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5 DIY Bird Room Ideas to Improve Your Pet’s Home (With Pictures)

Codee Chessher

By Codee Chessher

Three small finch birds on a branch in a bird nursery

Birds are traditionally kept in cages, but they like having space too! If you have a spare room in your house or any extra structure outside, you can turn it into a bird room. Building an aviary is another great option. Your bird will love the space to explore and play, but you have to make sure it’s secure and safe.

Let us point you toward some of the best bird room ideas you can build today for your avian friend.

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The 5 Bird Room Ideas

1. DIY Walk-In Bird Aviary From Instructables

DIY Walk-In Bird Aviary From Instructables
Image Credit: Instructables
Difficulty: Expert

If you can’t dedicate a room of your house to your bird, why not try your hand at building an outdoor aviary? Designed for a rescue bird, this aviary works great for nearly any household birds as well. They’ll appreciate the open-air design, and you can add nearly any of their favorite furnishings inside—perches and toys are just two must-haves.

We really like that this plan doesn’t take up a room inside, so you don’t have to deal with bird-proofing outlets and other typical precautionary measures. It does, however, take a lot of work.

2. DIY Aviary From WikiHow

DIY Aviary From WikiHow
Image Credit: WikiHow
Difficulty: Intermediate

This straightforward guide from WikiHow walks you through measuring and building your own DIY aviary. You can spruce it up however you’d like by adding a door or even constructing multiple chambers within. The plan is adaptable for extremely large open-air aviaries as well as smaller aviary cages, so use whatever furniture and accessories you find appropriate for the space.

If you have multiple birds, you could split this plan up into chambers. Allow each bird to have their own space, and a communal room where they can hang out, socialize, and play.

3. DIY Large Walk-in Aviary Room From Construct101

DIY Large Walk-in Aviary Room From Construct101
Image Credit: Construct101
Difficulty: Intermediate

Folks comfortable reading blueprints will have no problem following along with this plan to build your very own spacious walk-in aviary. The plan doesn’t go into making birdhouses like those featured in the photos, but a teeny birdhouse shouldn’t be an issue if you can build an aviary. Use the extremely thorough guide to make a walk-in aviary suitable for several birds.

As always, you could adjust the plan’s dimensions to make it a bit wider—the plan makes a fairly tight space for humans. Consider going bigger if you want to hang out with your birds.

4. Indoor DIY Aviary From Contractors

Indoor DIY Aviary From Contractors
Image Credit: Contractors
Difficulty: Intermediate

This DIY indoor aviary delves into not only building but maintaining an indoor aviary. Many people focus on just building it but without considering how they’re going to clean it and keep it in good shape. It’s your bird’s home, after all, you have to keep it nice. The plan builds an aviary big enough for five or six birds, and it gives advice for nesting material and suggested cleaning tasks as well.

This indoor aviary would be great for a flock of budgies or other social birds that need company to thrive. For pairs, it might be a little bit. Consider what you really need before committing to an oversized design that’ll just take up space in your house.

5. DIY Bird Cage Lampshade From Melanie Lissack Interiors

DIY Bird Cage Lampshade From Melanielissackinteriors
Image Credit: Melanie Lissack Interiors
Difficulty: Easy

If you happen to have a few old lampshades sitting in your basement, you’d be surprised what you can do with them. This is more of a décor piece, but your bird will love sitting on it. Plus, thanks to the wire framing, you can hang all sorts of their favorite toys and treats from it to give them a bit of stimulation!

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You undoubtedly want the best for your avian friends, so pick one of these plans and get to work! Your pet bird will thank you for the extra stimulation and new digs. Plus, most of these are relatively easy to make.

Featured Image Credit: Purrfect_photo, Shutterstock

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