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Galaxy Koi Betta Fish: Care Guide, Varieties, Pictures & Lifespan

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By Lindsey Stanton

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The Galaxy Koi betta fish is a beautiful creature, which has seen a rapid rise in popularity. Being of the gourami family is one of the most common types of fish easily grown even by beginners without taking too much care. However, there are certain things to be considered while ensuring the best results from them.

The Galaxy Koi betta fish can be kept in an aquarium with one male and a few females. It is advisable not to keep two males together since they are aggressive towards each other. You should provide your Galaxy Koi betta with an ample amount of space for swimming and food.



Quick Facts about Galaxy Koi Betta

Species name: Betta
Family: Osphronemidae
Care Level: Easy
Temperature: 77–81°F
Temperament: Semi-aggressive
Color Form: Red, green, blue
Lifespan: 3 years
Size: Up to 3 inches
Diet: Carnivore
Minimum Tank Size: 2-gallon tank
Tank Set-up: Get the right tank, add water & substrate, install filter & heater, add décor, and then test the water.
Compatibility: Other peaceful fish or bottom-dwelling species

Galaxy Koi Betta Overview

male galaxy koi betta
Image Credit: Ron Kuenitz, Shutterstock

The Galaxy Koi betta is one fish that will make a great addition to your tank, provided you have the right Galaxy Koi betta food as well as the right Galaxy Koi betta care. These incredible fish are unlike any other and can come in many colors like blue, green, or red. They are easy to take care of, and they grow up to 3 inches.

They are not readily available in pet stores, but you can get them after placing a special order. They are not very expensive since many people can afford them.

How Much Do Galaxy Koi Betta Cost?

The price of Galaxy Koi betta varies depending on size and vendor. You need to note that the cost of a male Galaxy Koi betta differs from a female Galaxy Koi betta. On average, a female Galaxy Koi betta price ranges from $12–$40, while a male Galaxy Koi betta ranges from $16–$50.

Before buying your Galaxy Koi betta, you need to consider several things, such as the pet’s upkeep, desires, wants, and survivability. These factors will determine how long your Koi betta will live.

Typical Behavior & Temperament

koi betta fish
Image Credit: Ron Kuenitz, Shutterstock

Galaxy Koi betta behave differently in various situations. For instance, when the male Koi fish builds a bubble nest, he shows that he is ready to occupy his territory for breeding purposes. Also, female Koi bettas can create a bubble nest. Besides, Koi bettas flare to intimidate newcomers. When flaring, the bettas erect their fins and cover up their gills. They also tend to move from one corner to another. Many hobbyists view flaring as a defensive mechanism or a relaxation technique.

In most cases, the Galaxy Koi bettas jump out of the tank due to their habitat’s nature. You should note that when your koi bettas are jumping in the aquarium, sometimes they are trying to show there is a problem with the tank. For example, they might be hungry, have toxic water, the tank could be too small, or water too cold or warm.

If you see your Koi bettas close to the tank’s walls, it shows that they are stressed, and they might jump out of the aquarium. Also, if your betta surfs when you approach him, he is expecting some food.

Appearance & Varieties

Image Credit: Paisit Teeraphatsakool, Shutterstock

Bettas are one of the most popular types of fish, and Galaxy Koi betta is no exception. They can come in many different colors and patterns. There are Galaxy Koi betta that look like normal dragon scales (green, red, orange), Galaxy Koi betta with yellow/golden fins or tails-caudal fins, Galaxy Koi betta with blue galaxy-like patterns on their bodies and tails (bonus points if there are stars on the head), Galaxy Koi betta which has pointy fins like a comet (blue galaxy) or Galaxy Koi betta that looks completely orange.

Some Galaxy Koi fish can be red/orange colored or golden colored with galaxy print and yellow/golden tails. You can get Galaxy Koi betta with blue galaxy-like patterns on their bodies and have orange fins with golden stripes if you want to, or just plain old Galaxy Koi betta that looks completely normal.

How to Take Care of Galaxy Koi Betta

The Galaxy Koi betta is very easy to take care of. However, many people forget that the Galaxy Koi betta is still a wild fish, so you must let them live in their natural habitat.

Tank Size

To do this, you need to make sure your Galaxy Koi betta’s tank has ample space for swimming and playing. The bottom of the tank should be covered with Galaxy Koi betta gravel and Galaxy Koi betta plants. They like a lot of water and oxygen, so they will need a big tank with lots of plants that help pump the atmosphere full of oxygen for them (that’s why you should always have live plants).

The minimum tank to keep your Galaxy Koi fish is a 2-gallon tank, but a 5-gallon tank is a perfect choice. They thrive better in water temperatures between 77–81°F.

Water Quality

They like soft water with an acidic pH of 6.0–8.0 and ensure you change the tank’s water at least twice a month.


