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25 Husky-Mischlingsrassen (mit Bildern)

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By Nicole Cosgrove

Husky coat colors

The Siberian Husky is one of the most energetic and exciting dog breeds out there.

Very talkative, full of personality, Huskies are among the friendliest of all dog breeds. And being mischievous by nature, they’re natural breakout artists who can shake hands with Houdini.

Plus they are beautiful! Husky crossbreeds still share many of their physical characteristics with their wolf ancestors, including colouration, gait and build.

So when you cross huskies with other dogs, you wonder what exactly their offspring will exhibit. First of all, it should be said that these are not all the different Husky crossbreeds that are out there. There are so many more different mixed breeds. Still, this is a great selection that shows just how silly, adorable, and beautiful a Husky mix can be.

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Our 25 Favorite Husky Mix Breeds:

1. Shepsky (Siberian Husky x German Shepherd)

Shepsky panting
Photo credits: Ovidiu Constantin Moraru, Shutterstock

The Shepsky is the ultimate working dog. A cross between a German Shepherd and a Siberian Husky, this breed follows the motto: Work Hard, Play Harder.

There is no denying the tremendous loyalty this Husky mixed breed shows to their owners, and they will do whatever it takes to make sure nothing happens to them. And they are great when it comes to kids! They just love having playmates. Shepskys need a lot of exercise and play to be fully utilized. That’s why we recommend Shepskys for active families who have the time and opportunities to engage with them.

2. Alusky (Siberian Husky x Alaskan Malamute)

If you live in a cold environment and want a dog that will do well in your climate, the Alusky is a safe bet. He is a cross between an Alaskan Malamute and a Siberian Husky. The two parent breeds of the Alusky are known for their hard work pulling sleds and helping out in the Arctic Circle.

These dogs are very active, intelligent and persistent. While they’re some of the most affectionate and loyal dogs out there, you’ll need to assert your dominance as the pack leader to properly train your Alusky.

3. Goberian (Siberian Husky x Golden Retriever)

Goberian sits on steps
Photo credits: nokturn, Shutterstock

This designer dog is a Siberian Husky and Golden Retriever mix. They have the body and head structure of a Siberian and the fluffy coat of a Golden. Goberians are remarkably beautiful dogs. But it’s not just their looks that make these puppies so desirable. They have pretty much every trait you could want in a breed.

They show a playfulness expected of a Husky and great loyalty to their pack leaders. But they are also gentle and want to please their owners, like a Golden Retriever. They are also wonderful family dogs.

4. Pitsky (Siberian Husky x Pitbull)

It’s a common misconception that pit bulls (or their mongrel relatives) are mean, aggressive dogs. That’s just not true – especially not when you cross them with a Siberian Husky!

They are literally the complete opposite. They are so whimsical, adorable and friendly. And there’s nothing they love more than hanging out and playing with you. They make wonderful dogs for active families who would like a dog to accompany them on their daily adventures.

5. Pomsky (Siberian Husky x Pomeranian)

White Pomsky
Photo credit: PAN Michal, Shutterstock

Von den vielen verschiedenen Husky-Rassen ist diese eine der berühmtesten überhaupt. Sie sind eine Power-Kombination aus einem Sibirischen Husky und einem Pomeranian (auch Zwergspitz genannt). Und da beide Elterntiere als spitzartige Hunde gelten, ändert sich das Aussehen der Mischlingsrasse nicht wirklich – mit Ausnahme ihrer Größe. Sie sind einfach Huskys in Spielzeuggröße!

Und da sie zum Teil Pomeranian sind, sind sie mehr als zufrieden damit, dein Lieblingsschoßhund zu sein. Das heißt aber nicht, dass sie nicht gerne spielen. Es gibt keinen Husky-Mischling, der nicht den ganzen Tag mit seinen Freunden und seinem Herrchen spielen möchte.

6. Horgi (Sibirischer Husky x Welsh Corgi)

Dieser Hybrid ist eigentlich viel zu liebenswert für Menschen! Er ist teils Husky, teils Welsh Corgi und zu 100 % zuckersüß.

They are super playful and have tremendous personality in their small, short-legged bodies. There’s a good chance they’ll also inherit the striking blue eyes that are common in huskies.

7. Rottsky (Siberian Husky x Rottweiler)

Rottsky runs with bandana
Photo credits: Geartooth Productions, Shutterstock

At first glance, the Rottsky can seem intimidating. They have the strength of a Rottweiler and the endurance of a Siberian Husky. These puppies are built for sheer endurance. However, they are very loyal to their masters and mistresses. And with the right training, Rottskys make great watchdogs for your family.

However, these dogs are not content with just standing guard. They have a constant supply of energy. If you want to improve your endurance, you should train with a Rottsky. However, these hybrids do not do well in tight spaces or apartments. They absolutely need their space.

8. Husky Pug (Siberian Husky x Pug)

What do you get when you cross the two most silly dogs in the whole dog world? The Husky Pug. He is a hybrid of a Siberian Husky and a Pug. And they are everything you could wish for.

