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Why Do Dogs Get Stuck When They Mate? Facts & FAQs

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By Nicole Cosgrove

male and female pomeranian dog mating

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If you’re planning on breeding your dogs, you’ve probably done your homework on dogs mating. One of the common problems that you’re likely to have stumbled upon is dogs getting stuck during intercourse. While it may seem awkward and unnatural, this sticky situation is actually crucial in the canine kingdom as it improves the chances of the female dog getting pregnant. Referred to as a copulatory tie, this act can last for up to 40 minutes after the male dog has ejaculated.

In order to fully understand dogs stuck together after canine coupling, let’s take a deeper look at the subject.

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Why Do Dogs Get Tied Together After Mating?

There are many different reasons why two dogs can get stuck together during the mating game. However, it’s important to understand the male dog’s erectile penis tissue. All mammals have two different types of erectile tissue. While one stiffens the penis, the other kind fills the penis glans, causing it to swell.

While most mammals have these tissues activated simultaneously, dog penises will stiffen before intercourse and won’t fully swell until the act of mating commences. Male dog genitalia has long bones, which results in small amounts of penis-swelling tissues.

Once the male dog has mounted and entered the female, the glans tissue will start to expand. This primarily happens around the base in an area referred to as the bulbus glandis. After ejaculation, the dog’s penis will drastically expand. When this happens, the bulbus glandis will grow twice as thick and three times as wide as compared to its flaccid state. At the same time, the female dog’s vaginal walls will tighten around the penis. This combination of squeezing and swelling locks the two dogs together. This also increases the chances of getting the female dog pregnant.

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Eventually, the male dog will dismount, and the two pooches will find themselves stuck together butt to butt, facing in opposite directions. This outward-facing position is theorized to be a defense tactic to keep tabs on the dogs’ surroundings. While this situation is unsettling, it will eventually end when the female dog’s genital muscles relax, and the male dog’s penis becomes flaccid.

Stages of Dog Mating

There are three main stages of canine mating. These include:

  • Mounting: This occurs when the male dog, or stud, mounts the female dog after he gets the signal that she is ready.
  • Penetration: The following stage involves the male dog successfully locating, identifying, and penetrating the female dog’s vulva. He may need a helping hand from the breeder, especially if it’s his first time.
  • Ejaculation: Once penetration occurs, the male dog will release his prostatic fluid along with his sperm into the female after he starts to hump.

You should never interfere or interrupt this mating process. Even if the dogs are whimpering in pain and you feel helpless, do not intrude. This is normal behavior, especially for novice canines. Always supervise the mating process. Your vet should be accessible if an emergency happens.

Slip Mating

Slip mating occurs when canine coitus doesn’t happen due to the male dog withdrawing his penis before ejaculation. This can happen when his female counterpart isn’t completely prepared for the act.

To avoid slip mating, be certain that both dos are comfortable and confident. Introduce them well before the mating process takes place to prevent any discomfort.

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Final Thoughts

Getting stuck together while mating is perfectly natural, and even necessary, for dogs to do. Not only does it help ensure pregnancy, but it also protects the pair while literally caught in the act.

As a breeder and pet parent, you should never interfere with the mating process. Always introduce the two dogs prior to breeding to increase their comfort levels. Having dogs stuck together is a temporary situation.

Best of all, stuck-together dogs will eventually lead to a litter of puppies that you can nurture, raise, and love.

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