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Wardley Betta Food Review 2023 – Pros, Cons & Our Final Verdict

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By Lindsey Stanton

Wardley Betta Food Review

When it comes to keeping your betta fish well fed you probably only want the best of the best betta food out there. Yes, there are tons and tons of options that you can go with, but most of them just don’t cut muster. Many betta foods are made with sub-par ingredients, have artificial colors and flavors, and just don’t contain enough of the good stuff.

Your betta fish needs food that is nutritionally complete, food that tastes good, and food that meets its dietary requirements. Well, if this all sounds good to you, you might want to take a look at this Wardley Betta Food review (you can also check the current price here).

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Our Wardley Betta Food Review

Wardley Fish Food and Accessories

Wardley is a brand name that has been around for quite some time now and they generally deliver high quality products, especially in terms of fish food. Let’s take a closer look at this specific Wardley Betta Food, what it’s all about, and what is has to offer your bettas.

Made In The USA

Now, this is not something that we would usually mention right off the bat, but in the last few years there have been many issues surrounding the quality and manufacturing of fish food. The reason why we are mentioning that Wardley Betta Food is made in the United States is because it means that the manufacturing process follows strict health and hygiene standards. Simply put, sometimes it pays to not outsource manufacturing.

High Quality

Something that many people like about Wardley Betta Food is that very high quality ingredients have been used. There are no fillers or unwanted chemicals in this stuff. It’s a totally natural made with great ingredients that your fish should love.

This stuff is specially designed to provide your betta fish with total nourishment. This food will meet the dietary needs of any and all betta fish and it’s also a safe option.

This stuff comes with all of the vitamins, minerals, and proteins that your betta fish needs to be happy and healthy. It does not even contain any artificial colors, something which is present in many other fish food options.

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Something else that we appreciate about Wardley Betta Food is that it does not cause the water to become cloudy. Many fish foods have this problem of clouding up the water, especially if the food remains eaten for a longer period of time.

This particular food is specially designed so that it does not crumble and disintegrate in the water, nor will it release colors into the water. This is beneficial because it leaves your water looking as clean as can be, plus it does not put undue strain on the filter either.

Health Benefits

Something which Wardley Betta Food is often praised for is being healthy for your betta fish. First of all, the high level of nutritional completeness provided by this food will ensure that your betta fish has tons of energy and is active.

In other words, this stuff is definitely not short on calories, AKA, the energy your fish needs to be live and survive. This food is also good for maintaining a strong, healthy, and effective immune system in order to fight off illness and disease.

Finally, this stuff is meant to help the colors of your betta really come to the forefront. The various ingredients contained in it will ensure that your betta fish is very bright and colorful after just a few meals.

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Feeding Your Betta Fish

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Before we finish this review, it might interest you to know a little more about the diet and feeding requirements of betta fish, so let’s talk about those things real quick.

  • Betta fish are primarily carnivorous in the wild. Yes, they might chew on plant matter occasionally, but by and in large, they like their meat. This means that you need to buy fish food that is primarily protein based. These fish like insects, insect larvae, and other small water dwelling organisms.
  • Betta fish generally eat from the top of the tank and sometimes from the middle. This means that you should not buy flakes or pellets that sink down to the bottom. However, betta fish are quick and they can catch sinking pellets, but floating, or at least slow sinking ones are best.
  • Never overfeed your betta fish. If you are feeding it medium sized pellets, give it about 6 per day, with 3 being fed to it in the morning and 3 for dinner. If you are using flakes, don’t feed a betta fish more than it can eat in about 90 seconds, and do so no more than twice per day.

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At any rate, Wardley Betta Food has quite a lot to offer in our opinion and definitely gets our thumbs up. If you have not tried it yet, or should we say if your betta has not tried it, then it’s worth considering. It’s natural, healthy and packed full of all that good stuff your betta fish needs to survive and thrive.

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