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10 Homemade Weight Loss Dog Food Recipes (Vet-Approved)

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Dieting is never fun, and that applies to dogs, too. But you can help your dog lose weight while still enjoying dinner! How? Try learning how to make healthy dog food at home. You’ll be able to control the ingredients and the calorie count while customizing the ingredients to your dog’s favorite foods.

Scroll down to find our favorite weight loss dog food recipes!

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What Are the Best Ingredients for Dog Weight Loss?

If you’re trying to help your dog lose weight, the first thing you’ll want to do is talk to your veterinarian. Your vet can help you make sure you’re feeding your dog the right portion size and nutrients. You’ll want to take into account your pup’s size, age, and activity level before settling on a recipe.

The good news is that making weight loss dog food at home doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive! Sticking to low-calorie ingredients like non-starchy vegetables and lean meats can help slim your dog down. Great lean meats include turkey, fish, and chicken, and inexpensive vegetables like carrots and cabbage provide excellent nutrition.

Ready to get started? Here are our favorite weight loss dog food recipes:

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Top 10 Weight Loss Dog Food Recipes:

1. Carb-Free Dog Food Recipe

Our first dog food recipe is fully carb-free, making it a great weight loss diet. Combine chicken thighs with vegetables and an apple to make this low calorie, dog-friendly food. Get the recipe here.

2. Chicken & Turkey Weight Loss Dog Food

This dog food recipe uses lean meats like turkey and chicken, plus brown rice and your choice of vegetables. And don’t forget the breath-freshening parsley! Get the recipe here.

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3. Adaptable Dog Food Recipe

This recipe — inspired by an adorable pug — is very easy to customize to your pup’s dietary needs. Choose your meat, complex carbohydrates, and vegetables to make your dog’s new favorite food! Get the recipe here.

4. Gourmet Dog Food

Don’t let the lengthy ingredient list scare you off of this recipe! It comes together surprisingly quickly and offers plenty of nutrition for your dieting dog. Get the recipe here.

5. Turkey Noodle Dog Food

Mix lean ground turkey and healthy vegetables like sweet potatoes, carrots, and broccoli to create this macaroni-based dog food. Tasty and satisfying! Get the recipe here.

6. Chicken and Tuna Dog Food Recipes

Dog Slim offers not one but two weight loss dog food recipes. Choose between chicken and rice or tuna and potato options — or try them both! Get the recipe here.

7. 6-Ingredient Raw Dog Food

Eggshells provide extra nutrition in this incredibly easy dog food recipe. Because it’s raw, all you have to do is mix ingredients like chicken, cabbage, and apples! Get the recipe here.

8. Chicken & Potato Dog Food

All you need for this recipe is chicken, potatoes, and dog-friendly vitamin supplements. It’s grain-free, inexpensive, and great for weight loss. Get the recipe here.

9. Chicken or Fish Dog Food

Chicken or fish? You get to choose in this simple weight loss dog food recipe, which also includes healthy veggies like celery, zucchini, and string beans. Get the recipe here.

10. Turkey & Brown Rice Dog Food

Brown rice, low-fat turkey, and an array of vegetables come together to make a healthy, low-calorie dog food — that still offers plenty of flavors! Get the recipe here.

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We hope these 10 recipes will teach you how to make weight loss dog food to help keep your furry friend happy and healthy. Being overweight can be hard on your pup’s joints and overall health, so it’s important to stick to a good diet. These weight loss dog food recipes should do the trick!

Looking for more great dog food recipes?

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