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How High Can a Munchkin Cat Jump? Can They Jump at All?

Kristin Hitchcock

By Kristin Hitchcock

Munchkin Cat Playing

Despite their very short legs, munchkin cats aren’t held back much. Their jumping height is slightly smaller than the average cat’s only because they are shorter. When they jump with the same force, they come up shorter because they started shorter. However, this jumping height is much higher than many expect.

You still need to cat-proof your home when adopting one of these cats. They can jump and climb just as well as any other feline. Therefore, they can reach on top of cabinets and shelves with ease. Be sure your home is prepared for this exploring and climbing.

Their Leg Length Matters

There are several different kinds of munchkin cats—each with their own leg length. Therefore, how short your cat’s legs are will vary and affect their jumping height. Some cats jump quite high, while others start too close to the ground.

There are three general approximations of leg size: standard, super-short, and rug-hugger. However, these are only estimates. Some cats may be on the upper or lower end of these categories. There aren’t any official definitions, so even breeders can differ in their words to describe their cats. Therefore, it’s better to talk about how many inches the cat’s legs are—instead of relying solely on these categories.

Generally, cats with longer legs can jump higher as they start higher. However, they can jump to about the same percentage of their full height as normal cats, but because they start far lower, they don’t jump quite as high as other felines.

With that said, no studies haven’t been done on cat height and jumping abilities. Therefore, we don’t know exactly how high these cats jump. Instead, it seems to combine common sense and anecdotal evidence. They probably can’t jump quite as high as other breeds, but they are still physically capable in many cases.

Ragdoll munchkin cat standing on the floor

Can Munchkin Cats Jump onto The Counter?

It depends on the cat’s height and the counter’s height. Many munchkin cats can jump on the counter. We do not recommend assuming that a munchkin cat cannot jump properly because of its small legs. You should cat-proof your house as if you were getting any other cat. Your cat is extremely capable, despite the smaller legs.

Can Munchkin Cats Climb?

Munchkin cats don’t have many physical issues. They may be quite a bit shorter. However, they can climb just as well as any other cat. For this reason, you still have to cat-proof your home when you adopt one of these felines. They can climb curtains and do anything else that other cats do.

However, they may be less likely to climb these things due to their shorter stature. They start out shorter than other felines, so it takes them a bit longer to climb to the same height. Still, their physical capabilities are pretty much the same as any other cat.

With that said, munchkin cats may not be able to reach counters or other tall surfaces. After all, they start out much shorter than other felines.

adorable munchkin cat
Image Credit: MDavidova, Shutterstock

Will Munchkin Cats Jump Less?

Typically, munchkin cats don’t seem to understand that they are actually shorter than all other cats. Therefore, they will jump just as much and act as a normal cat would. They may jump just as more or slightly less, depending on their preference. There isn’t a breed-wide preference, however.

Of course, we don’t have any studies on this and we’re relying solely on anecdotal evidence and common sense. Because these cats don’t have trouble jumping, there isn’t any reason for them to jump less.

Can Munchkin Cats Run?

Munchkin cats also don’t seem to have any trouble running. If a munchkin cat does have trouble running, it may be due to an underlying issue like osteoarthritis. Therefore, you should get your cat checked out if they do not want to run.

In the absence of underlying issues, though, these cats should want to run like any other cat. When they want to, most of them can go surprisingly fast. Don’t underestimate these cats’ physical abilities. They are incredibly fast when they want to be!

munchkin cat walking outdoor
Image Credit: otsphoto, Shutterstock

Do Munchkin Cats Land on Their Feet?

Most cats often land on their feet thanks to a mechanism in their ears. Of course, there are many variables involved. However, oftentimes, cats do land on their feet.

Because this ability mostly involves the ears, munchkin cats can land on their feet most of the time. However, their smaller legs can make this more challenging, depending on the circumstance. They aren’t able to pad their fall quite as much, and they may be unable to turn their body as well as other cats.

However, these cats can land easily on their feet like other felines. That isn’t something owners need to be worried about.


Munchkin cats may have short legs, but they can jump well. They can clear the same height that other cats can. Therefore, you shouldn’t underestimate these felines—they are extremely capable, even though their legs are smaller. In many cases, these cats don’t even realize that their legs are short.

Simply put, the lesson to learn here is that munchkin cats are extremely capable despite how it may look. Their short legs don’t actually do much to set them back.

Featured Image Credit: otsphoto, Shutterstock

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