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Trupanion Pet Insurance Review 2023: Pros, Cons & Verdict

Samantha Reed

By Samantha Reed

Trupanion Pet Insurance Review

In This Review: Overview | Pricing | Deductibles & Claims | Coverage | FAQ | Conclusion

Trupanion, founded in 2000, started in Canada and began underwriting policies in the United States in 2007 when it acquired American Pet Insurance. Trupanion offers insurance plans in all 50 states.

Trupanion prides itself on offering pet insurance designed to put your convenience and pet’s wellbeing first. You can see their ideas coming to life through their 90% coverage plans and the vast scope of injuries, conditions, and diseases they offer coverage for.

We like how they offer major medical care insurance plan, although it does not cover preventative care in the core plan. Aside from their sturdy base policy, Trupanion offers separate recovery and complementary care packages as add-ons, which cover things like behavioral modifications and acupuncture. Is choosing Trupanion as your insurance worth it? Let’s find out.

Our Verdict

We give Trupanion Pet Insurance a rating of 4.0 out of 5 stars.

Trupanion Insurance Review

  • Excellent customer service
  • Unexpected injuries and illnesses covered
  • Unlimited annual and lifetime claims with no caps – ever!
  • Covers breed-specific and congenital conditions
  • Can pay vet directly
  • No multiple pet discounts
  • Does not offer a wellness coverage add on
  • Long waiting period for illnesses

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About Trupanion

Trupanion pet insurance insures over 750,000 pets. In addition to offering comprehensive pet insurance packages, Trupanion also supports pet charities that work towards improving the well-being and health of pets nationwide.

Trupanion provides pet insurance specifically for cats and dogs, so if you own an exotic pet, Trupanion isn’t for you. However, Trupanion offers a comprehensive package of policies for owners of cats and dogs that cover accidents, illnesses, and even their standard plans cover breed-specific and hereditary issues.

Trupanion has some stand-out factors when compared to its competition. For starters, their plans don’t have payout limits, and they have the ability to pay your veterinarian directly. With options to add coverage for rehab, physical therapy, alternative therapy, pet owner’s assistance, and even breeding assistance, it’s clear that Trupanion cares about pets.

Let’s look at some of Trupanion’s standout features.

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Reimbursement Rates

Trupanion’s core policy gives it a competitive advantage over other pet insurance companies. Its 90% coverage is straightforward and eliminates the guesswork that often plagues pet owners trying to calculate their pet insurance and sift through all the possibilities.

Often, pet insurance companies have varying deductibles across the board that also differ for various conditions. Trupanion, on the other hand, has a policy with a broad scope of coverage that also include hereditary issues. The best part? Trupanion is available in all 50 states, Australia, Canada and Puerto Rico.

Where Trupanion excels is its comprehensive policy, especially with its per-condition deductibles.

While you can enroll your pet in Trupanion at birth, they also offer a lifetime per-condition deductible you can customize. This, combined with Trupanion’s standard coverage plans, creates a customized package that covers you and your pet.

Vet Direct Pay

Unlike other insurance companies where you must file for reimbursement, Trupanion will deal directly with your chosen veterinarian to manage all filed claims. If your vet participates and has Trupanion’s unique payment software, Trupanion can pay your vet directly if the vet accepts Vet Direct Pay, which eliminates the reimbursement process.

All you need to do is pay your portion of the bill. However, if your vet is not participating in this program, you would still have to follow the standard reimbursement process of paying the vet, filing a claim, and being reimbursed for expenses.

Pricing and Plans (Updated in 2023)

Pet Insurance Cost Comparison

Company Sample Monthly Cost For Dogs Sample Monthly Cost For Cats Learn More
Trupanion $56.60 $44.50 Get Quote
Lemonade $19.44 $11.00 Get Quote
Spot $36.54 $16.51 Get Quote
Wagmo $70.12 $30.88 Get Quote
Fetch $26.89 $11.93 Get Quote

*Please note: This is an example created using the same information for all providers. Keep in mind that each policy is different and coverage may vary.*

Base Policy

Trupanion’s core plan is an accident and illness plan for cats and dogs. It covers hospitalization, surgery, emergency visits, hereditary conditions, prescriptions, breed-specific conditions, and more! The comprehensive plan is fairly comprehensive in its coverage and various deductible options.

The 90% reimbursement and unlimited payouts model offered by Trupanion is straightforward. Coverage for injuries, illnesses, hereditary conditions, and emergencies all falls under one single, comprehensive plan, a huge bonus for Trupanion. However, the core plan does not offer wellness, preventative care, or exam fees.


While Trupanion’s core policy is vast with what it covers, the holes in coverage can be patched up with some of Trupanion’s additional riders. Trupanion has three add-on riders for its main insurance plan. While the primary insurance plan does not offer wellness coverage for preventative care like exams, the additional Complementary and Recovery Care packages include coverage for services like chiropractic therapy and behavioral modifications.

