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Dr. Jonathan Roberts

Veterinarian (BVSC)

Dr. Jonathan Roberts Doggie Designer veterinary consultant
  • Hout Bay Veterinary Hospital, Cape Town, South Africa
  • BVSC from Onderstepoort's Faculty of Veterinary Science
  • 7+ years experience in small animal & behavioral medicine


Dr. Jonathan Roberts earned a Bachelor of Veterinary Science (BVSC) at the Onderstepoort Faculty of Veterinary Science in 2014.

Professional Experience

Jonathan has over 7 years of experience as a full time small animal veterinary surgeon in Cape Town. Many of his patients come from animal welfare organizations, and he specializes in small animal and behavioral medicine.

Other Interests

When he's not taking care of animals or sharing his expertise with publications like Doggie Designer, Jonathan loves running in the beautiful mountains near Cape Town. He also has two miniature schnauzers, Emily and Bailey.