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Why Does My Pomeranian Follow Me Everywhere? 8 Typical Reasons

Jeff Weishaupt

By Jeff Weishaupt

Boy Playing with Pomeranian

Besides their attractive features, Pomeranians are known to be very fond of their owners. They follow their human parents everywhere. Sometimes, you may even find your Pomeranian accompanying you to the bathroom. So, what’s the reason? Why does your Pom follow you everywhere?

Pomeranians show this behavior for many reasons. They may need attention, cuddles, playtime, or any of their needs fulfilled. Some Poms also follow their owners because they previously received reinforcement for this behavior.

Another reason could be that your pet suffers from separation anxiety, so they prefer spending time with you instead of being alone. While some people are okay with this unique behavior, some hate it and want their Poms to be a little more independent.

Regardless of what you think about your Pom’s behavior, you must know why these dogs do this. It will keep you aware of your dog’s needs. So, here are eight reasons your Pomeranian keeps following you everywhere:

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The 8 Reasons Why Pomeranians Follow You Everywhere

1. Pomeranians Are Lap Dogs

woman training a pomeranian dogs that look like pomeranians
Image Credit: Gorodenkoff, Shutterstock

Contrary to their small size, Pomeranians were bred to be sled or work dogs. It is hard to believe this since these dogs seem pretty delicate.

One explanation can be their origin. These dogs are bred from two working dog species, so they naturally have the urge to pull sleds and work. Another reason is their size. In the early days, Pomeranians were bigger, and it was in the 18th century when European royals trimmed their size and bred them as small lap dogs.

Pomeranians have always been a follower. Even when working, they naturally look up to their group leader to know what to do next and how to stay safe from predators. This behavior has remained constant throughout the evolution of these dogs.

Nowadays, Poms have been domesticated. Your pet now considers your family as their pack and you as the leader. That’s one reason why they keep following you everywhere—it’s in their instinct!

2. They Create a Reinforced Bond With Their Owners

In their puppyhood, Pomeranians remain pretty close to their mothers for care and love. They stay with their mothers until they turn 8 weeks old. Some dogs persist longer than this duration, which shows how dependent this dog breed is.

If you adopt a Pom younger than 12 weeks, it will start considering you as its mother and follow you everywhere. They do so to stay close to you for protection and learn different things. Some Poms also seek guidance from their human parents.

When training your puppy the right way to sit, lay down, and eat, your Pomeranian reinforces its bond with you even more. You give them their favorite treats as a token of appreciation, making them even more comfortable showing affection towards you. So, they start seeing you as their leader and mother.

Pomeranians also reinforce the bond when you cuddle and play with them quite often, especially since their puppyhood. This motivates them to be around you more, so they follow you everywhere!

3. Your Pom Has Built a “Den” Next to You

Pomeranian lying in bed beside woman
Image Credit: olegius, Shutterstock

Pomeranians build an even stronger bond with their owners when they sleep in your bed. If you’ve let your Pom sleep with you from their puppyhood, they create a “den” or sleeping space next to you. That’s because they feel safe and relaxed with you.

It’s also believed that spending time with your dog offers many benefits. For instance, cuddling releases Oxytocin in your dog, a love hormone. It makes your Pom happy and lowers their increased blood pressure and stress hormones.

Sleeping with your pet also creates a strong, trusting bond between you and the pet. If your Pom has already found their sleeping area next to you, they will also crave this sense of safety and closeness during the day. This may encourage them to follow you.

4. They Need Attention

Dogs are naturally dependent creatures who need companionship and attention to stay happy. While some dog breeds become independent as they grow, Pomeranians remain needy. They need continuous engagement, appreciation, and care from their human parents.

When your Pom sees you busy, they may follow you everywhere just to grab your attention. You may also see them bringing toys toward you. That indicates that they want to play and spend time with you.

