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Why Is Play Important for My Cat? 5 Important Reasons

Jana Blagojevic

By Jana Blagojevic

cat playing with a toy

Cats are one of the most popular pets in the world, and that is because of their many exceptional characteristics. They are smart and agile, and most have loving personalities and form strong bonds with their owners. That bond is created through many ways of interacting with your cat, including regular play.

So with that said, in this article, we’ll talk about why play is so important for your cat.

The 5 Reasons Why Playing Is Important for Your Cat

1. Physical Health

two cats indoors playing on cat shelves
Image Credit: RJ22, Shutterstock

Cats that live in the wild are constantly active; either they are looking for potential prey or hiding from predators. Either way, they are never staying still. Domesticated cats often lack physical activity, especially cats that live indoors, which can lead to other problems such as obesity. Obesity is a widespread issue with cats that live indoors, and this state can lead to other more severe problems.1 That is why regular play is crucial for them because it helps them stay fit and healthy.

Also, playtime can keep your cat active and prevent them from overeating due to being bored.

2. Solving Behavioral Issues

As we already said, cats are very active animals which sometimes isn’t the best thing for your house and furniture. But this can often be solved with frequent playing. If you want to stop your cat from climbing up your curtains or scratching everything they touch, you should start by scheduling a regular play session. While playing and exercising, your cat is using a lot of energy, and it hopefully won’t have any energy left to destroy your furniture!

You shouldn’t punish your cat if they display this behavior; they are not doing it on purpose. It’s just a sign that they are bored, so try making their life more exciting and active, and this behavior will change quickly.

3. Bonding

Girl playing with her cat
Image Credit: Dora Zett, Shutterstock

If you have a new kitten and are unsure how to bond with them, play is one of the best ways to do so. Start with short play sessions every day and as time progresses and your kitten builds up more trust in you, increase the duration of playing. This way, your kitten will start looking at you as their play buddy, creating an amazing bond.

4. Entertainment

Cats can get bored very quickly, so your role as a responsible owner is to ensure that their life is full of fun experiences. Play can be one of the most amusing experiences for your cat but also for you. When they are playing, they have no boundaries, which means they will start to jump, twirl, and chase after everything they see. They are also excellent with kids, so if you have small kids, it’s guaranteed that they will never be bored if your cat is around.

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5. Mental Stimulation

Balinese kitten playing with toy
Image Credit: 8H, Shutterstock

Even though cats are intelligent and independent animals, they need mental stimulation, and what better way to do so than playtime activities? As we already said, they would spend a whole day hunting and finding new ways to entertain themselves in the wild. So in your house, you should ensure your cat has ways to mimic that behavior. It would help if you tried hiding their food or providing them with specially designed toys that will occupy them for a long time.

Giving them treats and praise when they do something right during training sessions is also a way to keep them mentally stimulated.

The Best Ways to Play with Your Cat

There are many different ways to play with your cat. The most common way is through specially designed toys that entertain your cat. You can buy many toys in your local pet store that are great for your cat’s exercise, like a laser pointer, fishing rod toy, or a variety of teaser toys. Cats adore these types of toys because they can occupy them for hours. You can also improvise with some items you have in your house, like ping pong balls or making balls of paper or aluminum foil.

Creating cat treat puzzles is a great way to stimulate their brain. You can do that by putting treats inside a closed box, making holes in the box enough for paws to get in, and letting your kitty find a way to make the treats fall out of the box.

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Cats are incredible animals that are very easy to take care of and don’t require many toys for play. But your role is to ensure they are always happy and live a healthy life. A healthy life means that your cat is physically and also mentally healthy—and play is crucial for both of these things. With this article, we hope we have solved your doubts about why play is significant for your cat.

Featured Image Credit: socreative media, Shutterstock

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