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We make modern pet furnishings that make your cats happy and your home hip.

As pet parents, we are also constantly researching cat behavior so that our own furry friends can have

the best lives possible. And we like to share the tips, tricks and more that we learn, right here.

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Happy Cats Are Healthy.

Food and water are important to our cat’s health, but so is sleep, exercise, entertainment and more.

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Happy Cats Are Comfortable.

We make pet furniture for that is perfect for napping and nom-noming.

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As passionate cat parents, we are a diverse group, but all share the bond of a love for cats.

Hepper is a products company that aims to solve cat problems through the power of design, and we are also a resource for ongoing education about cats.

Join us and learn as we discover cat’s likes, dislikes, problems, solutions, and funny adventures.

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