5. Your Pet Is Bored

Sleepy pomeranian wearing dog t-shirt napping on the sofa
Image Credit: Urbanscape, Shutterstock

Pets can get bored just like humans. While some dogs involve themselves in mischief, others tend to be destructive. It’s easy for a pet to be bored, especially when they don’t have other pets or humans to play with. Think about it—what does your dog have to do the entire day? They sleep, eat, and play.

So, when your Pom sees you moving here and there in the house, they will try to follow you around to pass their time. After all, you’re the only companion of your Pom, so it’s your responsibility to keep them engaged.

6. They’re Afraid

Most Pomeranians think they are bigger than their actual size, but some are afraid and shy. This is especially the case with dogs adopted from animal rescue shelters or roads because they’re likely to suffer abuse or neglect.

Your dog’s behavior is most impacted by its past and personality. If pets don’t get the proper treatment in puppyhood, they become less confident and shy in adulthood.

When such dogs become attached to their owner, they build a stronger bond than those pets that have been raised properly. That’s because they realize that the outside world is pretty cruel, and they can find shelter in your company.

Some Poms may follow you everywhere to stay safe. However, your pet can also be naturally timid and accompany you for reassurance.

7. They Don’t Know How to Be on Their Own

owner cuddling and hugging her pet pomeranian dog
Image Credit: Alina Kruk, Shutterstock

Puppies need a routine to stick by throughout their life. It helps them perform different functions and behave well during their development phase.

Typically, owners give lots of attention and care to their Poms when they’re young. But they slowly reduce the playtime as the pup turns into an adult. You shouldn’t do this with Pomeranians. That’s because once your Pom becomes accustomed to a routine, they expect more of your time and attention.

If you haven’t trained your Pom to sleep and play independently, they won’t know how to do that without you. Thus, the Pomeranian will follow you, trying to be with you all the time like their puppyhood.

8. They Need Something

If your Pomeranian continues to follow you while making unusual noises, they may want to say something to you. That’s especially the case when they want some of their needs fulfilled, such as bathroom breaks, food, or playtime.

If you’re a new pet parent, understanding this can be challenging. The key is to observe your Pom’s behavior for a few days and try fulfilling their needs to see if it works. You can know you did the right thing when your Pom seems relaxed.

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Is It Worrisome if Your Pomeranian Follows You Everywhere?

Image Credit: Mariamichelle, Pixabay

Dogs make the best companions. Most people opt for a Pom as it can be very comforting in anxiety and depression. In fact, dogs have been found to improve their owner’s mental health issues.

However, it sometimes becomes annoying when your dog keeps following you everywhere. From your pet’s perspective, this behavior isn’t problematic or worrisome. It can only be an issue when continuous following interrupts your daily life or impacts the quality of your dog’s life.

Pomeranians typically become attached to their owner. Sometimes, they even start growling at someone who tries to come close to that one person. This shows that your Pom is quite possessive of you, which can be exhausting sometimes.

If you become stressed or overwhelmed when your dog follows you everywhere, you should train them to minimize this behavior. Similarly, the situation can be problematic if your dog shakes, barks, and cries excessively when not with you.

The continuous following can also indicate separation anxiety in your Pomeranian. The primary symptoms of this condition are excessive howling, barking, pacing, panting, defecating, and chewing household items. In this situation, you must try calming your dog down by petting them on the head and making them feel safe.

If you have no idea what to do when your dog follows you everywhere, consult a professional vet for detailed guidance. They will diagnose the causes of this behavior and will find the right solutions.

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Pomeranians are dependent dogs that require their owner’s attention all the time. Most Poms follow their human parents everywhere for many reasons. For instance, these lap dogs were bred to follow a leader in the group of working dogs, so they start seeing their owners as their leaders.

Poms love spending time around their owners. They also need a sense of safety, protection, and care since their puppyhood. Unlike other dogs, they expect these things even more after becoming adults.

This behavior is expected in Poms, and you can reduce it by training them to be their own from their puppyhood. If it doesn’t work, you can always consult a vet!

Featured Image Credit: Gorodenkoff, Shutterstock

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