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Vizsla vs Redbone Coonhound: The Key Differences (With Pictures)

Brooke Billingsley

By Brooke Billingsley

Vizsla vs Redbone Coonhound - Featured Image

Are you in the market for a unique hunting dog that also happens to be red in color? Then you’ve probably narrowed down your search to the Vizsla and the Redbone Coonhound. Both of these dog breeds are energetic, trainable, and lovable family dogs, but there are some notable differences between the breeds that can really make the difference in which dog is right for your family.

As different as they may be, both of these breeds require lots of activity, so don’t expect the Vizsla or Redbone Coonhound to be suitable for households that aren’t active every day. If you’re up for the challenge, here’s what you should know to choose between these two great breeds.

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Visual Differences

Vizsla vs Redbone Coonhound - Visual Differences
Image Credit: Left – Vizsla (aliaksei kruhlenia, Shutterstock) | Right – Redbone Coonhound (Mary Swift, Shutterstock)

At a Glance

  • Average height (adult): 21–24 inches
  • Average weight (adult): 44–60 pounds
  • Lifespan: 12–14 years
  • Exercise: 2+ hours a day
  • Grooming needs: Low
  • Family-friendly: Yes
  • Other pet-friendly: Often
  • Trainability: Intelligent, energetic, focused
Redbone Coonhound
  • Average height (adult): 21–27 inches
  • Average weight (adult): 45–70 pounds
  • Lifespan: 12–15 years
  • Exercise: 1+ hours a day
  • Grooming needs: Low
  • Family-friendly: Yes
  • Other pet-friendly: Yes
  • Trainability: Eager to please, calm, agreeable

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Vizsla Overview

close up of Vizsla puppy dog
Image Credit: Tamas Pap, Unsplash


The Vizsla is a high-energy breed that is intelligent and loving. This breed typically loves children, as well as generally being friendly and social with other animals and strangers.

Don’t expect a good watchdog out of a Vizsla! They aren’t particularly vigilant dogs, and they also aren’t big barkers, so this is not the breed if you’re looking for a guard or alert dog. Vizslas are playful and adaptable dogs, and it’s not uncommon for a Vizsla to love being the center of attention.


This is a high-energy dog breed, usually requiring at least 2 hours of exercise every day. Most Vizslas won’t be appeased with a jaunt around the block or a single game of fetch in the backyard. Be prepared for a pup that expects high-energy activities, like running, hiking, and swimming.

This is a great breed for activities like Canicross and bikejoring, as well as sports like agility, dock diving, and obedience. They are also gundogs that make great hunting companions.


Vizslas are highly intelligent dogs that are curious and eager to please. Positive reinforcement works best with the Vizsla, but this breed is generally easy to train. They often get bored and destructive when not provided with enough attention or activity, so aim to make training sessions engaging and active. Games and puzzles can be used to train the Vizsla.

vizsla dog obedience training
Image Credit: ABO PHOTOGRAPHY, Shutterstock

Health & Care

This breed has a long lifespan and is generally considered to be healthy. Some of the most common conditions are hip dysplasia, ear infections, seasonal and skin allergies, eye problems, thyroid disease, and epilepsy. Responsible breeders ensure that their dogs are evaluated for hip problems, eye problems, and thyroid disease prior to breeding.

Suitable for:

As long as you’re willing to give your Vizsla at least 2 hours of exercise every day, then this adaptable breed is likely suitable for your home. They make great family pets, as well as being suitable for homes with other animals. They may not be good guard dogs, but you can always rely on your Vizsla to be loyal and happy to see you.

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Redbone Coonhound Overview

Happy Redbone Coonhound
Image Credit: Mary Swift, Shutterstock


The Redbone Coonhound is an agreeable dog that is extremely loyal and loving with its people. This breed typically gets along well with other animals, but they may be standoffish with strangers.

As loving as they are, they are laid-back dogs that are happy to play with you but are equally happy to entertain themselves or take a nap. They are calm dogs that won’t bark your ear off, but they are louder than the Vizsla.


Although not nearly as active as the Vizsla, the Redbone Coonhound still needs at least an hour of exercise every day. This should be a high-energy activity, like jogging or hiking.

This is a scent hound breed with strong instincts, making them great companions for scent work and competitions. Mental exercise is just as important as physical exercise for the Redbone Coonhound, and scent work is a great physical and mental outlet for this breed.


They may be eager to please, but the Redbone Coonhound does have a bit of a stubborn streak. Making training sessions engaging and fun is the best way to train your Redbone Coonhound, as well as starting on training while the dog is still young. It’s important to nip stubbornness in the bud before it becomes a major problem. Their devotion and loyalty will work to your advantage when training your Redbone Coonhound.

Redbone Coonhound fetching stick in water
Image Credit: Andrea Berg, Shutterstock

Health & Care

Like the Vizsla, the Redbone Coonhound is a long-lived breed that is overall considered to be healthy. There are currently no tests recommended by the breed club prior to breeding. Thanks to their floppy ears, ear infections aren’t uncommon and should be addressed quickly.

Suitable for:

Redbone Coonhounds can make excellent family dogs, but they may not be suitable for homes with frequent visitors due to their aloofness with strangers. They are active dogs that love active households, but they are adaptable dogs that will happily adjust to the types of activities that go on in the household.

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Which Breed Is Right for You?

The Vizsla is a very high-energy breed that may create more of a challenge than the Redbone Coonhound when it comes to burning off energy. Both of these breeds need quite a bit of daily activity, so they’re not a good option for lazy households, but the Vizsla requires more activity.

Both of these breeds are trainable, but they pose their own unique challenges, with the Redbone Coonhound having a stubborn streak that may require creativity to work through. If you’re interested in scent work, the Redbone Coonhound is your breed, while the Vizsla is a strong gun dog.

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Featured Image Credit: Left – Vizsla (Vizslafotozas, Pixabay) | Right – Redbone Coonhound (Crownwise, Shutterstock)

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