They have retained their endearing weirdness but are larger and more energetic. Husky pugs are always ready for affection or just for play. Like most of the breeds on this list, they do well with active families. However, because of their pug side, they can also live well in apartments and smaller homes.

9. Siberian Aussie (Siberian Husky x Australian Shepherd)

Siberian Aussie puppy on carpet
Photo credit: Pxhere

This breed should be given a warning. The Siberian Aussie is one of the most (if not the most) active dogs out there. The Siberian Aussie descends from the Siberian Husky and the Australian Shepherd and has more energy than it knows how to use.

Huskies were bred specifically to pull sleds across the tundra for weeks at a time, and Australian Shepherds were developed to herd sheep and cattle all day. If you decide to become a Siberian Aussie parent, you need to have a plan. These puppies need infinite space on very large farms to let off steam properly. But when the day is over, they will love nothing more than to lay down next to you and enjoy your undivided attention.

10. Huskimo (Siberian Husky x American Eskimo)

This relatively common breed is a mix of a Husky and an American Eskimo. Like any other Husky breed, they need plenty of exercise and an active family. Since both parent breeds are dedicated pack dogs, you must earn their trust and respect by showing yourself to be a competent pack leader. Otherwise, they might prove stubborn.

However, once they have found their place in the pack, they get along great with children and even strangers thanks to their good-natured nature.

11. Dusky (Siberian Husky x Dachshund)

Dusky puppy tied up

Part husky and part dachshund makes for an undeniably cute dog. Duskys have the features and coat of a husky but the build of a dachshund. And it will be hard to find anyone who doesn’t share our opinion of Duskys.

Duskys can be a bit stubborn though. Both the Siberian Husky and the Dachshund can be relatively stubborn, so it’s not surprising that the Dusky is also stubborn. Raising them can be a bit more difficult than other breeds, but it’s definitely doable. And like the Pug Husky mentioned above, Duskys can easily live in smaller homes and apartments.

12. Samusky (Siberian Husky x Samoyed)

If you are looking for a Siberian Husky but with a little more fluff and grace, a Samusky might be your best bet. This hybrid descends from Husky and Samoyed parents, both of which share very similar histories.

They are some of the most sociable and friendly dogs you can find. Whether it’s with a large family, children, or other pets, a Samusky does well with minimal socialization.

13. Siberpoo (Siberian Husky x Poodle)

Siberpoo panting
Photo credit: LemPro Filming Life, Shutterstock

You can definitely expect a high level of intelligence with this poodle hybrid mix, as both parent breeds are some of the smartest dogs in the world. They are also very adaptable dogs and can handle heat better than their Husky parents because the Poodle’s coat is lighter.

Both of the Siberpoo’s parent breeds were bred to be working animals that spent their lives close to humans, and as such this breed is very loyal and devoted to its human owners. However, this also means that they become very clingy and suffer from separation anxiety if left alone for long periods of time. This is a very active breed that needs plenty of daily exercise to stay happy and healthy.

14. Doberman Husky (Siberian Husky x Doberman)

Doberman Husky
Image Credit: Jumpstory

Combining the friendly nature of the husky with the brave and stoic character of the Doberman, the Doberman Husky is an energetic and active working dog that also makes a loyal guard dog. The Doberman Husky is a powerful breed and while his easy-going nature makes him a great playmate for children, he should be closely monitored for his size and incredible strength.

This dog has enormous energy reserves and you need to make sure he gets enough exercise to burn them off. They are the perfect sports buddies!

15. Boxsky (Siberian Husky x Boxer)

A cross between a Husky and a Boxer, this energetic and unique breed is a relatively new crossbreed. Due to their protective and loyal nature inherited from the Boxer, they make excellent guard dogs. They are known to be incredibly loud and will bark at almost anything that moves! However, they are easy to train, so with the right techniques, this trait can be greatly reduced.

Due to their energetic and hyperactive nature, they can be a bit overbearing with young children but are not known to be aggressive.

16. Belusky (Siberian Husky x Belgian Malinois)

Image Credit: Robin Dessens, Shutterstock

The Belgian Malinois is an independent, intelligent, and affectionate dog, and this crossbreed inherited most of those traits. Combined with the Husky’s friendly and loyal nature, this makes for a wonderfully sociable breed. Both parent dogs have a strong herding instinct and seemingly inexhaustible energy reserves that can only be kept under control with lots of activity and training.

While these dogs are not naturally aggressive, their strong herding instincts can cause them to be overly protective at times. This may take the form of innocent pinching or an attempt to chase other pets, so they may not be the ideal pet for young children.

17. Beasky (Siberian Husky x Beagle)

There couldn’t be a more affectionate husky mix than this beagle hybrid. These intelligent and affable dogs are easy to train and make the ideal addition to families with young children.

These dogs have parent breeds that both require a lot of human attention, and they are very similar. They love to be around their owners and suffer from separation anxiety when left alone for long periods of time.

