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What Kind of Dog is Hulk? Is He Really the Biggest Dog in the World?

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By Nicole Cosgrove

The Hulk

Large and in charge, this behemoth dog has become famous in the last few years as the media surged around Dark Dynasty K9 and their rising star, Hulk. Hulk is a giant American Pitbull Terrier and is famous for being one of the biggest in the world at a staggering 173 pounds in weight.

His son, King Kong, may one day overtake his father and be crowned the largest Pitbull in the world. King Kong is still a puppy and weighs only 15 pounds less than Hulk.

The Pitbull isn’t a specific breed in America as it is in the UK (Hulk himself being a mix, bred from an English Bulldog and another bully breed). Instead, it’s a group term for a selection of dog breeds and crossbreeds that fit specific characteristics, such as American Pitbull Terriers and Bulldogs.

These dogs were bred for their size, strength, and tenacity in the bullring, where their reputation for violence originates. Dark Dynasty K9 bred Hulk for one reason, and one reason only: size. And they succeeded, as Hulk tops 173 pounds and is potentially one of the biggest Pitbulls in the world. He is more than three times the size of other dogs of his breed.

Dark Dynasty K9 breeds protection dogs, but the dogs are well-trained and perfectly behaved. Behavior is a big factor since the breeders must instill perfect training in all dogs sold, as they go to people from all backgrounds, from families with children to the police force.

Hulk has actually sired puppies. Two of his offspring, Clifford and King Kong, are running to out-muscle their father for the title of largest Pitbull. A fully trained puppy from Hulk’s bloodline can go for an eye-watering $55,000, as its reputation and the excellent training provided by Dark Dynasty K9 is worth its weight in gold.

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Is an XL Bulldog a Pitbull?

The short answer is no: extra-large American Bulldogs aren’t Pitbulls, which is an important distinction. American XL bulldogs were bred to be larger, but by no means are they aggressive; they’re bred to be good family pets and more protective than aggressive.

There can be confusion around breed types and classifications since the breeds can look very similar. XL Bullies are bred from different stock breeds (such as the American Bulldog, English Bulldog, and Olde English Bulldog) than Pitbull terriers. While they’re classed as a “natural extension” of the breed (by the American Kennel Club), they allow registration of the XL bully breed.

Why Do Pitbulls Have Such a Bad Reputation?

Pitbulls have a poor reputation among the general public since they have a history of dog fighting. The breed began in Britain as the Bull-and-Terrier where it was specifically bred for bull baiting.

Between their bloody history and false reports of having stronger bites than other breeds, the Pitbull terrier has an undeserved rep for being dangerous. Unfortunately, dogs of any breed can (and have) attacked humans.

Pitbulls have muscled jaws and a tendency to hold on if they bite down, but they don’t have locking jaws, and they’re not more likely to attack than any other breed.

Many owners refer to Pitbull terriers as nanny dogs, citing their sweet and gentle temperament, as well as their intelligence and loyalty. Despite this, some cities, such as Miami and Denver, have restrictions in place regarding the breed.

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Final Thoughts

Hulk is known to his owners at Dark Dynasty K9 as loyal, affectionate, and protective of his family, which seems to reflect the breed and the group. While Hulk is one of the biggest Pits in the world, he’s only one of a line of mighty Pitbulls bred by the prestigious Dark Dynasty kennels.

Featured Image Credit: The Hulk of  Dark Dynasty K9s.  All rights reserved to the copyright owners.

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