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What Is PetSmart’s Return Policy? 2023 Update & Facts

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If you know anything at all about PetSmart, you know that this retail giant has anything and everything you’d ever need for your pet. Whether you’re looking for something funky like a doggie Hawaiian shirt your pooch can wear on vacation or something more practical like a litter box for your cat, PetSmart will have it and most likely in several varieties.

You may wonder what PetSmart’s return policy is, just in case you ever buy something that you’re not happy with and want to return it. The good news is that PetSmart accepts returns for items in good condition so you can get all your money back, except for the money you may have paid for shipping, gift-wrapping, or other added-on services.

A great thing to know is that you have 2 months or, more specifically, 60 days to return something you’ve purchased from PetSmart as long as you have the original receipt. An even better thing to know is that PetSmart’s return policy does not vary by store—the return policy is the same for all stores.

However, live pets are another story at PetSmart. Instead of allowing you 60 days to return an item you don’t want, you’re only given a 2-week window to return a live pet, like a hamster or lizard, if you don’t want it.

Divider 8How to Return a Product to PetSmart

The simplest way to return an unwanted product to PetSmart is to visit the closest store. If you’ve purchased something from PetSmart online, you can mail the item back to them.

If you plan to mail an unwanted item back to PetSmart, the item you wish to return cannot be damaged and must be in good, saleable condition. This means you cannot buy something from PetSmart like grooming clippers and use those clippers on your dog for a month before deciding you don’t want them. Just as you wouldn’t want to buy a used item from PetSmart, the store’s other customers feel the same, so don’t try to return anything you’ve used more than once.

Be warned that any item you attempt to return will be checked carefully by PetSmart staff, so don’t try to fool them!

Will PetSmart Take Back Opened Dog Food?

If you buy dog food from PetSmart only to take it home and see your dog stick his nose up at it, you may be wondering if you can take the opened dog food back. The good news is that you can indeed return an opened package of dog food to PetSmart if you do it within 14 days. Be sure to take your receipt with you for proof of purchase. If you cannot provide a receipt, you may be entitled to store credit.

Will PetSmart Take Back a Fish That Dies?

If you buy a fish from PetSmart and that fish dies shortly after you bought it, you may think you deserve your money back because your poor little fish didn’t live long. PetSmart has a policy that covers dead fish, so don’t worry!

If a fish you bought from PetSmart dies unexpectedly within 2 weeks of the day you purchased it, don’t toss the fish away in the trash because you can probably get your money back, or at least get a replacement fish.

If you place the dead fish in a secure container and take along a sample of your aquarium water, PetSmart will likely give you a replacement fish. The personnel will probably test your tank water to ensure it’s safe for other fish to live in. If you don’t want a replacement fish and would rather have your money back, PetSafe will give you a full refund to cover the cost of the dead fish if they deem it wasn’t your fault the fish died.

Whatever you do, don’t walk into a PetSmart store with an expired fish in your purse or pocket, as you’ll probably scare the living daylights out of the employee that helps you. Use your common sense instead and carry the dead fish in a container with a secure lid.

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Divider 8Conclusion

PetSmart has a very good return policy that most customers appreciate. If you buy something from this retail giant and want to return it, the chances are you can get all your money back without much trouble at all. The PetSmart return policy does not vary by store, and all PetSmart retail locations must abide by the same rules and regulations.

Featured Image Credit: PetSmart Anthony92931, Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA 3.0

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