18. Siberian Boston (Siberian Husky x Boston Terrier)


This Boston Terrier/Husky cross is easy to care for due to their short and sleek coat and easy to train due to their high intellect and eagerness. Like most Husky crossbreeds, these dogs need plenty of mental and physical stimulation and will develop problematic behavior if they don’t get it. They are very affectionate dogs and tend to bond strongly with one person in the family.

Boston Terriers are known for being stubborn, and your Siberian Boston can inherit that too. They are loyal, energetic, and playful dogs that make a great addition to any family.

19. Ausky (Siberian Husky x Australian Cattle Dog)

A Husky/Australian Cattle Dog mix, the Ausky is alert, intelligent, loyal, and has both a sense of duty and a sense of purpose built into his personality. This is due to the long association of its parent breeds with humans. Although these dogs are not very vocal, their protective nature still makes them excellent guard dogs as they are very suspicious of strangers.

These working dogs are most comfortable when they have a specific job to do, and you’ll need to provide them with plenty of stimulating activity to keep them happy. Because of their origins, they tend to bite and herd and may not make ideal pets for young children.

20. Chusky (Siberian Husky x Chow Chow)

Chusky sits in the ground
Photo credits: Marina Tesyelkina, Shutterstock

This high-maintenance crossbreed with a Chow Chow will put your brushing skills to the test! They are medium-sized dogs, although their characteristic thick double coat makes them appear much larger. These dogs are fairly independent and aloof – almost feline at times – and may not be the ideal choice if you’re looking for a cuddly companion.

However, they are extremely loyal and protective dogs who will stop at nothing to protect their owners. If you’re looking for a fluffy and loyal companion dog that doesn’t need constant attention, the Chusky could be just the one for you. Their Husky genetics mean they still need plenty of exercise and are easy to train.

21. Siberian Cocker (Siberian Husky x Cocker Spaniel)

The Siberian Cocker inherited the best traits of its parent breeds, including the Cocker Spaniel’s small, compact, and muscular body and the Husky’s thick, soft coat. They are the only cross on this list with a low to medium energy level. While they need the regular exercise that all dogs need to be happy, they aren’t the unrelenting powerhouses that most husky mix breeds are.

This Husky mixed breed loves to run and play with children and is quick to make friends with other pets. Because both parent dogs are social, outgoing, and cheerful, they make ideal choices for a friendly family companion.

22. Huskita (Siberian Husky x Akita)

Husky lies on concrete
Photo credit: New Digital Age Media, Shutterstock

This husky/akita cross is very loyal, protective, and energetic just like its parent breeds. They are a widespread and popular breed that has been around for some time, although they are not yet recognized by the American Kennel Club. With their soft fur and pointy ears, they can easily be mistaken for wolves, but their curled tail usually gives them away.

These dogs can be quite fearful at times, which can lead to aggressive outbursts on occasion. They are wary of strangers at first, but warm up quickly. Early socialization and good training can largely mitigate both of these traits.

23. Pyrenean Husky (Siberian Husky x Great Pyrenees)

This cross between the energetic Husky and the proud Great Pyrenees is a large and powerful breed with a long history as a working dog. They are generally calm, well behaved, and loyal dogs that are very protective of their owners. Although they are very affectionate and intelligent, they can be stubborn at times, making them difficult to train.

These dogs need a lot of physical and mental stimulation and often become destructive if not given proper attention.

24. Husky Jack (Siberian Husky x Jack Russell Terrier)


This energetic Husky and Jack Russel Terrier combination is a cheeky and brave little dog who barks more than he bites. They have a strong tendency to assert their dominance regardless of the size of the opposing dog and this blind bravery can get them into trouble. They sometimes have mischievous and stubborn traits, which can make raising them a challenge.

While this will take some patience and time, they make wonderful and loyal little family dogs.

They are independent dogs who enjoy doing their own thing, making them a good choice for owners who travel frequently. Nevertheless, they need regular and consistent exercise.

25. Siberkaan (Siberian Husky x Canaan Dog)

This designer breed is a cross between the Husky and the Middle Eastern Canaan dog. They are very energetic and active dogs with a high level of intellect. They are loyal and protective dogs with a strong prey drive that can lead to some arguments with strangers and other small dogs, but this is not usually a problem when properly trained. If socialized early, they are gentle and calm around children and make excellent family pets.

They are energetic, active dogs that are also known for their loud and frequent calls, so they are not a good choice for apartment living.

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Siberian Husky mixed breeds: conclusion

This is just a small selection of the seemingly endless number of Husky crossbreeds, but they all have one thing in common. They have retained the playful energy of the Siberian Husky. Each of these breeds requires plenty of exercise and playtime.

But with the right stimulation and socialization, you’ll find that any of these gorgeous Siberian Husky crossbreeds will make a welcome addition to your home.

Photo credit for article image: Konstantin Zaykov, Shutterstock

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