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10 DIY Parrot Stands Plans You Can Make Today

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By Nicole Cosgrove

Two parrots standing on branches

Parrots spend a great deal of time flying around and foraging for food, but they also spend most of their time standing. Unfortunately for your wallet, sturdy perches or stands with plenty of toys to keep your parrot entertained aren’t cheap. The good news is, with so many bird owners in the same boat, there are all sorts of DIY plans for affordable and stylish parrot stands.

We split this list into DIY plans made with tree branches, wooden dowels, PVC pipe, and repurposed furniture, so you can find a project that matches the supplies that you have on hand.

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Tree Branch DIY Parrot Stands

1. Tree Branch Bird Stand by Bird Tricks

DIY Tree Branch Bird Stand high quality
Photo Credit: Bird Tricks

Materials: Branches, two 2 x 4 x 8 untreated pine planks, 2.5” stainless screws, 4” screws
Tools: Pressure washer, drill, measuring tape, circular saw, pruning saw, C clamps, saw horses, level, sandpaper, squaring tool, ear and eye protection
Difficulty: Easy

If you have leftover wood planks and tree branches that fell during the last storm or were already dead, this tree branch bird stand is a cheap and easy DIY project. You can make it as big or as small as you like, depending on the space you have available and the size of your branches.

Most of the work is focused on making a sturdy base for the stand, but you will need a bit of experience with woodworking tools and saws. Trimming, washing, stripping the bark off, and drying the branches before screwing them onto the base is the most time-consuming part.

Make sure the wood planks and the branches are safe for parrots, and if you use dead wood, ensure that it’s dry and free of mold or fungi. The materials need to be untreated and chemical free. This stand is also a great place to hang DIY parrot toys to keep your birds entertained while they explore the branches.

2. Parrot Tree Stand by Flock-Talk

Materials: Branches, birch wood board, washers and screws, vinegar or bleach
Tools: Loppers or pruners, drill, knife or bark stripper (optional), sanding block, circular saw, ear and eye protection, gloves
Difficulty: Easy

A parrot tree stand idea with a rustic feel is this simple branch and base plan. You’ll need a sturdy wooden board to use as the base, but most of the design relies on a single, large branch.

Although most of the construction is easy, you will need to be comfortable using power tools. You’ll need a drill and a circular saw or jigsaw to make the base.

Depending on the type of wood that the branch is, you may not need to strip the bark, which can help save time. If the branch is dirty or has bugs living in the wood, though, properly strip off the bark, and disinfect the branch before putting the stand together.

3. Inexpensive Bird Tree Stand by MimisBirdHouse

Materials: Parrot-safe wood branches, vinegar or bleach, hand railing, PVC ABS pipe, Christmas tree base, adjustable hose clamp, wood dowel, screws
Tools: Flathead or hose clamp screwdriver, tape measure, drill
Difficulty: Easy

This inexpensive bird tree stand is a good way to give your parrot a stand that looks like a real tree. You don’t need many materials because the perches are made with branches. After disinfecting the branches and stripping the bark off if necessary, secure them into place with adjustable hose clamps, or use a drill and screws. Don’t forget to hang a few bird toys from the branches when everything’s fastened securely.

Make sure you choose a parrot-safe wood for the branches that you gather. Apple and maple are both good options, but you can use other woods as long as you research which ones are suitable.

4. Parrot Tree Play Stand by Star St

Materials: Branches, sisal rope, zip ties, vinegar or bleach, plywood board, swivel caster wheels (optional), eye hooks, screws
Tools: Jigsaw or circular saw, handsaw, sandpaper, drill
Difficulty: Easy

Using branches is an affordable way to make a parrot stand that looks like one that you can buy from a pet store but without breaking the bank. This parrot tree play stand uses a variety of branches and sticks, so you can create plenty of perches and places to hang toys from. If you want a visual aid for the tree layout, temporarily secure the branches in place with rope or zip ties.

You can also use leftover plywood board for the base; just make sure it’s big enough to keep the stand stable. While you can use a handsaw to cut the branches to size, you’ll also need to be comfortable using power tools to make the base or cut through thicker branches.

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Wooden Dowel DIY Parrot Stand

5. No Screws Tabletop Parrot Stand by Kim and Dan

Materials: Wooden dowels, pine wood board, non-toxic wood glue, furniture pads
Tools: Drill, handsaw or miter saw, Forstner bit, large drill bit, tape measure, square
Difficulty: Easy

For parrot owners short on space, there are smaller tabletop parrot stands that you can make. This one has the benefit of using no screws at all unless you want to add extra sturdiness for large parrots.

There are two things to remember about this plan. Make sure you use a dowel that’s thick enough to hold your parrot’s weight, and ensure that they can hold onto it comfortably. You also need to make sure the glue that you use is non-toxic and strong enough to hold the dowels in place. If you’re worried about your furniture being marked, add furniture pads to the base to prevent scratches.

You don’t need power tools for this plan, except a drill for the construction. The wooden dowels are easy to cut through with a handsaw, though cutting the pine board to size for the base might take more work.

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PVC Pipe DIY Parrot Stands

6. PVC Pipe Bird Stand by LabeledUp

Photo Credit: Instructables
Materials: PVC pipe, PVC plugs, PVC tees, PVC 90° elbows, ½” rubber grippers, threaded PVC adapters and 90° elbows, PVC tee snaps, non-toxic glue, PVC end caps, rope, wooden dowel, skid-guard tape
Tools: Rubber mallet, PVC pipe cutter, measuring tape, pen, grinder, scissors, drill, handsaw
Difficulty: Easy

A simple, lightweight parrot stand design is this PVC pipe bird stand. Despite being one of the simplest designs on this list, it’s sturdy and has plenty of perches to entertain your parrots. You can also add simple food bowls, swings, dowel ladders, and a net swing.