Extra benefits include:

The Pet Owner Assistance Package. Pays for expenses outside of veterinary costs, including:

  • Boarding fees if you are hospitalized
  • Advertising and rewards for lost pets
  • Liability coverage if your pet damages someone else’s property
  • Vacation cancellation costs if you cancel your trip because your pet is ill or injured
  • Burial or cremation costs if your pet dies due to an accident

The Recovery and Complementary Care Rider. Covers non-clinical procedures, including:

  • Acupuncture
  • Chiropractic care
  • Behavioral modification
  • Physical therapy
  • Homeopathy
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Rehabilitation therapy
  • Naturopathy

Trupanion Price Comparison for Dogs

Alaskan Malamute Golden Doodle
Male or Female Female Female
Age 2 2
Location Glendale (85382) New York (10001)
Reimbursement Level 90% 90%
Annual Deductible $200 $200
Annual Max Unlimited Unlimited
Price per month $47.67 $175.26
Breed Name Under 1 Year Old 5 Years Old
Labrador Retriever $80.10 $128.83
French Bulldog $110.69 $137.78
Golden Retriever $72.40 $89.50

Deductibles and Claims

In most states, Trupanion offers deductibles that range anywhere from $0 to $1000. Unlike most pet insurance providers, with Trupanion you only pay a new deductible every time your pet has a new condition. Trupanion’s experts have found that the average pet only has 3-5 conditions in their lifetime. This means that the average pet owner will only have to meet 3-5 deductibles. You can choose your deductible from a range of $0-$1,000, in $5 increments, to fit every budget.

The standard deductible you pay is based on your choice at the time of initial purchase. The most popular deductible option is $200, and the average monthly payment varies based on the breed, age, and zip code of each pet.

There are two ways to file a claim with Trupanion. As we have already mentioned, Trupanion has its own software program for vet direct payment. If your vet accepts Trupanion’s program, Trupanion will pay your vet directly at time of checkout, so all you have to pay is your portion of the bill.

However, if your vet does not accept Trupanion’s vet direct program, you will have to submit your itemized invoice for reimbursement. If you prefer to mail or fax your claim for reimbursement, you can download and fill out the claim form from Trupanion’s website.

What Does Trupanion Pet Insurance Cover?

Trupanion offers coverage for unexpected illnesses and injuries under one comprehensive plan. It covers problems such as:

  • Injuries such as a broken tooth or fractured bone
  • Illnesses such as vomiting or diarrhea
  • Hereditary conditions such as thyroid disease, upper respiratory infections, and elbow and hip dysplasia
  • Congenital conditions such as heart disease, liver disease, nervous system issues, and cataracts
  • Surgeries
  • Lab and diagnostic testing
  • Hospitalizations
  • Prescription medications
  • Herbal therapy
  • Lacerations
  • Treatment, hospitalization, and surgery for injuries and illnesses, including cancer
  • Prescription food and supplements purchased through a veterinarian
  • Prosthetic devices and carts
  • Dental disease
Not Covered
  • Exam fees for accidents or illnesses.
  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Wellness and preventive care, including spay/neuter surgery, vaccinations, and flea/tick medication
  • Routine dental care
  • Elective or cosmetic procedures such as declawing or tail docking
  • Conditions arising from racing or mistreatment
  • Any sales tax added on where you live

If you add on their additional packages, the list expands to include items like physical therapy and acupuncture.

Pre-Existing Conditions

Trupanion is no different from any other insurance provider; they do not provide coverage for pre-existing conditions. A pre-existing condition is one that exists before you have enrolled your pet or during the waiting period. Trupanion’s website clarifies how it determines if your claim is eligible for reimbursement based on multiple scenarios and varying circumstances

Waiting Period

Trupanion has two waiting periods, one for accidents and one for illnesses. Trupanions waiting period for accidents is 5 days and 30 days for illnesses.

On average, most insurance companies have a waiting period of around 14 days. Trupanion has a 30-day waiting period, making it the odd one out. That said, Trupanion does not have extended waiting periods for hip dysplasia and cruciate ligaments. This is unusual for many insurers as the waiting period for this is typically a year.

What Customers Say

Pet owners are beyond pleased with Trupanion. Not only do reviews cite Trupanion’s quick turnaround time on claims and reimbursements, but they also mention just how vast the range of issues Trupanion covers. Also, according to reviews, multiple happy clients enroll more than one pet into Trupanion’s accident and illness plan.

However, no company is all sunshine and rainbows. While looking through various Trupanion reviews, we found claim issues and even some Better Business Bureau cases. Most of these claims and complaints were one-time issues with no evident pattern or red flags. The most commonly cited downside to Trupanion’s insurance offerings was their lack of wellness and preventative care, even as an add-on. As something that most competitors offer as an add-on package, this deficit did play a role in user reviews.


Are any pets not covered?

Trupanion only covers dogs and cats. It does not cover reptiles, birds, or other exotic animals. Furthermore, Trupanion does not cover domestic wolves or coyotes or domestic wild cat mixes. They also do not offer coverage if your pet is 14 or over at the time of enrollment.

How does the claim process work?

If your chosen veterinarian participates in Trupanion’s Vet Direct Pay program, the payout occurs within seconds of filing the claim. You can also use an out-of-network provider and file a claim online by fax or by mail. Most claims are processed in 2 days, many within minutes.

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Our Verdict

Trupanion is a household pet insurance name for a good reason. It stands apart from the competition with its 90% coverage plan and excellent pet-first customer service offerings. While the monthly premiums are more expensive than other pet insurance companies, the amount covered with the core plan is well worth it. The add-ons for Trupanion still don’t include preventative care and wellness, but the comprehensive plan they do offer stand strong.

  • Hepper acknowledges that it is not licensed as an insurance agent, and therefore will not offer any advice regarding insurance, nor recommend a particular coverage, policy, or insurance company.

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