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Cat Food Recall Information & Alerts | List Updated in 2024

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cat food recalls

No one wants to serve their furry friend food that might make them sick, as kitty parents it is heartbreaking to see them unwell not to mention the potential bill from the vet!

That’s why we created the most complete list of cat food recalls. This list is frequently updated and shows every cat food recall of this year, and the previous years.

We aim to be the first to inform you and your cat about pet food recalls. The faster we can inform you of any issue, the safer your cat will be. We do this by staying up-to-date on FDA, AVMA, and other reliable sources.

Have a dog? Stay on top of dog food recalls here.

The cat food recalls below are listed from newest to oldest. Just click the links in the tables to see the details of each recall.

Never miss a recall again

List of Cat Food Recalls in 2024

DateBrand Product
January 27, 2024Viva Pet Raw FoodViva Duck Recipes for Cats

List of Cat Food Recalls in 2023

DateBrand Product
December 21, 2023Blue Ridge BeefBlue Ridge Beef Kitten Food
November 16, 2023Texas Farm Products Cat FoodsCountry Acres Farm, Economax Cat Food & More
November 9, 2023Mid America Pet FoodVictor & Wayne Feeds Cat Food
March 23, 2023Stratford Care USAOmega 3 Supplements

List of Cat Food Recalls in 2022

DateBrand Product
June 21, 2022Freshpet Inc.Fresh from Kitchen Home Cooked Chicken
February 18, 2022Dollar Family Inc.Multiple brands

List of Cat Food Recalls in 2021

Dec 23, 2021Woody’s Pet FoodRaw Cornish Ren Pet Food
Dec 3, 2021Livia GlobalLiviaone Liquid Probiotics
Sept 6, 2021Whiskas CanadaDry cat food
June 16, 2021Applaws Dry Cat Food
May 20, 2021Natural BalanceGreen Pea & Chicken
April 9, 2021Meow MixMeow Mix Original Choice Dry Cat Food
March 27, 2021Earthborn Holistic, Pro Pac, Sport Mix & moreMultiple Products
Jan 11, 2021Midwestern Pet Foods Inc.Sportmix, Splash Fat Cat

We hope that this list of pet food recalls helps you keep your beloved cat healthy and happy.

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