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What Kind of Dog Is Mr. Peabody? You Never Knew!

Ashley Bates

By Ashley Bates

Mr. Peabody

If you or your children have watched Mr. Peabody and Sherman, you might wonder just what kind of dog is Mr. Peabody? After all, he is short, with an elongated cranium and indiscernible features. Some dogs are not modeled after a specific breed at all.

But in this instance, Mr. Peabody is actually related to a very specific dog breed and definitely an American favorite. You might’ve guessed it, Mr. Peabody is a genius Beagle.

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Mr. Peabody Is a Beagle

Hector J. Peabody, or simply Mr. Peabody, is an anthropomorphic cartoon Beagle. Originally, this character appeared in the 1950s in the hit cartoon the adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle.

Most recently, in the adventures of Mr. Peabody and Sherman, he and his adopted son, Sherman, transport back in time to various points in history to learn. There are several challenges the two must undergo to obtain custody and live a life free of discrimination.

But they do so, and do so well with the help of their time machine and a bunch of really great friends along the way.

Mr. Peabody: Dog History

This highly developed canine is capable of navigating even the toughest spots. But does the idea of having a Beagle really mean you have one of the world’s most intelligent dogs?

The answer to this is that Beagles are brilliant dogs, capable of learning some pretty advanced training. But they score lower than some other breeds, like the Poodle or German Shepherd.

Mr. Peabody is a very specific type of Beagle who walks upright and can talk intellectually. Plus, most Beagles aren’t nearly all white. So there are, of course, some contradictions and flaws in the story.

Image Credit: Characters by Jay Ward Productions, DreamWorks Animation LLC.  All rights reserved to the copyright owners.

Me. Peabody Isn’t the Only Cartoon Beagle

The Beagle seems to be a pretty top-notch pick regarding cartoon representation. Some of the most beloved cartoon characters of all fall in the Beagle breed category.

But Mr. Peabody surely is one of the newest Beagles to make the limelight. This box office hit warmed the hearts of children across the nation.

Beagle Breed Facts

Beagles are originally hunting dogs, but they make fantastic family pets. The sweet, amiable nature of the Beagle makes them perfect for virtually any lifestyle. Beagles will be happy learning the ropes of their natural roots, which are used for hunting.

But they also make equally great outdoor/indoor pets and are undoubtedly man’s best friend. These docile dogs get along with almost everybody they meet and never deny a belly scratch. These little dogs went from hunting to being full-time family companions.

Beagles are also used in various situations as hybrids or designer dogs. The personality traits and markings of the Beagle are favorable, making them a small, compact, easy choice for smaller designer breed dogs, such as a Cheagle (Chihuahua and Beagle) or Puggle (Beagle and Pug) and even some large ones, such as a Busky (Beagle and Husky)!

beagle dog lying on the bed covered with a blanket
Image Credit: Kuznetsov Alexey, Shutterstock

Adopt a Beagle

Of course, there’s no way to go to a rescue or shelter and ask for an anthropomorphic dog. But you can always go to your nearest rescue shelter to see if they have a Beagle somewhere in their current lineup.

Beagles are trendy dogs, and they often find themselves in shelters. It is not uncommon to see someone giving away their Beagle, so you can also check ad sites for current listings.

Beagles are typically very loving and wonderful with a variety of different lifestyles. They can certainly acclimate if you want to have your Beagle mostly outside or at home on the couch with the kids.

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Final Thoughts

So now you know exactly what kind of breed Mr. Peabody is. This courageous dog will continue to inspire future generations by film alone. But the Beagle breed will also continue to thrive.

Beagles have wonderful personalities that can fit in with virtually any lifestyle. Plus, they are small enough to fit most apartment weight limits! Why not check your local shelters to see what cute homeless face you could bring home?

Featured Image Credit: Characters by Jay Ward Productions, DreamWorks Animation LLC.  All rights reserved to the copyright owners.

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