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Do Jack Russell Terriers Shed a Lot? Breed Coat Facts & Tips

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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Jack Russell Terriers come in smooth, broken, and rough coats, all with different shedding patterns and grooming needs. Typically, the shorter the hair, the less they’ll shed, but Jack Russells experience seasonal and year-round shedding.

Here’s everything you need to know about Jack Russell Terriers shedding and how to minimize the cleanup of those little white hairs.

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Jack Russell Shedding By Coat Type

The rough-coat Jack Russell typically sheds the least of the three coat varieties. A lot of the loose hair will get trapped in the wiry undercoat and get released during brushing. Broken and smooth coat types shed moderately with seasonal sheds.

Jack Russells typically shed heaviest during the fall and spring, like other double-coat breeds. The dense undercoat is shed and usually needs to be brushed out to avoid mats and discomfort.

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Tips for Jack Russell Shedding

You can’t eliminate shedding completely, but you can minimize it to avoid allergies and a mess around your home.

Here are some tips for Jack Russells:
  • Brushing your dog with a brush or rubber mitt will loosen the hair and get rid of it, which helps it stay off your furniture and clothes.
  • Bathe your Jack Russell at least once a month with a deshedding shampoo to remove dead hair.
  • Invest in a robot vacuum that can suck up all the loose dog hair on your floor.
  • Keep your Jack Russell off your upholstery to avoid cleaning up stubborn dog hair. Provide a cozy bed as an alternative.
  • Keep your Jack Russell out of certain rooms. For example, training your dog to stay out of the bedroom will keep your sheets free of hair, while making the kitchen off-limits keeps hair from ending up in your food.
  • Use lint rollers to tidy up your furniture and clothes.
  • Consider getting hardwood and tile floors that make it easier to clean up loose hairs.

How Much Shedding Is Too Much?

Jack Russell Terrier
Image by: Olga1205, Pixabay

Some shedding is natural in a double-coated breed like a Jack Russell, especially during the seasonal changes. However, knowing the difference between normal shedding patterns and the signs of underlying health conditions is important.

The amount of normal shedding for your dog depends on a few variables, including genetics, anatomy, diet, and more. Pay attention to your dog’s shedding patterns early to recognize a problem.

If your dog suddenly begins shedding more, here are some things to look out for:

Imbalanced diet:
A poor diet can cause your dog to shed more, often leading to an unhealthy, dull coat quality. Some foods can also cause skin allergies, which negatively impact the coat.
Wrong shampoo:
It’s important to bathe your Jack Russell with a dog shampoo, not your own. Human shampoos are too harsh for a dog’s skin and coat. Limiting the number of baths you give your dog, which can strip the natural oils, and rinse well to avoid irritation is also important.
Excessive shedding can be caused by stress, such as a new person in their life or a change in home or routine. This should subside once the cause of the stress is addressed and your dog adjusts.
If your dog is shedding a lot and scratching, it could be a sign of fleas, ticks, or mange mites. These parasites can lead to more serious health conditions, so treating them quickly is important.
Hormonal imbalances or diseases can cause excessive shedding. For example, dogs may shed heavily after spaying or neutering. Bacterial infections, Cushing’s disease, skin allergies, and fungal infections can cause heavy shedding, shedding in clumps, or skin discoloration.

If you suspect your dog is shedding a lot more than normal or see other concerning signs, such as an appetite increase, vomiting, scratching, or excessive tiredness, make an appointment with your vet.


In Conclusion

Jack Russell Terriers can shed a lot, depending on their coat type. They usually need regular brushing and monthly baths to keep their skin and coat healthy. However, if your Jack Russell seems to shed more than normal, it’s important to investigate the possible causes.


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