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How Much Does a Vizsla Cost? 2024 Price Guide

Oliver Jones

By Oliver Jones

vizsla dog standing in a white sand desert

Also known as the Hungarian Pointer, the Vizsla is a friendly, loyal, and active dog breed. Known for their trademark red coat, these dogs are talented hunting dogs built for activity. Because of their high energy levels, they require a lot of exercise. Owning and raising a Vizsla is an exciting journey. They are Velcro dogs and, therefore, demand a lot of attention from the owner. While taking into account this personality, you have to plan your finances well before bringing a new dog into your home.

The Vizsla should not be a financial burden for your family if you have estimated the budget that you need to raise the pup. You need to account for food, supplies, medical expenses, grooming costs, training expenses, and any other emergency costs that may arise.

So how much does it cost to own a Vizsla? Here’s a breakdown of all the estimated costs you might incur when getting this pet for your home. The actual costs might vary depending on your dog’s needs.

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Vizsla Price: One-Time Costs

Getting a new dog involves several one-time costs. Once you decide you need a Vizsla, you’ll need to start budgeting for items that the dog needs, such as feeding bowls, leashes, a pet bed, and a collar. These items may not need to be bought again unless they get permanently damaged.

If you have other dogs, you might still need to buy new items for the newest pup, making managing your pets much easier. There’s also going to be less competition, especially with items such as bowls and beds.

Also, each dog has their personality; therefore, the requirements might vary. This will affect your one-time costs. Let’s look at the one-time costs you should budget for.

vizsla lying on grass
Image Credit: photohun, Pixabay

Free Vizsla Dogs

If you just got a free puppy from your friend or family, it’s not entirely free. The Vizsla still needs spaying or neutering, vaccinations, and supplies such as the collar and leash. You might save on the breeding prices, but you still have to incur the costs of taking care of the dog; therefore, you should consider that.

A stray Vizsla is also expensive. Since you don’t have any background information about the puppy, you need to plan visits to the vet to confirm whether the dog has been vaccinated, neutered, or has severe medical conditions.

Getting a free puppy sounds exciting, but it has some hidden costs.

Vizsla Adoption


Compared to getting a puppy from a breeder, adoption is a much cheaper alternative. The fees will change depending on the shelter. The costs factor in the time and money spent taking care of the Vizsla. Choosing the adoption way is a good way to rescue an abandoned animal, reduce pet overpopulation at the shelter, and support their activities as a charity.

When you decide to adopt or rehome a Vizsla, ensure you go to a reputable shelter. This is the only way to ensure you get a do that has been well taken care of and trained. You’ll also get a healthy and well-behaved pup that you can manage.

In addition, some of these centers cover medical expenses such as spaying and neutering. If these procedures have already been done, you’ll save cash on medical expenses.

Vizsla Dog Breeders


Getting a Vizsla under six months from a reputable breeder can cost you $400–$1,700. However, for the purebreds, the price may go up to more than $3,000. When shopping, do your due diligence, and don’t assume that the higher price tag is a sign of quality. Some illegitimate breeders will charge excessively for poorly bred puppies. Therefore, before you give anyone your money in exchange for a Vizsla pet, make sure they are legitimate.

The breeder’s prices vary depending on the locations and how they have taken care of the puppy. For instance, a reputable breeder will give Vizsla puppies the DHPP vaccination at age 6 to 12 weeks. This vaccination protects them from the risk of being infected by distemper or parvovirus.

The price also goes up if the Vizsla puppy is certified by the Vizsla Club of America. This elite class of puppies is bred under strict and standardized processes. In addition, if the dog comes from a bloodline of show animals or is from a prestigious ancestor bloodline, it will cost you a premium price.

The more reputable a breeder is, the higher the quote. Renowned breeders put in a lot of time, resources, and effort to ensure the dog is tested for diseases, neutered, and well-socialized.

Vizsla Price: Initial Setup and Supplies


When you have the right supplies, your Vizsla will be more comfortable and happier. Most of these items are one-time expenses, while some will need to be replaced in the future. You might need to buy items such as a tooth-brushing kit, toys, a bed, shampoo, and plastic bags in the later months and years because they need to be replaced.

As the dog grows older, the supplies expenses reduce significantly. For most of these supplies, the Vizsla will need them for daily survival. Therefore, you can try and cut down on the costs by shopping at affordable stores. Most online stores will have these items at half the price.

You can also check second-hand stores for some products. This pro tip allows you to get your dog all the necessities without hurting your pocket.

Vizsla lying on the ground looking up
Image Credit: Ferenc Novák, Pixabay

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List of Vizsla Care Supplies and Costs

ID Tag and Collar $5–$20
Spay/Neuter $50–$450
X-Ray Cost $200–$350
Ultrasound Cost $200–$500
Microchip $25–$50
Teeth Cleaning $10
Bed/Tank/Cage $50
Nail Clipper (optional) $5–$30
Brush (optional) $5–$45
Poop Bags $15–$110
Litter Scoop $10–$30
Toys $60
Carrier $40
Food and Water Bowls $5–$40

How Much Does a Vizsla Cost Per Month?

$60–$200+ per month

The total costs of taking care of your Vizsla highly depend on your personal preferences. The expenses can be as high or as low as you want.

If you want your Vizsla to live in luxury, you can spend as much money as you want. However, if you are on a budget, the costs can be reduced by choosing to opt out of some expenses such as a professional groomer, a dog walker, a pet sitter, and professional trainers. You can have a more affordable budget by doing most of the things by yourself.

