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What Kind of Dog Is Tracker From Paw Patrol? The Surprising Answer!

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By Nicole Cosgrove

Tracker from Paw Patrol - Guru Animation Studio, Spin Master Ltd

“Paw Patrol” is a beloved kids’ show, not only for the mostly canine cast but also for the heroism and bravery that each dog shows. Unlike many other animated shows, “Paw Patrol” bases the characters on real dog breeds. Tracker, one of the newest additions to the Paw Patrol cast, is a Chihuahua, with the same big ears and huge heart as his real-life counterpart.

Unlike a real-world Chihuahua, though, Tracker is a little on the large side. Some dog lovers who are fans of the show believe that he’s a mixed breed known as a Potcake. Whatever his official breed is, Tracker is a fan favorite, and this guide will introduce you to him, the show, and his breed.

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What Is “Paw Patrol”?

“Paw Patrol” is a children’s TV show that follows the adventures of 10-year-old Ryder and the rescue dogs in training that make up his Paw Patrol. The dogs on the show are based on real breeds, and their duties include real-world jobs like construction work, firefighting, and piloting helicopters.

Who Is Tracker?

Tracker - paw patrol
Photo Credit: Characters by Guru Animation Studio Ltd., Spin Master Ltd.  All rights reserved to the copyright owners.

First appearing in “Tracker Joins the Pups!”, Tracker is one of the newest members of the Paw Patrol team. He’s a brown-and-white dog that lives with Carlos in the jungle and helps rescue people in need with the aid of his exceptional hearing.

Although he’s a little timid around spooky noises and in the dark, Tracker isn’t afraid to face his fears to save his friends. Tracker is the first bilingual animal on the show, being fluent in English and Spanish. He can also play the flute and read music.

Along with spring-loaded cables that enable him to swing between trees, Tracker’s gear includes a multi-tool function with an assortment of useful items. He drives a white jeep with green stripes.

What Breed of Dog Is Tracker?

While the official Paw Patrol website doesn’t mention Tracker’s breed, he’s generally accepted to be a Chihuahua. Sharing the same huge ears as this breed, Tracker also has the same big-dog attitude.

However, there is a bit of debate about whether Tracker is a Chihuahua. The main argument against his designation as a Chihuahua is his size. When compared to the other Paw Patrol dogs, Tracker appears to be the same size. Considering the tiny size of a real Chihuahua compared to the other breeds in the series — like the Chase the German Shepherd or Marshall the Dalmatian — many people think that Tracker is too big to be a Chihuahua.

A few fans believe that Tracker is a Potcake dog instead of a Chihuahua. A mixed breed with multiple bloodlines, a Potcake has a terrier-like muzzle but mostly looks like a Labrador.

Potcake Dog resting on her mat
A Potcake dog | Photo Credit: Paul Sveda, Shutterstock

Is Tracker a Chihuahua?

Despite the arguments against Tracker being a Chihuahua, there are more in favor of that being the case. While his size isn’t the most accurate compared to the other dogs, his large ears are definitely a shared trait with real Chihuahuas.

Another trait that Tracker shares with real-life Chihuahuas is his dislike for the cold. Chihuahuas — particularly those with short hair — are renowned for being more delicate than other dogs when it comes to cold weather. In the show, Tracker hates being too cold.

Many of his personality traits are also shared with the Chihuahua as a breed, including his fierce loyalty to Carlos and the other members of the Paw Patrol and his willingness to face his fears to help out. He might be small, but Tracker has the bravery of a much bigger dog.

When it comes to his size compared to the other dogs, it is likely a bit of creative licensing by the show creators, a way to ensure that a tiny but big-hearted Chihuahua doesn’t get lost amid all the other brave dogs in Paw Patrol.

Photo Credit: CC0 Public Domain, Pxhere

What Is a Chihuahua?

Recognized for their dish-like ears, tiny bodies, and huge personalities, the Chihuahua is the perfect city pet. Whether you have a shorthaired or longhaired Chihuahua, they all share the same loyalty, confidence, and charming personality.

Their origin story is a bit vague, with similar dogs being pictured in ancient artifacts across the world. The Chihuahua that we know and love today, however, was first developed in Mexico. Historians believe that the Chihuahua was bred from their larger and heavier ancestor, the Techichi, by the Aztecs sometime in the 12th century.

Due to their usage in pop culture during the 1900s, the Chihuahua has become one of the U.S.A.’s favorite breeds.

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Paw Patrol has many characters with dogs and careers based on real-life breeds and heroic jobs, respectively. Tracker, one of the newer members of the show, is a Chihuahua. His big heart and large ears help him to hear all sorts of trouble. He lives in the jungle with Carlos and frequently shows a powerful loyalty to his friends as he faces his fears to come to their aid.

Featured Image Credit: Characters by Guru Animation Studio Ltd., Spin Master Ltd.  All rights reserved to the copyright owners.

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