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Do Siamese Cats Purr? The Surprising Answer!

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By Chelsea Mortensen

siamese cat sitting on the floor

You might have heard that Siamese cats act more like dogs than cats. And it’s true that Siamese cats do tend to be more outgoing and vocal than other breeds. But what about purring? Siamese cats do purr—in fact, many Siamese may purr more than average. And purring is only one of the wide range of sounds that Siamese cats make.

Why Do Cats Purr?

The ability to purr sets cats apart from most other animals. And there are few things so relaxing as petting a purring cat. But have you ever wondered why cats purr? There are a few different reasons.

1. They’re Happy and Relaxed

siamese cat lying on the ground
Image Credit: STARSsoft, Shutterstock

One of the most common reasons for a cat to purr is because they are feeling good. Cats purr when they are content, happy, and relaxed. They can even purr while napping—although they might stop when they move to deeper sleep. Here, cats are probably just enjoying the pleasant sensation of purring—literal “good vibes.”

2. They’re Bonding or Communicating

Cats can also purr as a way of communication. Mother cats purr to their kittens to calm them, and many cats will also purr when they’re looking for attention from their owners. To a cat, purring is a great way to say that they’re happy to see you and feel safe around you!

3. They’re Sick or Injured

seal point siamese lying on a velvet clothe
Image by: slowmotiongli, Shutterstock

Normally, purring is a good sign. But in rare cases, that’s not always the case. Many cats will also purr when they’re sick or injured. Interestingly enough, these purrs might be more important than we realize. Studies have shown that vibrations in the range of purring can speed healing, promote healthy bone growth, and have lots of other powerful effects on the body.

4. They’re Lonely or Scared

A final reason your cat might purr is to combat negative emotions. We aren’t sure of all the reasons why, but we do have some ideas. It could be the healing properties of purring that make it therapeutic, or it could be a way for your cat to reassure itself—just like you might say talk to yourself in a traumatic situation.

Why Is My Siamese So Vocal?

Siamese cats have a reputation for being especially vocal, active, and outgoing. They are affectionate cats that want more human companionship than other breeds. But why is that?

There are lots of reasons your Siamese might be extra vocal. But their history as a breed might be the answer. Siamese cats are named after the Kingdom of Siam, which is present-day Thailand. These cats have a history going back more than 700 years! And these early Siamese cats held a very special role. In most parts of the world, cats were kept for their ability to hunt pests. But Siamese cats are believed to be some of the first cats kept just for their beauty and companionship. They were real pets, not working cats.

That long history might be the reason your Siamese is so vocal today. Its ancestors were bred over the generations to be friendlier and more affectionate than most cats around the world. Today, you can still see the marks of that history on their behavior.

Other Siamese Cat Vocalizations

Lilac point siamese cat
Image Credit: Colleen Ashley, Shutterstock

Along with purrs, Siamese Cats are full of other noises. Siamese cats have a range of meows that they use to communicate. They might make small, soft mews. Many Siamese cats also like to trill—a sound halfway between a meow and a purr. When they feel scared or threatened, they also have a separate set of noises—growls, hisses, and wails.

Each cat has its own vocabulary of noises, and Siamese cats are known to be especially chatty. If you start paying attention to the differences between sounds that your Siamese makes, you might notice that your cat has specific noises to communicate certain moods and situations. Knowing your Siamese cat’s vocabulary can help you to figure out what it wants at any given time.

Last Thoughts

Siamese cats may look like a dog, but that doesn’t stop them from purring like a cat! These beautiful cats are vocal, friendly, and affectionate, and many of them have big purrs to match. They often purr because they are happy and safe, but in an emergency purring can also help them to be healthy and keep calm. Now that’s some special purring.

Featured Image Credit: BearFotos, Shutterstock

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