Wirehaired Vizsla
Image Credit: Shakarrigrafie, Shutterstock

Vizsla Health Care Costs

$30–$65+ per month

The initial medical costs include spaying or neutering, and regular vet visits for your Vizsla to get vaccinations. As the dog gets older, they also need an annual check-up that includes an exam, vaccines, and a heartworm test, blood work for middle-aged and senior dogs to detect any potential medical issues.

The visits to the vet will also reduce; however, the medications used will go up and drive healthcare costs up. Therefore, you need to plan for that as the dog matures.

Vizsla Food Costs

$10–$35+ per month

Vizslas are pretty big dogs. The large ones can grow up to 45–60 lbs. Because of their size, the food demand is higher. During their first year, they can consume up to 170 lbs of dry food. Once they become adults, they eat about 260 lbs in a year.

In addition to food, you’ll need to include treats to keep your dog happy or help with obedience training. Despite not being a part of everyday food, these treats will cost you an estimated $12 every month.

Vizsla Grooming Costs


Vizsla dog breeds don’t require a lot of grooming and upkeep. If you are considering taking your pet to a professional groomer, it will cost you about $40–$55 per visit. You should schedule your dog for six visits.

A professional session includes a bath, teeth cleaning, nail trimming, ear cleaning, and hair removal. However, this should be the owner’s decision. You can opt to do all the grooming at home by purchasing the necessary kits. A home grooming kit can cost $25–$300.

Vizsla Medication and Vet Visits

$15–$50+ per month

Vizslas are prone to arthritis, hypothyroidism, cancer, and Gastric Dilatation and Volvulus. To prevent and detect these conditions early, you need to take your dog for blood tests and screenings. Most of these conditions also need life-long medications that cost money.

Before getting your puppy, ensure the breeder has done tests on the possible diseases.

Image Credit: dimitrisvetsikas1969, Pixabay

Vizsla Pet Insurance Costs

$45+ per month

Just like you take your medical insurance, you should consider getting a plan for your dog. A pet insurance plan acts as a safety net against unexpected costs, especially if your dog has severe medical conditions. The insurance can offset some medical expenses and make it easier for you to budget.

Pet insurance companies also offer accident plans; therefore, you can contact them to start protecting your Vizsla.

Vizsla Environmental Management Costs

$5–$10+ per month

Managing dogs is much easier and cheaper. You only require poop bags and a scoop, depending on where you live. Therefore, with a Vizsla, you won’t have to spend on extra supplies such as a litter box. The disposal bags are also cheaper.

Poop Bags $5/month
Poop Scoop $5/month

Vizsla Entertainment Costs

$5–$35+ per month

Vizslas require a lot of exercise. Thanks to the hunting background, they require you to dedicate a lot of time to take them for a walk or hike to burn off the energy. As you take them for walks, you need to cater for the collar and leash. If you have time to do this yourself, it’s better than paying a dog walker, which adds to the monthly expenses.

In addition, to outdoor exercises, you can buy your pup toys that can keep them mentally stimulated. The toys don’t have to be so expensive but ensure they are high quality so they can last for longer.

wirehaired vizsla dog in water
Image Credit: Shakarrigrafie, Shutterstock

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Total Monthly Cost of Owning a Vizsla

$60–$200+ per month

Budgeting for your Vizsla is a wise move. However, despite this, some costs, such as medical expenses, can go beyond the budget. Your dog might also need additional supplies that are a necessity.

The first years might be costly due to the initial setup, but the costs go down significantly as your pet grows older. Therefore, budget accordingly and keep in mind that these estimates might change.

Additional Costs to Factor In

These expenses are not a necessity; therefore, they should not be a priority if you don’t have a budget. However, if you have extra money, you can factor them in. They include daycare, dog walking services, training, and shipping.

If you purchased a Vizsla from a breeder in another location, they might charge you an extra $250 to ship the pup. You can avoid such costs by picking up the pup yourself.

A professional trainer will help you train your dog if they are difficult to train. Most of these trainers will charge by the hour, which increases your budget. The same applies to pet sitters and dog walkers. If you need to go out of town for work or vacation, you have to pay the sitter an hourly rate.

Owning a Vizsla on a Budget

Finding a cheaper Vizsla would mean an unhealthy dog. Backyard breeders will get you a puppy at a cheaper cost, but it’s most likely to develop health issues as it grows. If you want an affordable and healthy Vizsla, your best choice is an adoption center or rescue center.

However, as you get the dog from an adoption center, ensure you get information about whether it’s been neutered, vaccinated, and tested for medical conditions. The other method to get a dog on a budget is getting one from owners who might be relocating to another country and might not want to move with the dog. Social media and auction sites have tons of adverts for this kind of dog.

Furthermore, as long as you are not getting a show dog, you don’t need a premium Vizsla with a superior bloodline. Get a good-quality pup from a reputable breeder that’s not necessarily too expensive.

Wire-Haired Vizsla standing on grass
Image Credit: Colin Seddon, Shutterstock

Saving Money on Vizsla Care

You can cut down many expenses such as professional grooming and training by doing these activities yourself. By taking up these roles, you’ll bond more with your dog and reduce the amount of money spent on paying other handlers.

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Final Thoughts: Vizsla Cost

Vizslas are affectionate and high-energy dogs. They make excellent pets; therefore, they need to be taken care of well. Before spending money on this dog breed, ensure that you go to a reputable breeder or rescue. With puppy scams becoming more prominent, it’s advisable to do your due diligence on the source.

The costs of owning a Vizsla vary depending on the dog’s needs. There are one-time costs and repeat expenses that need to be budgeted for. You should always ensure that your pup gets high-quality items and supplies. But if you can, consider shopping at cheaper stores, especially if you want to keep your budget down.

As you budget, make sure the Vizsla gets all the necessities and keep emergency funds for unexpected expenses.

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