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Can Cats See Guardian Angels? Exploring Feline Senses

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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Cats may have nine lives, but do they also have six senses? Attentive owners know cats can be unpredictable, often reacting to nothing suddenly and causing you to wonder what the fuss is about. But for the roughly two-thirds of Americans who believe in guardian angels1, our cats’ seemingly odd behaviors may instead be normal responses to these ethereal beings.

Cats undoubtedly have superior senses in many ways. They often see, hear, or smell minute details in the environment long before humans. Are those senses powerful enough to pick up on the spirits around us? While there’s certainly no proof that cats can see guardian angels, we’ll discuss what might actually be going on.

Can Cats See Guardian Angels?

Many believe cats can see guardian angels, claiming they boast a special connection to the spirit world. Humans have placed cats on various pedestals, some real and some figurative, because of their supposed powers since ancient times. Cats appear as central figures in diverse mythologies from Norway to China, often illustrated as a god’s pet or alter-ego if not the deity themself.

Ancient Egyptian culture put particular significance on cats. Bearing the form of a cat, Bastet was a worshiped healer and protector of the people. Another goddess, Sekhmet, was a mighty lioness warrior and destroyer. In the home, Egyptians honored their pet cats, performing sacred rituals and mummifying their pets when they passed away.

General superstition has been so persistent through the centuries that many to this day think cats toe the mystical line between the earthly realm and the afterlife. Anecdotes abound about a cat’s premonition or otherworldly perception saving their owner’s life or revealing an inexplicable intuition.

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Signs Your Cat Could Be Seeing a Guardian Angel

How can you tell if your cat can see a guardian angel? Perhaps some of their quirky behaviors aren’t that strange after all. Pay attention to your cat, and check for these indicators that your cat senses another presence in the room:

  • Staring intently at a bare corner or other empty area
  • Meowing or pawing at nothing
  • Sudden, unprovoked stress behaviors like running, jumping, and hiding

Some believe cats interact with spirits on their behalf. A cat swiping at air may be fending off a dangerous entity, while one nudging their owner or offering them a small gift could be trying to communicate for a guardian angel.

Are Cats Really Reacting to Angels or Something Else?

Skeptics can point to a cat’s sensory superiority to explain away supposed interactions with guardian angels. It’s no secret that felines are more aware than humans. Cats play a dual role as predator and prey in nature, requiring sharp reflexes and acute senses to avoid danger and capture their daily meals.

With several millennia of evolution driving that development, domestic cats can see, smell, and hear better than humans. Rather than reacting to a guardian angel, your cat may sense an animal or person outside you cannot see.

white ragdoll cat looking at something in the distance
Image Credit: In Green, Shutterstock

Cats Can Hear Higher Frequencies

Cats hear pitches up to three times higher than humans. Our maximum range is roughly 20,000 Hz when we’re young, while cats can register up to 64,000 Hz frequencies, catching squeaks and squeals we can’t hear from any distance.

Cats Can See More

Although humans have better vision in some respects, a cat’s eyesight is no less impressive than their hearing, especially in low-light conditions. Alongside their wide field of view, cats have more rods in their eyes and a special reflective membrane that helps transfer light to the optic nerve, improving their night vision.

Cats may even see in the ultraviolet. We can’t pick up these shorter wavelengths due to the human eye’s obstructive lens. The patterns in nature that other creatures, especially insects, use to navigate their world pass our sight as if invisible. But cats and dogs may join other wild animals in being able to see these wavelengths.

With the ability to see and hear in ways humans can’t, their unexplained reactions become much more understandable. Is it a ghost? Or do cats see something physical that doesn’t register on our spectrum?

Final Thoughts

Whether cats see guardian angels is up to the owner and their beliefs. No scientific evidence can confirm or deny a spiritual presence or a cat’s connection to it, so we have some freedom in interpreting their behaviors. But we do know that cats undoubtedly have perceptions beyond our ability. Though we may not solve the mystery of what cats can and can’t see, we can at least enjoy the speculation and entertainment when our cats do something unexpected.


Featured Image Credit: yarm_sasha, Shutterstock

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