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9 Best Plastic Dog Crates of 2024 – Reviews, Top Picks & Guide

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By Nicole Cosgrove

A Plastic Dog Crate Many dog lovers consider their home to be their dog’s home. What many people do not consider, however, is that a dog can enjoy having their own space. A dog crate can be a great asset to your pooch’s life. The most common type of cage is made of plastic. Although there is no need to decorate with curtains and rugs, you want to make sure your pup has a safe and comfortable space to call their own.

By now, you may have come to the same conclusion as we did above. That being said, you may not have picked out a home for your furry friend yet because there are so many options to choose from. There is a multitude of styles and features available with plastic dog crates.

In order to help your pooch find a space of their own, we have decided to review the best plastic dog crates on the market today. We will share all the information you need on size, ventilation, travel friendliness, and security. We will also give you some tips for when you are out shopping.

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A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites in 2024

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
Frisco Two Door Top Load Plastic Dog Crate Frisco Two Door Top Load Plastic Dog Crate
  • Two doors
  • Internal mat
  • Good ventilation
  • Best Value
    Second place
    MidWest Spree Plastic Dog Crate MidWest Spree Plastic Dog Crate
  • Very cheap
  • Easy to put together
  • Good ventilation
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Petmate Two Door Top Load Dog Crate Petmate Two Door Top Load Dog Crate
  • Sturdy
  • Top door as well as front door
  • Well ventilated
  • Petmate Petmate
  • Top and front door
  • One-handed squeeze latch
  • Good for travel
  • SportPet Designs Kennels Rolling SportPet Designs Kennels Rolling
  • Easy cleanup
  • Tie-down holes
  • Live animal stickers included
  • The 9 Best Plastic Dog Crates

    1. Frisco Two Door Top Load Plastic Dog Crate – Best Overall

    Frisco Two Door Top Load

    The Frisco Two Door Top Load Plastic Dog Crate, our pick for the best overall plastic dog crate, has a metal cage door at the front and a secure door on the top. This means that it can be loaded in the car or carried however you want, and you will be able to quickly open or close the door.

    It comes in two sizes and is easy to put together. The two halves are placed together and then locked. Mesh doors and ventilation holes allow air to flow in and around the crate, so your dog won’t get too hot. There’s also an interior moat. This collects any moisture, and it means that your dog doesn’t have to lay in puddles and it prevents their paws from getting wet and dirty.

    This plastic dog kennel from Frisco is designed for small breed dogs (and cats, too!), but you will need something larger for other breeds. Unless you have a toy or pocket breed, the crates are likely to prove too small to be beneficial.

    • Two doors for convenience
    • An internal mat prevents wet feet and bellies
    • Good ventilation
    • Very small

    2. MidWest Spree Plastic Dog Crate – Best Value

    MidWest Spree Plastic

    The MidWest Spree Plastic Dog Crate is a small plastic crate. Although it is available in two sizes, it really is only suitable for toy and very small breeds. MidWest boasts that it has a simple, four-step assembly so it can be put together rapidly just before a trip to the vet or out in the car. As well as being able to see out of the door, at the front of the cage, your dog will be able to see through the vents at the sides and on the top of the cage, too.

    Available in a choice of three colors, the MidWest Spree Plastic Dog Crate is really cheap, making it the best plastic dog crate for the money.

    The plastic is water-resistant and durable enough, with a recommended maximum weight of 12 pounds, although this carrier might not withstand a particularly agitated or active traveler or journeys over a long distance.

    • Very cheap
    • Easy to put together
    • Good ventilation
    • Small
    • Not suitable for agitated travelers

    3. Petmate Two Door Top Load Dog Crate – Premium Choice

    Petmate Two Door Top Load

    The Petmate Two Door Top Load Dog Crate is suitable for use with cats or dogs. It comes in a choice of colors but only one size that will hold pets between 5 and 20 pounds.

    As well as the standard front opening door, the crate also allows access from the top. This can be useful to quickly check on your pup and is especially useful during flights. It has a heavy-duty handle that is ergonomically designed for improved comfort even while being used to carry over long distances.

    As well as being useful for traveling and transporting pets, these crates can also be used for house training and to give your dog somewhere to sleep at night, if they prefer restricted space to feel secure. This is a well-constructed crate, although it can prove a challenge to get an angry, large cat out of the top opening. But as a dog crate, this is durable and convenient but is again only really suitable for smaller dogs.

