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Are Australian Shepherds Good With Kids? Breed Temperament Facts

Rachael Gerkensmeyer

By Rachael Gerkensmeyer

toddler boy holding australian shepherd indoor

Australian Shepherds are hefty dogs with big personalities and plenty of love to offer their human family members. They are strong, and they can be rambunctious when they are excited, especially while still puppies. So, are Australian Shepherds good with kids? The short answer is yes! With the right training and care, any Australian Shepherd can get along well with the kids living in the household. Here’s what you should know.

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Yes, Australian Shepherds Can Be Good With Kids

Australian shepherds are easy-going, loving, interactive, and curious dogs that love spending time with human companions. They are especially fond of children because they are so fun to play and goof around with. These are smart dogs that are easy to train, so they should learn how to behave around kids when they are still young and small.

While not aggressive about it, Australian Shepherds are extremely loyal to and protective of their family members, even the younger ones. They will not hesitate to sound the alarm if they think that a child in their vicinity is in trouble. To ensure proper behavior around kids, though, these dogs must receive plenty of daily exercise and engage in various activities to stimulate their brains.

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hepper-dog-paw-dividerThe 4 Interesting Facts About Australian Shepherds

There are many interesting tidbits of information about Australian Shepherds. However, we focused on the facts that have to do with kids, so you can have a better understanding of what to expect if you decide to get one of these dogs as a family pet.

1. Aussies Shed Frequently

Australian Shepherds tend to shed frequently, which can make it tough to keep the house free of hair and dander. This can be a problem if your child is susceptible to allergies or if you rely on your kids to help you keep the house clean.

2. Aussies Are Fun to Brush

This dog breed has soft, medium-length hair that is fun to brush. Most Aussies enjoy being brushed and will react with love and excitement, which makes brushing them fun for most children. It shouldn’t be hard to get your child to chip in with grooming tasks and take care of the brushing a few times a week.

Mother and daughter relaxing with australian shepherd
Image By: Altrendo Images, Shutterstock

3. Aussies Love to Spend Time Outdoors

These are adventurous, free-spirited dogs that love nothing more than to go on long walks, take hikes, and even experience camping trips. Due to their love of the outdoors, they should help get your kids outside more often, where they can exercise and get rid of pent-up energy.

4. Aussies Can Be Cuddly

When nothing exciting is going on, you can usually find an Australian Shepherd lounging around and napping. If you and the kids are on the couch watching a movie, your Aussie should have no problem cuddling up with you all. These dogs like sleeping at the end of the bed too.

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How to Make Sure Your New Australian Shepherd Gets Along With Your Kids

If you are getting your new Australian Shepherd as a young puppy, you should be able to bring them home and start acclimating them to your family. Obedience training should begin right away to ensure proper behavior around the kids as the dog gets bigger. It is also important to make sure your kids understand how to treat the pooch and what behaviors are never okay.

However, if you are adopting an older dog, it is important to introduce your children to the dog before taking the pooch home for the first time. Choose a park to make the introductions at, and keep the dog leashed while your kids stay far enough away that the dog cannot reach them. Have the kids introduce themselves and see how the dog reacts. If they are friendly, allow the kids to make physical contact before heading home together.

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Australian Shepherds are loving, carefree dogs that tend to love the company of children, no matter their age. They are loyal, protective, and playful, which makes them good all-around pets for households of all shapes and sizes. With plenty of exercise and regular training, this dog breed is sure to be a valuable addition to your family.

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