, gives lectures, and continues to research cat behavior via conferences, webinars, and journals.

We could see her works in TIME, Barking Cat, IAABC Journal, PetMD.com, and more. Jane pays much attention to the ethical and professional standards, seeing each cat as an individual and saying that a cat owner’s commitment is crucial for positive results.

Marilyn Krieger


✉️ [email protected], (650) 780-9485

San Francisco Bay Area, CA

An award-winning author and a recognized cat behavior specialist, Marilyn offers remote and on site consultations throughout the world.

Marilyn Krieger, is a Certified Cat Behavior Consultant, owner of the Cat Coach, LLC and author. Marilyn works with individual clients and through veterinary referrals, helping clients solve cat behavior challenges by first identifying the triggers for the behavior and addressing them through force free methods.

Marilyn speaks at conferences and offers online seminars. Her book, Naughty No More!, has won several awards as the best cat behavior book in 2011 and 2012. It focuses on changing unwanted cat behaviors through different positive reinforcement techniques.

Marilyn frequently guests on television and radio programs, providing valuable tips and insight on how to improve cat behavior. She was featured with her cats on Animal Planet’s Cats 101, showcasing clicker training and talking about cat behavior. Her expertise also has received attention in USA Today, the San Francisco Chronicle, San Jose Mercury News, MSNBC and with other media outlets such as KGO radio, ABC and CBS.

Lana Fraley Rich


✉️ [email protected], (972) 612-4106 

Dallas, TX

Dealing with problems like aggression, litter box issues, extreme vocalization, and more, Lana develops personalized treatment plans to help both felines and their humans live a happier life.

Lana Fraley Rich is a cat behaviorist with 20+ years of professional experience in the field. She opened Cat Connection®, her business of in-home and online consultations about cat misbehavior, back in 1985, then quickly gathering national attention and getting published in Cat Fancy Magazine, The Dallas Morning News, The New York Times, and more.

Lana works on cat care and behavior improvement with owners, vets, and animal shelters.

Rita Reimers


✉️ (844) 422-8435

Charlotte, NC

Not only is Rita a cat behaviorist and multi-cat expert but also a mom to… 19 rescues! Not bad, huh?

Rita Reimers has 30+ years of experience in the profession. She helps us better understand cats and find solutions to their behavioral issues that might lead to abandonment or surrender to shelters. A life-long cat lover, Rita also writes a column for Catster Magazine and volunteers in cat rescues.

She is a member of several associations, including IAABC, the Animal Behavior Society, and the Cat Writers Association.

Heather Alvey


✉️ [email protected], (612) 889-9697

Robbinsdale, MN

Photo: Link

Having studied feline behavior at the Animal Behavior Institute, Heather helps us prepare cats for life events and deal with their socialization and misbehavior.

Heather Alvey is a Certified Feline Behavior and Training Specialist from Minnesota, and she has been a professional cat sitter for the last 15 years too. She helps cat owners deal with behavior problems such as fighting, over-grooming, litter box issues, aggression, biting, scratching furniture, and more.

Feel free to call her when moving with a cat, introducing your feline to a new cat, getting a kitten to the house, or facing challenges with a cat’s natural behavior.

Ingrid Johnson


✉️ Ingrі[email protected]

Marietta, GA

Working with cat behavior problems since 1999, Ingrid often lectures at veterinary conferences and writes for IAABC’s Cat blog.

Ingrid Johnson is a Certified Cat Behavior Consultant, offering education for shelters and rescues in the Atlanta area. Also, she lectures at veterinary conferences (the AAFP and the ACVC), speaks at events on cat behavior challenges, and hosts education seminars for volunteers and her colleagues at the IAABC.

Every cat behaviorist from this article is an open-minded person and an expert knowing our felines inside out. So we shouldn’t worry or get angry when our cat starts to misbehave. There’s always a reason for that, so let’s ask for professional help to make our felines happier.

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