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What Are the Vet Costs to Fix a Dog’s Broken Nail? 2023 Vet-Approved Update

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It’s important that you pay close attention to your dog’s paws and nail health. If even one nail is broken, the entire paw could be in severe pain and uncomfortable, which can lead to other serious conditions.

Unfortunately, the costs to get your dog’s broken nail fixed can be more expensive than you might want to swallow. In fact, many people end up spending between $200–$300 to fix a dog’s broken nail.

Even though you might not want to pay this amount to fix a dog’s broken nail, it is essential. Not only will your dog feel more comfortable after, but it will help to prevent any infection from setting into the nail and further harming your dog.

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The Importance of Getting a Broken Nail Fixed

A broken nail can be a huge issue for dogs. If even one nail is broken, your dog may experience severe pain and have trouble walking or playing. In severe cases, a broken nail can actually lead to an infection.

Because of how painful and dangerous a broken nail can be for a dog, it’s important to get the broken nail fixed immediately.

Although you might be tempted to do it yourself, it’s best to trust a professional. A veterinarian will not only be able to repair the injury, but the veterinarian will also have medications and sedation to ensure the dog is comfortable and healthy during the treatment and after.

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How Much Does Fixing a Dog’s Broken Nail Cost?

The vet visit itself will likely cost $50–$80, including the exam and needed supplies. In addition to the exam, your dog will likely need to undergo a full nail trim, which will cost $20. The cost will increase further to $100 if the dog needs sedation.

To make the price tag jump even more, most vets may prescribe an antibiotic to ensure the site does not become infected. They will also likely prescribe anti-inflammatories to help with pain. These medications typically cost between $20–$60, depending on the size of your dog. There may also be a charge for bandaging the affected paw after cutting the broken nail.

Whenever you add all of these costs together, you can expect to spend between $200 and $300 to get your dog’s broken nail fixed. Even though it is a hefty price tag, it is one that will ensure your dog is healthy and comfortable.

Additional Costs to Anticipate

The good news is that there are not a lot of costs to anticipate when getting your dog’s nails fixed. At the bare minimum, you will have to pay for the exam, injury correction, and nail trim. This normally costs around $100.

In most cases, though not all, vets will also prescribe antibiotics and anti-inflammatories to reduce the chances of your dog getting infections or feeling severe pain. You should likely anticipate this cost. With medication, expect to pay closer to the $200 range.

The only cost that differs from case to case is sedation. If your dog is very anxious about getting their nail trimmed or is in severe pain, your vet will recommend sedation. This is not recommended necessarily for dogs that are calm and don’t mind getting their nails trimmed. Sedation typically costs up to $100, meaning you will pay $300 total with sedation.

So, you should definitely anticipate the costs associated with the exam, injury correction, nail trim, and medication. The only price that you may or may not have to pay for is the sedation. Though, cutting a broken nail is quite painful and doing it under sedation is usually the kindest option for the dog.

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How Do You Prevent a Broken Nail on Your Dog?

Even though the only way to fix a broken nail is to see the vet, there are affordable ways that you can prevent the nail from breaking in the first place. Not only will this help save you some money, but it will help your dogs stay comfortable year-round.

The number one way to prevent your dog from breaking their nail is to create a grooming routine. Just by routinely grooming your dog’s nails, you will mitigate most broken nail issues. If the nails are kept short and clean, there won’t be many nails to break in the first place.

You will want to trim the dog’s nails whenever they start growing out. Many dogs may be afraid of this at first, but most end up adjusting to the process through exposure. If your dog never adjusts, you may need to hire a professional to do nail trims for you.

Does Pet Insurance Cover Fixing a Dog’s Broken Nail?

Believe it or not, most pet insurance plans actually cover minor incidents, including broken nails. You will definitely need to read the fine print of your pet insurance coverage to confirm, but you will likely find that your dog’s broken nail is covered by the plan.

Keep in mind that pet insurance is normally paid out in a reimbursement style. You will pay to get the nail fixed, but then the insurance will reimburse you for this price. This isn’t the case for all pet insurance policies, but it is the standard.

dogs getting nails trimmed
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What to Do for a Dog’s Paws After Fixing a Broken Nail

After your dog’s broken nail has been fixed, it’s important to keep a close eye on the dog’s behavior. You want to watch out for any limping or signs of infection so that you can take your dog back to the vet if the issue is not fully rectified.

Additionally, keep on the plan that your vet recommended. More than likely, your vet prescribed some sort of medication. Provide your dog with the medication they need to stay happy and healthy.

While you are doing that, make sure your dog is drinking enough fluids, but try to keep your dog off the foot for the time being. Try gentle exercises instead of rigorous playtimes to ensure your dog does not further injure their foot.

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If your dog has a broken nail, it’s important to see the vet immediately. Not only are broken nails painful for dogs, but they can be incredibly dangerous. You should expect to pay between $200–$300 for this treatment.

Even though this is a big pill to swallow for fixing a single nail, it’s one that you can’t ignore. You can use your pet insurance policy to reimburse you for the price. To prevent this from happening again, keep your dog’s nails groomed properly.

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