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Which Breed is Smudge the Cat? Origin & Memes

Lorre Luther

By Lorre Luther

white cat in the balcony

Smudge burst on the scene back in 2018 when Tumblr showed a picture of him sitting at a fully decked table looking at a plate of vegetables with undisguised contempt. The photo accompanied the caption, “He no like vegetales.” One year later, Smudge started his own Instagram account—@smudge_lord.

But he hit the big time in 2019 when his picture was spliced with a still frame from a The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills episode to create the Woman Yelling at a Cat meme, in which he’s sitting in front of a salad with a perplexed expression as Taylor Armstrong from the popular show express her extreme displeasure with something. The meme was first posted on Twitter by ​​@MISSINGEGIRL. If you’ve fallen in love with Smudge, you may wonder what kind of cat he is. Smudge is officially a domestic shorthair cat, known affectionately as a mutt cat or moggie.

What’s Smudge’s Adoption Story?

Smudge came to live with his human, Miranda Stillabower, after she responded to a Facebook post for a kitten. When she arrived to meet the “kitten,” Smudge turned out to be a full-grown cat being held in a rickety cage in the back of a truck. Stillabower, who was currently working at an animal rescue organization, decided to take the cat home out of concern.

She was originally planning to take care of the cat until a new home could be found but decided to adopt him by the time she and her new companion made it back home. He was about 7 or 8 years old in 2022, but because Smudge was a stray, his precise age and date of birth remain unknown. Smudge likes to drink water from the tap and join his people for meals. He doesn’t particularly like to be picked up but is happy to approach his favorites for cuddles and pets. He’s sweet, loving, and full of attitude.

What’s Up With the Name Smudge?

When Smudge was adopted, he had a gray streak on his head—hence the name. The dark streak disappeared over time, but the name stuck!

Where Does Smudge Live?

Smudge lives in Ottawa, Canada, with his human, a dog, and two other cats.

Does Smudge Truly Hate Vegetables?

Yes. According to Smudge’s human, vegetables are pretty much off the menu.

Has Smudge Earned Any Money?

Absolutely. If rumors are correct, Smudge purchased a cat tree with his moola. His owner manages Smudge’s social media accounts. A Smudge-themed t-shirt is even for sale at Hot Topic!  But Smudge remains aware of where he came from and has partnered with cat rescue organizations to raise funds to help unhoused cats.

What’s the Deal With Smudge & Tables?

Smudge likes to join his human family at the table during mealtimes. He’s also prone to assertively requesting tasting privileges, although he usually doesn’t bother to eat what his humans share. The famous picture of him sitting before a salad plate was taken after Smudge’s owners were done with dinner and were in the process of cleaning up.

Does Smudge Have Favorite Foods?

According to Smudge’s owner, he has a serious taste for chicken. Fish and turkey are other favorites. He generally prefers to eat turkey for dinner.

Where Can I Find More Smudge?

Smudge the Cat has an Instagram account you can follow to stay on top of your favorite kitty’s goings-on. And don’t worry, you aren’t the only Smudge fan; the cat’s Instagram account has more than 1.6 million followers. Serious fans can even purchase Smudge-themed merchandise if they’re so inclined. He also has a website and a Facebook page where fans can share Smudge memes.

How Many Stray Cats Are There in Canada?

There were around 5.4 to 9.6 million unhoused cats in Canada back in 2022, including stray and feral cats. Socialization is the biggest difference between stray and feral pets. Most feral cats are profoundly uncomfortable around people, while stray cats often have some level of socialization. Some strays are lost pets who either can’t find their way home or have been abandoned. Feral cats often run when people approach them, but strays are sometimes happy to interact with humans, particularly if they haven’t been on their own for long.

Are There Ways to Help Cats in Shelters if I Can’t Adopt?

Absolutely! Most shelters run on donations, so if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to show cats some love, consider helping your local cat rescue organization with the bills. You can even buy Smudge-related merchandise that goes to support feline rescue work!


Many rescue and animal welfare organizations have volunteer opportunities for groups and individuals. Some are happy to work with those interested in short-term, one-time events. Also, there are often many opportunities to do fundraising and advocacy work.


Fostering cats and kittens goes a long way toward saving feline lives, and it allows shelters to expand their capacity when needed without resorting to euthanasia. Organizations often need foster parents to care for and socialize kittens so they’re ready to go to their forever homes when old enough.

But there are also cats that simply need a quiet place to recover from an illness or de-stress while waiting to be adopted. Most organizations are happy to work with volunteer limitations. For example, let them know if you’re uncomfortable giving pills to cats. Most shelters pay for essentials such as food, supplies, and toys.


Smudge is a gorgeous white mixed-breed cat with beautiful yellow-green eyes and just the right amount of attitude. He came to live with Miranda Stillabower in a sweet roundabout way; she responded to a Facebook ad for a kitten but went home with a sweet, loving grown cat. Smudge regularly joins his family at the dinner table but generally refuses to eat human dishes. Smudge doesn’t like vegetables but prefers chicken, fish, and turkey.

Featured Image Credit: engin akyurt, Unsplash

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