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What Kind of Dog Was Jasper (Dana Perino’s Dog)? Famous Dogs Presented

Kristin Hitchcock

By Kristin Hitchcock

Dana Perino’s dog Jasper was a brown Vizsla, an uncommon breed in the United States. While this breed is recognized by the American Kennel Club1, it can be challenging to find a breeder in the US. These dogs are often described as having lots of stamina because they were originally bred as hunting dogs. In this way, they are somewhat similar to Greyhounds.

These dogs are well-known for forming tight bonds with their humans. However, they are sometimes “one-person dogs,” meaning they bond tightly with one person at the expense of other relationships.

Therefore, while this breed is a great option for those that want a very companionable dog, they aren’t necessarily a great option for families. Furthermore, their high energy needs can be a problem for many owners.

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Did Dana Perino’s Dog Jasper Pass Away?

Jasper did pass away in 2021. The canine was only 9 years old, which is younger than the breed’s expected life expectancy. According to the announcement, the dog died due to fast-moving cancer. It appears that treatment was unavailable, as the cancer had already progressed significantly.

As the dog was quite popular, the outpouring of grief following the announcement was immense. Since this time, a book has been published about the dog called “Let Me Tell You About Jasper…”

Jasper - Dana Perino
Image Credit: Jasper, photograph by Dana Perino. All rights reserved to the copyright owners.

Are Vizsla Good Family Dogs?

Vizslas can be extremely good family dogs. However, only the right family must adopt them, as they aren’t for everyone.

On a good note, these dogs are extremely friendly and people-oriented. This means they like to be around their people and often form close bonds with them. Plus, it also means that they are likely to listen to their owners, which makes training them quite straightforward.

However, they may also be prone to separation anxiety. For this reason, it is vital that they are crate trained and taught that being alone isn’t a bad thing from a very early age. They seem to love their people a little too much in many circumstances.

These dogs love having a job, which is great for those that want to be very involved with dog ownership. For instance, these dogs love to compete in obedience competitions, field trials, and agility. But, without some sort of job to do, these dogs can easily become bored.

Boredom often leads to these dogs finding their own way to entertain themselves, which usually leads to destructive behavior. We only recommend these dogs for owners that are home most of the day and can challenge them mentally.

Furthermore, these dogs are also very active and they work best for active families. They are not a breed that will be happy laying around for much of the day.

This robust hunting dog requires quite a bit of work. Without enough attention or exercise, they can become hyperactive and destructive.

However, for those that have plenty of time on their hand, the relationship with these dogs can be extremely rewarding. They just aren’t for your casual dog owner, though.

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Summing Up

Before his untimely death, Jasper was one of the most famous dogs in America. This popular canine was a Vizsla, which is an uncommon but very companionable breed. Because of his popularity, many Americans have considered purchasing one of these dogs over the last few years.

However, these dogs aren’t for everyone. They require quite a bit of work and are extremely people-oriented. They work best for active families that plan to do a lot with their dogs. Otherwise, they can be a bit overwhelming for many casual dog owners.

Featured Image Credit: Jasper, photograph by Dana Perino.  All rights reserved to the copyright owners.

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