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What Are Coyote Vests for Dogs? User Guide, Pros & Cons

Hanh Duong

By Hanh Duong

happy small dog in coyote vest

The number of coyotes attacking dogs has increased due to the loss of their natural habitat, and they are becoming more familiar with humans. Once present only in the western two-thirds of the United States, coyotes are now thriving in 49 states and showing no signs of stopping.1

Do you worry about your dog’s safety? What is the best way to protect them from attacks? You may be surprised to learn that a CoyoteVest is an excellent item to save your dog, especially if you live in an area where wild animals are a real threat. CoyoteVests are products designed to shield your pup from coyotes, aggressive dog attacks, or even birds of prey.

If you’re still unclear on these vests, stick with us since we’ll provide all the information you need about this unique product in the article below.Divider 5

How Does It Work?

The purpose of CoyoteVests is to prevent a surprise attack or slow it down and give your dog more time to react before any serious injury occurs. As for how CoyoteVests work, it’s pretty straightforward. These vests combine techniques to discourage potential predators, including a bite-activated shock device, an LCD blinker, bundles of multicolor wires that stand out on the vests, and additional attachments such as spiked collars and stab-resistant shields.

Tall, colorful, and light-up accessories give your dog a strange appearance, which might make predators hesitate to attack. In addition, small dogs will have more volume thanks to the bristles, making coyotes less likely to choose to tangle with them. If predators do attack, rows of formidable shiny spikes will protect the neck and back, where most of the injuries occur. Moreover, the vest can withstand sharp teeth since it is made of stab-resistant materials.

two dogs wearing coyoto vests

What Are the Different Types of CoyoteVests?


The original CoyoteVests utilize straps and buckles. They include an entire set of detachable chrome spikes, including spike strips for the sides of the back and the neck. These spikes are produced from extremely tough plastic and are safe to handle, but they are sharp enough to cause injury if the pressure is high enough.

Many dog shapes and sizes can fit into CoyoteVests because this product uses an adjustable waist belt and collar. There is a D-ring for your leash attachment and a reflective feature to help increase the visibility of your dog at night. The vest is water-resistant, has no metal parts that can corrode, and can be hand washed with mild detergent before drying in the shade. There are also many colors for you to choose from according to your preferences, such as orange, red, yellow, pink, tan, blue, and turquoise. 


The SpikeVest resembles the original CoyoteVest, except that instead of snap buckles, it uses Velcro. This product has a large collar to protect the back of the dog’s neck and is made entirely from durable, puncture-resistant Cordura fabric, which can withstand sharp canine teeth. With two wide Velcro belts, it easily wraps around your dog and keeps it snug and secure.

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Where Is It Used?

Yes! The American Kennel Club advises using a CoyoteVest to protect your dog from predators.

This product is even more worth the investment if you are in the following situations:
  • Your dog is small in size.
  • You and your furry companion love venturing into the wilderness.
  • You live in a region where you often hear reports of dogs being attacked, such as some deserts or rural areas.

Giving your dog the vest mentioned above to wear when going out for a walk is a great way to protect them, especially if you live in an area where you might come across a coyote. In addition, it’s safer to keep them on a leash because most coyotes are afraid of people and won’t attack your dog if they’re near you.

two dogs wearing coyoto vests

How Much Does a CoyoteVest Cost?

The price of a CoyoteVest begins at around $100 (not including any additional accessories you may want to add), but a little extra cash can sometimes be worth the peace of mind.

Advantages of CoyoteVests

  • When dogs use CoyoteVests, it gives owners peace of mind because we know that our four-legged companions are not totally defenseless.
  • The bright colors of these products give dogs a fashionable appearance while also making them look more threatening to predators.
  • CoyoteVests are lightweight and comfortable. They fit like clothing but deliver the necessary protection your dog needs.
  • These vests are affordable and because they are so durable, you can use them for a very long time. 

Disadvantages of CoyoteVests

  • While SpikeVests utilize the highest military-quality Velcro available, they can still get dirty and clogged and need to be cleaned periodically. They will eventually wear out (but note that even the most promising Velcro doesn’t last forever).
  • The price of CoyoteVests can be a bit high for some people. 

four dogs wearing coyote vests

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How to Choose the Right Size

Step 1. Measure the Back Length

Measure the back length from the shoulder to the start of your dog’s tail (excluding the neck). Hold the ruler straight and ensure your dog is standing up while measuring.

Step 2. Use the Charts Below to Decide the Vest Size Once You Know Your Dog’s Back Length

CoyoteVest Size Guide

Size Vest Back Length (inches)
Mini 9
X-Small 10
Small 13
Medium 15
Large 20

SpikeVest Size Guide

Size Vest Back Length (inches)
Mini 8.5
X-Small 10
Small 12
Medium 15
Large 20

How to Wash and Care for CoyoteVests

If your vest becomes dirty, you can easily wash it by hand with a mild detergent or even just water, then lay it flat to dry naturally by air. Do not wash in the washing machine! Also, remember that the aramid fibers used to make CoyoteVests are UV-sensitive and will break down when exposed to the sun for long periods. So you should avoid placing these products in direct sunlight to prolong their lifespan.

two dogs wearing coyote vests

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Should You Use Coyotevests?

Coyotes have significantly increased in number in residential areas over the years. In addition, they’re not the only threat that dog lovers worry about when it comes to the safety of their pets. Bobcats, hawks, or other aggressive dogs can also attack their beloved animals. Therefore, giving dogs the best security by getting them a high-quality CoyoteVest is a good solution.

How Do You Coyote Proof a Dog?

In addition to using a vest, here are some ways to defend your dog from coyote attacks when you’re enjoying the beauty of nature and also at home.

  • Avoid Letting Your Dog Outside Unattended. If you’re not around to watch over your dog, you should keep them inside where coyotes can’t approach, particularly if your yard doesn’t have good fencing.
  • Create a Coyote-Proof Fencing. You may want to build a sturdy fence with a minimum height of 6 feet and bury it at least 18 inches deep in the ground because coyotes are good diggers.
  • Light Your Yard at Night. Installing motion-sensor lights outside your fence line is another good idea. The lights will automatically turn on before an animal enters your yard, and this can help deter coyotes.

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Keeping an eye on your pet all the time is almost impossible, and that’s why a CoyoteVest can give you peace of mind because it provides a high level of security and will protect your dogs when you can’t. The family of Paul Mott, the CEO of CoyoteVest, vowed to do something to lessen the possibility of another family experiencing the same tragedy after losing their beloved dog to a coyote. And they did!

Featured Image Credit: Gayleen Froese, Shutterstock

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