The Galaxy Koi fish like to play around, and they love to do creative tricks. Therefore, ensure you provide live or silk plants in the Galaxy Koi betta fish for their hideaway.

The live plants also act as a source of food for the Galaxy Koi betta. Ensure you don’t use jagged or rough decorations since they hurt the delicate koi betta’s tails and fins.


Galaxy Koi betta requires lighting conditions, which are the same as those of humans. They need light during the day, and you switch off those lights at night. You can opt to install LED lights with automatic timers to turn them on during the day and turn them off at night.


The Koi bettas need a filter to ensure that the water is always clean. The toxic materials’ build-up will affect your Galaxy Koi betta immune system and overall health.

Are Galaxy Koi Betta Good Tank Mates?

If you have Galaxy Koi betta fish, then they need to have the right tank mates if you want them to be happy and healthy. This is something that you will need to look at to ensure that everything is compatible. If you want to add a tank mate, they should be dull-colored, short-finned, peaceful, and tropical fish. Ensure you keep together Koi bettas with a similar appearance.

Females and one male Galaxy Koi betta can live peacefully together, and the female needs to be smaller in size than the male betta. Never place two male Koi bettas in one tank since they are aggressive toward one another. Each aquarium should have one male with several females. They also show aggression towards specific tank mates. However, a non-aggressive male can be a tank mate with another male Galaxy Koi betta.

Some of the fish species that can live with your male Galaxy Koi betta include cory catfish, guppies, ghost shrimp, neon tetras, kuhli loaches, zebra snails, and ember tetras.

What to Feed Your Galaxy Koi Betta

Before purchasing your Galaxy Koi betta, you need to research what these fish eat thoroughly. A Galaxy Koi betta fish needs the right food, just like any other type of pet fish. Koi bettas are carnivores, and they need a high-protein diet.

One food type that provides a high protein level is the betta fish pellets. However, you need to avoid any kibble that contains wheat or corn fillers as the first ingredient since these can be harmful to your Galaxy Koi betta. Always ensure that the first and second ingredients must have a protein source.

Feed your adult Koi betta twice a day with 5–6 pellets in total, and avoid overfeeding because it can make them sick or die. You need to feed the young koi bettas at least three times a day. They also eat mosquito larvae, brine shrimp, daphnia (a freshwater crustacean), and bloodworms due to their increased size in nature, but you don’t need all those ingredients at home if it seems too difficult.

Keeping Your Galaxy Koi Betta Healthy

If you want to ensure your Galaxy Koi betta remains healthy, there are several things you need to do, as discussed below:

  • Ensure the aquarium is always clean water that is free from any clutter. This is done by installing a filter. You can also add plants and gravel at the bottom. Besides, you can add additives to regulate the water’s pH levels.
  • Properly feed your Galaxy Koi bettas. If you feed them frozen foods, they grow very fast. If you see constipation signs, you need to stop feeding your Koi bettas for some days and then feed live foods for a few days.
  • Keep an eye on your Galaxy Koi bettas. A healthy Koi betta should have bright and clear colors. Their fins should not have holes or tears, and their scales need to be smooth. Also, a healthy betta should have quick movements since they are very active.
  • Give your Galaxy Koi betta proper treatment if you notice he is not feeling well. Some of the signs that your betta is not feeling well include shaking, clamped fins, swimming strangely, and floating on top of the aquarium.


You can easily breed your Galaxy Koi betta in a 1-gallon tank. When breeding, you need to select fish that are less than 1 year old because they are more fertile. The Galaxy Koi betta fertility decreases as they get old. It would help if you conditioned the breeding pair before you commence the breeding process.

The water should have a pH of 7 and a temperature of 27 degrees Celsius or above. The male Koi betta is responsible for building a nest for keeping the eggs. Note that the male is aggressive during courtship; hence it is advisable to provide a safe hiding place for the Koi female.

What usually happens is that the female expels the eggs, and the male fertilizes them. Then, the male will scoop and spit the eggs into the nest. Ensure you transfer the female to another tank as the male becomes more aggressive as he is taking care of the eggs. After the eggs hatch, take the male to another tank since he might start to feed on the young ones.

Are Galaxy Koi Betta Suitable for Your Aquarium?

Ensure you have the right aquarium size for your Galaxy Koi bettas. The best tank for Koi betta is a minimum of a 2-gallon aquarium, with the 5-gallon tank being the best.

You can keep one male and five betta females in one tank. Remember not to keep two or more Koi betta males in one tank since they are aggressive toward each other.



Final Thoughts

Galaxy Koi bettas are the most beautiful fish in the world. Their beauty attracts many people; hence many hobbyists prefer to keep them as pets. It’s fun to see them swim and play.

They are easy to care for and maintain. They don’t eat too much, and if well-fed, they mature very fast. Ensure you choose the right aquarium size and know how to keep your Galaxy Koi betta happy before purchasing them.

Featured Image Credit: Ron Kuenitz Shutterstock

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