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How Much Does a French Bulldog Cost in the UK? 2024 Update

Kit Copson

By Kit Copson

a french bulldog on a blanket on the couch

If you’re considering inviting a French Bulldog into your life, we totally get the appeal. French Bulldogs are popular companions and family dogs worldwide for their spunky personalities and affectionate temperaments. They’re also highly versatile—adaptable to large homes and apartments alike and are perfect for single people or big families with enough time to devote to them.

One thing potential Frenchie parents need to take into account, though, is that whether you adopt one or pay top prices to a breeder, Frenchies aren’t going to come cheap. Initially, you can expect to pay anywhere up to £3,000. If you factor in the potential health problems that French Bulldogs—as a brachycephalic breed—are predisposed to, pet insurance, and the general day-to-day care they need on top of dental treatment and regular vet checkups, that’s a whole lot of moolah.

If you have the money, though, and are willing to use it to ensure that your Frenchie lives the best possible life, read on to find out how much French Bulldogs cost in the UK.

Divider 7French Bulldog: Traits, Care, and General Info

French Bulldogs are characterized by their short, wrinkly noses, little, stocky bodies, perky ears, short legs, and soft, fine coats that come in a variety of colors and patterns. Coat colors include varying shades and mixtures of brindle, fawn, chocolate, blue, black, white, and cream. Not all of these colors are accepted within the outlined breed standard, mind you.

They’re known for loving being the center of attention, quickly building strong bonds with their people, and their laid-back, gentle dispositions which make them a good choice for families with children. One worry that comes with parenting Frenchies is the fact that, like other pure breeds, they’re susceptible to certain health issues.

Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome (BOAS) is one such condition Frenchies are predisposed to because of their short noses, but this is just one of many. Because of health concerns, many airlines refuse to allow French Bulldogs to fly in the hold because it’s too risky, though some do allow them in the cabin.

Apart from possible health issues, keeping up with a dental care schedule for your Frenchie is important, as is providing quality dog food and most of all, plenty of time and attention. French Bulldogs are sensitive to being left alone for long periods of time.

French Bulldog wearing blue cooling vest harness
Photo Credit: Firn, Shutterstock

How Much Does a French Bulldog Cost in the UK.?

If you buy from an individual seller or breeder, you can expect to pay a lot more than if you’re paying a rehoming or adoption fee for a French Bulldog. Female puppies tend to cost a bit more than males. As prices vary so much, we’ve decided to break it down to give you the standard prices of French Bulldogs in the UK based on the circumstances of the purchase and the dog’s age.

Please note that the prices in this table are standard UK prices that may differ depending on the breeder, rehomer, or adoption center.

  • KC-Reg French Bulldog Puppy (Male 8 weeks +):  £2,500– £2,800
  • KC-Reg French Bulldog Puppy (Female 8 weeks +):  £2,800– £3,000
  • KC-Reg French Bulldog Rehome (Male and female 1–2 years):  £900–£1,000
  • Adopted French Bulldog (Puppy – up to 1 year):  £550
  • Adopted French Bulldog Adult (1–2 years):  £450
  • Adopted French Bulldog Adult (2–6 years):  £350
  • Adopted French Bulldog Adult (6–7 years): £200

As you can see from the above table, Kennel Club-registered French Bulldog puppies with papers are by far the most expensive, whereas adopting a French Bulldog at any age costs significantly less. The adoption costs are also donation fees that help rescue and adoption centers continue their important work.

In some cases, like when the Frenchie is more than 7 years old, the adoption agency may accept a donation amount of your choice rather than a set one. For these reasons, you may want to consider offering a new home to a rescued French Bulldog rather than pay breeder prices.

Additional Costs to Anticipate

In addition to the initial purchase or adoption donation, there are a few other factors to consider, money-wise. To break it down once again, we’ve created this table to clarify the standard costs of health and living for a French Bulldog. Again, please note that the cost of the services below can vary and that these are just the general standard costs.

Service/Requirement Standard Cost
Puppy’s first vaccinations £50–£80
Booster vaccination £40–£70
Microchipping £10–£15
Animal Health Certificate (replaces the pet passport) £180
Tooth cleaning by a vet £230
Standard vet consultation £30–£40
Standard pet health insurance for French Bulldogs £45–£65 per month
Flea treatment £20–£30
De-worming tablet £10
Bag of high-quality commercial dog food £20–£30

How Often Should I Take My French Bulldog to the Vet?

If your French Bulldog seems happy, active, and healthy, it’s a good rule of thumb to take them for a vet checkup once per year. When you first take your Frenchie to the vet, your vet will be able to advise you on the best time and how frequently to bring them in for a look-over.

Of course, if your Frenchie has a health condition that needs monitoring, the visits will be more frequent depending on your vet’s advice. It’s important to keep an eye out for the health conditions that French Bulldogs are predisposed to, as there are quite a few.

french bulldog looking back
Photo Credit: icsilviu, Pixabay

Is Pet Insurance More Expensive for French Bulldogs?

The standard pet insurance monthly cost for dogs is around £25 in the UK, whereas the monthly cost for French Bulldogs usually falls somewhere between £45 and £65. So, it appears that yes, unfortunately, pet insurance costs for Frenchies are above average.

The cost tends to rise as your dog gets older, too, so if you’re planning on getting a French Bulldog, first make sure you’ll be able to keep up with the cost of pet insurance. It seems likely that the pet insurance cost for French Bulldogs is higher than average due to the health conditions that these dogs are predisposed to, making it more likely that they’ll need treatment at some point.

What To Do For Your French Bulldog Between Vet Visits

Getting your Frenchie checked out by a vet at least once a year (unless your vet says otherwise) is hugely important, but home care and maintenance are crucial, too. Here are our top tips for keeping your Frenchie happy and healthy between vet visits:

  • Brush their teeth regularly.
  • Keep up to date with worming and flea treatments.
  • Groom your Frenchie with a brush.
  • Inspect their skin regularly—especially the folds—to check that they haven’t developed an infection.
  • Bathe them regularly with a gentle shampoo and keep their folds clean and dry.
  • Give your Frenchie lots of love and attention—they’re a rather needy breed.

Divider 7Conclusion

So, it seems pretty clear that parenting a French Bulldog isn’t going to go easy on the old purse strings—it goes with the territory. Ways to reduce the overall cost are to adopt a French Bulldog instead of buying from a breeder and research non-profit organizations that give veterinary care for free or at a reduced price if you’re struggling to afford vet bills.

If you find yourself stuck financially but your Frenchie needs treatment, you could also try talking to your vet—they may be able to work out a payment plan with you so that you don’t need to pay everything upfront.

Featured Image Credit: Mylene2401, Pixabay

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