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What is the Cost to Spay or Neuter a Cat in the UK? (Updated in 2023)

Cheryl Regan

By Cheryl Regan

a tabby cat in a medical blanket after neutering surgery

According to Cats Protection, millions of unwanted cats are euthanized each year. One female cat can grow up to produce three litters of four to six kittens every single year—and if they are abandoned, they grow up to become feral.

Getting your cat spayed or neutered is a safe, painless way to control the population of cats, and avoid a situation where you end up with unwanted kittens—who can be increasingly costly to take care of. Besides, getting your cat spayed or neutered can prolong their lives by reducing the risk of cancers—and in the case of females, infections.

The cost of spaying or neutering a cat does vary a little depending on where in the UK you’re located, each vet surgery’s individual fees, and whether your cat is male or female. In this article, we’ll give you a price guide that takes all these factors—and others—into consideration.

How Much Does Neutering or Spaying Cost?

The average cost to spay or neuter your cat in the UK in 2022 is around £90. This may seem like a big one-time hit, but getting your cat spayed or neutered early on can save you from spending a lot more later.

Some vets do offer these services for less, while others charge more. The cost for spaying costs around £20 more than neutering a male cat. This is because female cats usually need more aftercare than males, the surgery takes longer, and it’s more intrusive.

neutering cat
Image Credit: Simon Kadula, Shutterstock

Average Neutering Costs – Males vs Females

Price Range Neuter Male Cat Spay Female Cat
Lowest £40 £50
Average £76 £108
Highest £160 £180

Factoring Your Location

Depending on where you live, vet costs will vary. As a rule, in areas where the cost of living is highest, the vet costs tend to match the trend. The South East region of England is the most expensive to get your cat neutered, with the average for the region being £90.

On average, the lowest-priced services are located in South West England and Wales, where the average is between £60.

Neutering and Spaying Help Schemes

If you are reluctant to neuter or spay your cat because of the cost, consider speaking to a charity, such as PDSA, which often run help schemes. Cats Protection run a means-tested neutering scheme—eligible pet parents may be able to provide the procedure for their cat for free, or for a discounted £5 or £10 fee.

Other charities, such as the RSPCA, may also be able to help with neutering costs.

When Should a Cat Be Spayed or Neutered?

Although there is some debate about the ideal age for neutering, Cats Protection and Blue Cross both recommend that cats are neutered when they are around four months old, as cats become sexually mature at around five months old. Getting them neutered before this will prevent unwanted pregnancies.

But if your cat is older, don’t worry. It is still perfectly safe—and even recommended—to neuter or spay older cats, too.

cat after spaying
Image Credit: Sannikova Maria, Shutterstock

Is it Painful for a Cat to be Neutered or Spayed?

It’s quite normal to worry that neutering or spaying may cause your cat pain, but the truth is, during the procedure, your cat will be anesthetized—so that they feel no pain. Later, as this wares off, some cats may feel discomfort, but your vet should give them pain-relief injections to help them. You may also be provided with anti-inflammatory medicine and painkillers to take home.

Most male cats will recover after a day or so, while females usually need medication for around three days.

Is Neutering a Cat Worth It?

There are so many positives to getting your cat neutered, and if you’re worried about cost, remember that spending approximately £90 on the procedure now could potentially save you from spending hundreds more in the future.

Having a cat spayed or neutered early will:
  • Decrease the risk of mammary carcinoma
  • Decrease or eliminate the risk of ovarian and uterine cancer (especially if the cat is spayed before their first heat cycle)
  • Eliminate the risk of testicular cancer
  • Decrease the risk of prostate cancer
  • Prevent unwanted pregnancies
  • Decrease the risk of urine spraying and marking

Possible Additional Costs

Although we’ve provided the national average cost for getting your cat neutered in the UK in 2022, there may be additional costs depending on individual circumstances. For example, it’s usually recommended that you have your cat microchipped at the same time. Microchipping usually costs around £20.

If your pet is in heat or pregnant, the vet may charge more. Additionally, if your cat has another health issue, or if they need to have vaccinations or bloodwork done, you will be billed for this as well. Make sure you ask your vet for a proper breakdown of costs. That way, you can compare and shop around before booking the appointment.

neutered cat sleeping
Image Credit: ozanuysal, Shutterstock


The average cost of getting your pet cat neutered or spayed in the UK in 2022 is not as expensive as you may think, and it could save you hundreds of pounds—not to mention heartache—in the future by giving your cat a better chance at a healthy, long life.

If you are worried about not being able to pay the bill without help, consider getting in touch with PDSARSPCA, or Cats Protection, who may be able to help you with discount schemes, or in some cases, help you to get the procedure done for free.

Featured Image Credit: BadPixma, Shutterstock

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