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Does Scheels Allow Dogs? 2023 Store Policy and Tips

Rachael Gerkensmeyer

By Rachael Gerkensmeyer

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Scheels is a popular retail chain that sells all kinds of items, including sporting goods, hunting gear, clothing, and footwear. Stores are located nationwide, and while the store does not cater to pets, dogs are welcome to shop with their human companions. Most people who frequent Scheels can attest to seeing at least one dog during a trip to their local store. Here is everything that you need to know about bringing your dog along during your next visit to Scheels.

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What Are the Dog Policies at Scheels?

Scheels does not seem to have any official policies for bringing dogs into its stores. There are no policies posted on its website, and while it promotes its welcoming of dogs on social media,1 it does not specify any requirements that dog owners must follow to gain entry with their canine companions. Still, it’s important to make sure your dog is leashed when entering a Scheels store because if they are not, an associate will likely ask you to do so.

It is also important to bring along doggy bags and paper towels or wipes so you can clean up after your dog if they end up urinating or defecating in the store. A few Scheels stores do have sections that cater to dogs, containing things like toys, dishes, clothing, and food. Many stores even offer free bandanas for dogs to wear while they shop. Just stop by the customer service desk to request one!

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Can Dogs Ride in Strollers and Shopping Carts?

You may be able to push your dog around in a stroller or shopping cart while in a Scheels store, but some managers may prohibit it for safety reasons. If a dog gets rambunctious or too curious while in a moving “vehicle,” they could fall out and injure themselves or someone else. They could also damage merchandise in the store that you will likely be responsible for.

It’s best to just walk your dog on a leash, so they can keep all four paws on the ground. If you feel the need to restrain your dog in a carrier of some kind, consider a doggy backpack, as it will keep them from falling or creating any accidents while you move around the store. This is a great option for those who are still socializing their pups.

Tips for Enjoyable Visits to Scheels With Your Dog

In addition to leashing your dog and bringing along waste bags, here are a few important tips to help ensure that every trip to Scheels with your dog is a positive experience:

  • Take your dog for a 15-minute walk before heading inside the store to ensure that they don’t have any pent-up energy that they will try to expel in the middle of an aisle. The extra exercise will also help ensure good behavior while you’re in the vicinity of strangers.
  • Make sure your dog has had a chance to relieve themselves right before you go into the store. Instead of going straight from your vehicle to the store, head to a plot of grass or a tree for a quick bathroom break. This will minimize the chance that you’ll have to pick up after them inside.
  • Keep an eye on how other dogs in the store are acting before getting too close to them. If a dog is barking, whining, or acting aggressively in any manner, it’s best to go the other way and avoid the situation so no dog or person ends up getting hurt.
  • Talk to the associates. Many of them keep treats around for visiting dogs, so taking the time to say hi can score your dog a treat that they will enjoy as a reward for being good inside the store.
  • Take pictures to share on social media. Scheels loves seeing pictures of its customers’ pups, so yours might get featured on one of its posts.
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A Final Recap

Scheels does allow both service dogs and pet dogs in its stores throughout the United States. It does not have any specific policies, though, so if you’re in doubt, take the time to call your local store before making a visit with your dog. Hopefully, these tips will help make your next shopping experience an amazing one!

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