    • Sturdy and strong carry case
    • Top door as well as front door
    • Well ventilated
    • On the small side
    • More expensive than other models

    4. Petmate 21231 Dog Plastic Crates

    Petmate 21231

    Our next crate is another Petmate option, however, this model has a top and front door. The squeeze latch lock on the front door is easy to use with one hand, and this is a great option for travel or home use. Plus you will not have an issue at the airport with this carrier.

    This pet crate comes in two sizes: 19-inch and 24-inch; plus you can choose between a dual blue and black color or a gray tone. You will also feel secure knowing your pup is getting plenty of air with top, back, and side ventilation. This option is durable and uses a wingnut and bolt design to keep it together.

    As with many Petmate options, this carrier has a curved bottom for your pooch’s comfort. The 5.7-pound weight makes it easy to travel with a top handle for convenience. The only downside to this option is that the door is not as sturdy as other options. Also, keep in mind that the wing nut and bolt design can come loose if there is too much movement within the crate.

    • Durable
    • Top and front door
    • One-handed squeeze latch
    • Good for travel
    • Good ventilation
    • Front door is not sturdy
    • Latches can come loose with vibration

    5. SportPet Designs Plastic Dog Crates

    SportPet Designs CM-2002-CS01

    Moving along to the number five spot, we have a durable plastic option designed for easy cleanup and easy travel. You have the option of six sizes between small and XXX-large, so you can house any breed you happen to own. All of these size options (except for the small) come with two handles, one in the front one in the back, and wheels.

    The floor of the crate has a gutter design for easy cleanup, and for keeping your pup clean in case of accidents. You also get two food and water dishes that attach to the grate on the front door. You will be able to travel easily by car or by plane. This model has metal nut and bolt closures and tie-down holes for tarps and coverings. Not to mention, you get for live animal stickers included with your purchase.

    Although there are many positive features with this model, the metal door can pop out quite easily. Also, the latch on the door tends to unstick which can allow your pet to get out and wander when they’re not supposed to. Finally, be aware that though almost all the options come with wheels, they can snap off if your pup is too heavy.

    • Multiple sizes
    • Easy to travel with
    • Easy cleanup
    • Tie-down holes
    • Live animal stickers included
    • Wheels are not durable
    • Metal door can pop off
    • Door latches not secure

    6. Suncast PCS2417 Plastic Dog Crate

    Suncast PCS2417

    Our next option is the Suncast Deluxe Dog Crate. This US airline-approved carrier comes in taupe and blue; however, it is only available in one size. Unfortunately, it is also constructed in an odd shape and not as comfortable for your pup as other models.

    On the other hand, you do have a handle and storage compartment for easy travel. This option also has a front door with a durable wire and resin grate. Keep in mind that you do not have a top door for easy access to your pooch.

    If you have a small to small-medium size dog this could be a good crate for you. Be aware, though, the squeeze latch can be difficult to use, as well as the snap closures that keep the crate together. The entire model weighs just over 12 pounds and can be awkward to carry due to the shape.

    • Comes with two bowls
    • Has a handle
    • Storage compartment
    • Durable wire and resin door
    • One door
    • Difficult squeeze latch
    • Weak snap closures
    • Awkward shape

    7. Aspen 41300 Pet Plastic Crate

    Aspen 41300

    If you and your pooch appreciate an eco-friendly option, this USA-made, 95 percent recycled pre-consumer plastic model may be right for you. Although this is a great non-toxic option, the plastic is not as durable as it is with some other options. On the other hand, your pooch will have great ventilation with side, back, and front ventilation slats.

    This model features a raised interior that can be slightly uncomfortable if the carrier is a little too small for your pup. Keep in mind though, that the raised bed does make it easier for cleaning. You will also be able to travel with this option using the tie-down holes and bolts and screw closure.

    The only other downside is that this model is taller versus wider, so only specific breeds or individual pets will work. You have the option of three sizes within the small to small-medium range.

    • Eco-friendly
    • Good ventilation
    • Easy to clean
    • Not as durable
    • Can be uncomfortable
    • Narrow sizing

    8. IRIS Plastic Dog-Crates

    IRIS 302030

    The IRIS comes in four different sizes and a blue or red style. Your pup can benefit from the attached water and food dishes that come along with the carrier; however, the crate as a whole is not as durable as some of our other options. An important note to keep in mind is that there is only one front door that opens to the left or right.

