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What Kind of Cat is Walter from The Chevy Commercials?

Patricia Dickson

By Patricia Dickson

a gray tabby cat lying on a cat couch

If you watch commercials or ads of any kind, you may have seen Walter from the Chevy commercials. Many people wonder what type of cat Walter is, but for some reason, and although there’s not an official statement about the cat’s breed from Chevy, Walter is most likely a gray tabby. Walter is a cat but acts like a dog, which is why the public became fascinated by him. Read on below to find out more about this feline sensation.

Who Is Walter?

Walter made his debut in a commercial during the 2021 Summer Olympic Games. Walter stars in Chevy Silverado commercials that parody the basic formula for a truck commercial. They take the idea of a man, his truck, and his dog and flip it on its head by making the dog a cat.

During his first commercial, Walter chases cats up trees, plays fetch, and herds cattle. At the end of the commercial, Walter leaps into a lake to catch a stick, much to the surprise of a fisherman. The fisherman says, “That’s incredible,” to Walter’s owner, who assumes he’s talking about his Chevy Silverado. When the fisherman explains that he meant the cat, Walter’s owner is stumped as to what’s so special about his cat.

grey tabby cat lying on white surface
Image Credit: Inge Wallumrød, Pexels

What Breed of Cat is Walter?

Although some computer-generated shots were used in the commercial, Walter is not a computerized image. He is a team of cats. There are nine Walters, each one performing a particular trick. There’s one Walter to play fetch, one to herd a cow, one to jump into a lake, and so on. None of these cats are named Walter, but they were treated very well on set. The Walters had their own air-conditioned trailer, which was a luxury not afforded to the agency’s creative team.

 How Are Tabby Cats as Pets

The tabby is not a breed but a coat pattern; several species can have tabby coats. This includes Ragdolls, Siamese, Persians, American Shorthairs, British Shorthairs, Maine Coons, and Abyssians. The temperament of tabbies has more to do with their breed and history than their coat patterns. For instance, the American Shorthair tabby is friendly and playful but is not as clingy as a Maine Coon tabby.

Although there are several tabby variations, most tabbies have one identifying characteristic. They have an “M” shape on their heads. Some have more distinct M shapes than others due to the various colors and patterns on their coats.

gray tabby cat sniffing the floor
Image Credit: Appreciate, Shutterstock

Final Thoughts

Since no official statement about the cat’s origins has been made, Walter’s breed is unknown. There are nine different Walters; from what we can tell, Walter is a gray tabby cat. But in reality, there is no real Walter since he’s comprised of several talented cats. Although it took several felines to film the commercial, many pet owners would love to have a cat like Walter.

Featured Image Credit: photosforyou, Pixabay

Patricia Dickson

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