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Make Your Pets Happy and Your Home Hip.

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Crumb Catcher.

The Hepper NomNom Cat Bowl offers great looks, healthy eating and clean floors.
Hepper Nomnom Grey

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Curl Up.

The Hepper Nest bed is perfect shape for curling up for a snooze and you’ll love that it looks great in your home.

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Pepper in his Hepper Nest Bed

Save Your Couch.

The Hi-Lo Cat Scratcher's five scratching angles will save your couch from your sharp-clawed cats.
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Cat Nap.

In a Hepper Pod bed, safe from kids and critters, your cat will get their best nap ever.
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Hepper Modern Pets

Hepper® makes modern pet furniture designed to work for your pet's needs, while looking great too.

Hepper pet products were born from that universal thought: "There’s got to be a better way." In our case, we had a house full of cats, and therefore a house full of really ugly cat furniture. A search for truly innovative, functional designer cat beds proved fruitless.

So, we created the original Cat Pod, Podium, Nest, Wave, Pad and Roost – the first line of designer pet furniture from Hepper.

Founded in 2007.