    Unfortunately, the door is difficult to use, as the squeeze latch is very stiff. Although it is advertised as a one-handed latch system, that is not the case. Another detail to keep in mind is the roof can be removed and the carrier can be used as a pet bed. While this may seem like a handy feature, the roof is prone to pop off unexpectedly.

    The bottom of this model is leak-proof, and you can also use a padlock for travel. Unfortunately, the inside of this option is not is comfortable for your pooch as you would like it to be due to the material. Also, this model is harder to assemble and the handle on top is not durable.

    • Comes with water and food dish
    • Front door opens to the left or right
    • Bottom is leak proof
    • Door is difficult to use
    • Latch is not secure
    • Uncomfortable material
    • Handle is not durable
    • Hard to assemble
    • Overall poor durability

    9. Paw Essentials C224 Plastic Dog Crate

    Paw Essentials MWG-C224

    Our last pick, unfortunately, leaves a lot to be desired. This model only comes in one size and is meant for small dogs only. Although you have the option of a tan and brown or tan and blue color, the overall model itself is not durable nor is it comfortable for your puppy.

    This option is also not well ventilated nor is the door or latch secure. Also, if you are planning to travel with this carrier, be aware that the security pins and slide latches do not hold in place. Interesting to note, a lot of pet beds that will add some comfort to a pet carrier do not fit well inside this option.

    Overall, this plastic unit is our least favorite option in this category. Although it is lightweight, traveling can be dangerous and your pooch’s welfare could be at stake. We advise you to choose an option above to keep both you and your pet safe and happy.

    • Comes in two color options
    • Not durable
    • Door is not secure
    • Not well ventilated
    • Security pins and latches are weak
    • Uncomfortable
    • Not travel-friendly

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    Buyer’s Guide – Choosing the Best Plastic Dog Crate

    Before you rush out to purchase a plastic pet carrier, there are a few things you want to consider first. Features such as durability, door placement, ventilation, and travel friendliness are all great examples of the aspects you want to look into.

    To purchase the right carrier for your furry friend, you want to make sure you are getting the correct size. If a crate is too big, your pooch can use the additional space like a bathroom. On the other hand, if it is too small your dog may not be able to fully stretch out, and they can be uncomfortable.

    The best way to determine what size you need is to measure your pup. You want to measure the height and length of the dog. Start by measuring from the tip of the nose to the end of the tail. Next, you want to measure from the top of the head down to the floor. When you are looking for a good model for your pet, you want to add a few inches to the size of your pet so they will be as comfortable as possible.

    Another important factor is whether you will be traveling with this pet carrier regularly. Some people will only use a crate once in a while for vacations or vet visits. Other people use one of these consistently for work and travel. Your best bet is to choose a durable option that has wheels and a handle if you plan to be traveling. Another important feature to note is options like a storage compartment and a food and water bowl attachment.

    Tips When Buying

    Once you know what you and your pet’s needs are, you can head out to purchase your pet carrier. Once there, however, there are a few features you want to be on the lookout for. First off, you wanted to choose an option that has durable plastic and preferably steel mesh grate doors. Dual door options that have a top load opening can also come in handy.

    If you plan to use a pet bed or mat inside the crate, you are going to want to add a few more inches to the height of the measurements we took above. That said, you do not want the mat to get in the way of the proper ceiling, the door, or the model itself. If the unit is not assembled correctly, or the door is not latched properly, your furry friend could escape and get hurt.

    Finally, the last thing you want to consider is ventilation. If you are planning to do a lot of traveling via airplane, you want to make sure that there is adequate ventilation for your pooch. This is also the case if you are planning on doing a lot of highway travel, as well, especially within warm climates.


    Our Final Thoughts

    We hope you have enjoyed the above reviews, and they have given you some food for thought. Choosing a pet carrier can be a tough decision if you do not know what features to look for. If you are looking for the best of the best plastic dog crates, however, you can go with our first choice, which is the Frisco Two Door Top Load Plastic Dog Crate. If you require a more affordable option, the MidWest Spree Plastic Dog Crate is the best affordable plastic dog crate on the market.

    We truly hope that this guide helps you find the best plastic dog crate for your furry friend. Good luck in your search!

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