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10 Amazing Valentine’s Day Gifts For Cats That You Can Get Today

Ashley Bates

By Ashley Bates

Valentines Cat

Whether you don’t have a Valentine this year or you’re celebrating your love with multiple individuals that stole your heart, there are tons of cute products on the market. You simply adore the feline companions in your home. So why not celebrate them on Valentine’s Day as well?

Here, we will include adorable Valentine’s Day gifts you can give to your kitty—or someone else’s, if you’re trying to win them over, too!

The 10 Fantastic Valentine’s Day Gifts For Cats

1. Frisco Unicorn Cat Tracks

Frisco Unicorn Cat Tracks

What kitty doesn’t love batting around a ball on a track? It works out for everyone. Your cat cannot lose it; everything is compact in one toy. You might’ve already gotten something of this nature for your cat before.

If you know your cat is a big fan, this festive little Valentine-inspired gift idea can be just what you’re looking for! This toy is durable and long-lasting, providing a source of entertainment long after February has passed.

2. Frisco Valentine Snail Plush Cat Toy

Do you need a dapper gentleman to appeal to your feline this Valentine’s Day? If so, this adorable snail looks fine as the day is long—bow tie and all. This adorable little stuffy is made of Velboa plush and stuffed with tantalizing catnip will keep your kitty busy for hours.

We were impressed with this little snail’s quality and think it will last quite a while—permitting you don’t have an ultra-destructor on your hands!

3. Disney Mickey Minnie Mouse Donut

Disney Mickey Minnie Mouse Donut

Sign your name with Xs and Os for your kitty companion this holiday season. This adorable Disney-inspired doughnut wand is perfect for celebrating this Valentine’s Day. If you have a kitty who loves chasing around feathers and strings, they will go gaga over this catnip-infused toy.

It is durable, adorable, and super festive! This is a great interactive piece to give you and your cat something to do on this lover’s holiday so you can express your adoration.

4. Marvel Valentine Candy Heart Heroes

Marvel Valentine Candy Heart Heroes

Are any Marvel fans in the house? Even though your cat might not fully be able to appreciate the superpowers of these heroes, they can certainly bat these toys around a little. These catnip-infused plushies will keep your cat busy with smells and colors.

Each of the hearts has a special message that is quite “punny.” Spiderman says, “Stuck on you.” The Hulk says, “Mad about you.” Ironman says, “I love you 3000.” Lastly, Thor reads, “Worthy,” with the hammer in tow. What could be cuter?

5. Frisco Valentine Jammin’ Ladybug Plush

Frisco Valentine Jammin

If you’re looking for an inexpensive idea to keep your cat busy this Valentine’s Day, consider the Frisco Valentine’s gym and ladybug plush. This little toy has many bright colors, frilly parts, and catnip to keep them busy and stimulated.

The material is super durable and long lasting, so your cat can play with this long after Valentine’s Day has passed.

6. Disney Mickey Minnie Mouse Plush Cat

Disney Mickey Minnie Mouse Plush Cat

Leave it to Mickey and Minnie to show off their love this season. What is more adorable than this set of plushies—Minnie in her V-day best and Mickey covered in rosy kisses! You can even pair them with the hook and loop feature on the noses for some sweetheart magic.

These plushies are stuffed with crinkle paper and catnip, so they will keep your kitty’s attention. This is double the fun for one kitty, or you can have two for the price of one for the multiple cats in your home!

7. Loving Pets Bella Bowls

Loving Pets Bella Bowls

Does your kitty need a new dish to drink or eat out of? If so, Valentine’s Day is a good excuse to get this adorable heart decal bowl. There’s nothing like eating a holiday feast out of the festive bowl! This durable dinnerware will get you long through the holidays.

It has a rubber base on the bottom that prevents slips and spills. Plus, it’s dishwasher-safe, so keeping it clean is a breeze! You can use it for subsequent Valentine’s Days, should you choose to do so!

8. Frisco Cat Cable Knitted Sweater

Do you want your kitty dressed in style this Valentine’s season? If so, this adorable little knitted sweater can really bring out the pageantry. We love how easy the sweater is to put on. It is lightweight and durable, meaning they can re-wear it as many times as they wish.

It is machine washable and dryable, making it super easy and convenient to clean! Plus, even after Valentine’s Day is long gone, it serves as a cute photo sweater or warm wrapping for winter months—so you certainly get your money’s worth!

9. Lepawit Valentine’s Flamingo Feather

Lepawit Valentine’s Flamingo Feather

You can celebrate Valentine’s Day with your cat using this multi-attachment wand! This brightly colored pink design has hearts and flamingos to keep your kitty busy. We loved the extra attachments, making it all the more attractive to your pet.

With those bells sounding and those feathers shaking, your kitty’s prey drive will be on high! Plus, it serves as a great interactive piece to keep both of you busy. After all, it won’t be nearly as fun without human hands to make it go crazy!

10. Pearhead Cheese Valentines Crinkle Keepsake

Since your cat can’t enjoy a delicious glass of wine with you on Valentine’s Day, this is the next best thing! This little Cabernet bottle and cheese slice will keep your kitten busy for hours—a perfect size for young and adult cats alike! It’s a good way for your cat to sample the holiday fun without the alcohol.

These plushies are stuffed with premium catnip for extra attraction. It is the perfect idea for your cat—or a gift for your sweetheart’s feline!


You can pick up one or a combination of these adorable gifts to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your feline. Grab a toy, a clothing item, and a bowl, and call it a holiday!

And, if you are looking for a way to score brownie points with your girlfriend or boyfriend, getting their cat a toy is always one way to do it. We hope you have fun sharing the love of this season and appreciate these love-inspired gifts as much as we did.

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