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Can Cockapoos Swim? Breed Preferences & Facts

Melissa Gunter

By Melissa Gunter

cockapoo at the beach

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Dog owners are always trying to come up with clever ways to spend time with their dogs and keep them active. For some dog breeds, going swimming is the perfect way to do both. Like with people, however, not every dog breed is a fan of the water. If you have a Cockapoo in your home, and are looking for a way to enjoy the outdoors with them, you may be wondering if Cockapoos can swim. Do they even like the water? The answer to that question is, yes, Cockapoos can swim and most of them love spending time in the water.

Let’s take a deeper look at Cockapoos and their fondness for the water. This will help you better understand your pet and why you should give them a chance to stretch their water legs when you can.

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What Is a Cockapoo?

Cockapoos are often considered the first designer dog breed. They are a mix between the Poodle and Cocker Spaniel. For Cockapoo lovers, they feel these adorable dogs take on the best qualities of both parent breeds. They are friendly, loving dogs that are accepting of almost anyone. Cockapoos do great with kids, adults, and even the elderly. You’ll also find that Cockapoos are highly intelligent and easy to train which makes them ideal as family dogs.

Cute Cockapoo dog sit on table
Image Credit: MT.PHOTOSTOCK, Shutterstock

A Cockapoo in the Water

The Poodle, one of the parent breeds of the Cockapoo, is known for their swimming abilities. They were once bred to retrieve game from the water and even have webbed feet making it easier for them to swim. This is where the Cockapoo gets its swimming abilities and love of the water. Often, you’ll find Cockapoos that have inherited the Poodle’s webbed feet, giving them an advantage when they hit the water. Whether your particular Cockapoo has the feet for swimming, shouldn’t keep you from introducing them to the water as this breed often inherits other swimming traits from the Poodles in their bloodline.

You’ll also come to realize that Cockapoos are built for the water. These dogs can vary in size. Most Cockapoos range from teacup to medium size. They also have good body proportions. Their lean bodies have good muscles making it easy for them to navigate in the water. You’ll also find that their coats can make life easier in the water. A Cockapoos coat isn’t dense and heavy like many dog breeds. This allows them to stay afloat instead of being weighed down when in the water. Add in their natural confidence, and it’s easy to see why the Cockapoo can be considered a water-loving pooch.

black cockapoo wet
Photo Credit: Dale Towers, Shutterstock

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Do All Cockapoos Like to Swim?

While Cockapoos may have the ability to hit the water, that doesn’t mean every dog of the breed will enjoy it. If you want to introduce the world of swimming to your Cockapoo, it is best to start when they are younger. This allows them to test the waters, so to speak, and decide whether this activity is for them. Pay close attention to your Cockapoo when they are near the water, however. Not only can they get hurt if they aren’t experienced, but you can also pick up on signs that your dog may be uncomfortable with the situation. If you notice any stress or reluctance to take part in swimming or playing in the water, maybe your Cockapoo just isn’t cut out for it.

cockapoo swimming in the lake
Photo Credit: Robert W Eyers, Shutterstock

Tips for Introducing Your Cockapoo to the Water

Now that you’ve learned that swimming can be a lot of fun for your Cockapoo, let’s learn a few tips for introducing them to the water responsibly:

  • Introduce your Cockapoo to the water young
  • Start slowly by splashing around in shallow water
  • Use a life vest that fits your Cockapoo securely when you’re ready to venture into deeper water
  • Enter the water slowly the first time and stay near your dog so they aren’t frightened
  • Hold your dog by the midsection if they are scared but do not force them to stay in the water if they show any signs of stress or discomfort
  • Allow your Cockapoo to swim short distances away from you if they feel confident enough to do it
  • Keep training sessions short as swimming can be quite tiring for your dog
  • Regularly take your Cockapoo to the water to help them improve their swimming skills

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Final Thoughts on Cockapoos and Swimming

Cockapoos love to play and spend time with their families. If swimming is a part of your normal routine, don’t be afraid to let your pet take part in the fun. Most Cockapoos take to the water well and enjoy the fun and excitement swimming has to offer. As a pet parent who knows your dog best, you’ll be able to tell if your Cockapoo is comfortable in the water. If they are, practice safety while you allow them to swim and they will have a new favorite pastime to share with the family.

Featured Image Credit: Sally Wynn, Pixabay

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