All you need for this DIY plan is three different sizes of PVC pipe (1”, ½”, and ¾”) and the fastenings to match. If you have PVC pipe cement, you can use it on the joints for extra sturdiness, but gently tapping the pieces together with a rubber mallet or a hammer works too.

7. PVC Table Perch by PVC Fittings Online

DIY PVC birch perch
Photo Credit: PVC Fittings Online
Materials: ½” PVC pipe, ½” PVC elbows, ½” PVC tees, newspaper or plastic tray
Tools: Tape measure, PVC pipe cutter, handsaw or electric saw, sandpaper
Difficulty: Easy

PVC pipe can be used for all sorts of DIY plans, and a table perch for your bird is a great way to use leftover pieces from a previous project. You don’t need any extra tools except a PVC pipe cutter or handsaw to trim the pipe to the right size. If you find it difficult to push the pipe pieces together, you can use a rubber mallet or a hammer to make sure everything’s secure.

Remember to add newspaper or a plastic tray to the base to catch any of your parrot’s droppings and make clean-up easy. You’ll also need to use vet tape or sandpaper on the perch to make it easier for your parrot to hold onto.

8. PVC Bird Gym by PetDIYs

DIY PVC bird gym
Image Credit: Pet DIYs
Materials: PVC pipe, PVC shower drain, PVC pipe caps, PVC connectors, sisal rope, non-toxic glue, sticks, eye hooks, vinyl-coated shelving board or plywood, bird toys
Tools: Drill, PVC pipe cutter
Difficulty: Medium

A DIY parrot stand is the perfect place to show off DIY parrot toys, and this PVC bird gym gives you a stand design with plenty of options. It’s one of the easiest projects to make on this list, and you can use PVC pipe, branches, or a mixture of both for the perches. You can change the size to suit your parrot and have as many or as few perches as you want.

Don’t forget to add the eye hooks on the perches to hang toys from. You’ll also need to wrap the PVC perches in sisal rope to give your parrot something to dig their talons into.

9. DIY Bird Play Gym/Stand by Flying Fids

Materials: PVC pipe, PVC coupling, PVC caps, PVC elbows, PVC tees, sisal rope or vet tape, zip ties, twigs, eye hooks
Tools: PVC pipe cutter, marker pen, drill, scissors
Difficulty: Easy

Not all PVC pipe DIY stands need to be simple; you can make them more complicated if you have enough space or want a longer project to work on. Despite the complexity of this DIY Bird Play Gym/Stand, it’s easy enough to put together. You just need to make sure all the PVC pipe pieces are cut to the right lengths, especially if you adjust the pattern. There’s a detailed plan that you can follow along with if you need to.

The stand gives your birds plenty of space, and you can fasten bowls, toys, and swings around the upper levels to encourage your parrot to forage and explore. Since this is a PVC pipe plan, remember to wrap the perches in sisal rope or twine, or use vet tape to give your parrot something to grip.

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Repurposed Furniture DIY Parrot Stand

10. IKEA Variera Shelf Insert Stand by IKEA hackers

DIY bird perch
Image Credit: IKEA Hackers
Materials: IKEA Variera shelf insert, bird perch or small branches, sisal rope or twine, food and water bowls, cork coaster or furniture pads
Tools: Screwdriver
Difficulty: Easy

Having our pets join us at our desk is the best part of working at home, and you can make a simple stand that will fit perfectly on your desk for your parrots. It’s an easy project, and if you’re a fan of IKEA furniture, this is a good way to repurpose the Variera shelf insert.

There’s only a small amount of assembly required. Make sure you have a screwdriver or the right tools, and follow the instructions to assemble the Variera shelf insert. Once the base is completed, you can personalize the bird stand with one or two perches and bowls. You can use shop-bought perches or small non-toxic branches.

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What Woods Are Safe to Use for Parrot Stands?

If you’re using PVC pipe to make a DIY parrot stand, you won’t have to worry too much about which woods are suitable for your parrot. You’ll need to check the other materials, such as twine or glue if you use them, but the pipe itself is fine. For the DIY plans that use branches, wood boards, or planks, you need to make sure all the materials are safe for your parrot.

Apple, pine (without sap), and maple are popular choices for branches used in bird perches and toys. Other safe wood options include:

  • Ash
  • Balsa
  • Birch
  • Dragonwood
  • Elm
  • Larch
  • Manzanita
  • Poplar
  • Ribbonwood

If you’re gathering branches from outside, make sure they’re pesticide free and don’t contain pests like woodworm or other insects. You can also disinfect the branches with vinegar or bleach, pressure wash them, bake them at 200°F, or leave them to dry for a few days or weeks if you have space. Remember that commercial wood boards need to be untreated and chemical free too.

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DIY parrot stands are easy to make and don’t require many tools if you want an easy first project to get you into DIYing. You can make them with branches that are safe and non-toxic for parrots, PVC pipes, or repurposed furniture. A DIY stand is also a great option if your budget is a little tight, and you can’t afford a fancy parrot stand with toys, bowls, and plenty of perches. Pick your favorite plan from this list, and try your hand at making a parrot stand yourself!

Featured Image Credit: YI-LIN TSAI, Shutterstock

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