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Isle of Dogs Shampoo Review 2024 – Pros, Cons & Final Verdict

Kristin Hitchcock

By Kristin Hitchcock

Isle of Dog Shampoo review

Our Final Verdict

We give Isle of Dogs Shampoo a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Safety: 4/5
Effectiveness: 5/5
Ease of Use: 5/5
Gentleness: 5/5

Isle of Dogs shampoo is similar to other premium brands. It is extremely easy to use, producing suds without much effort and rinsing easily. Many people love the mild scent, and it isn’t terribly expensive.

However, there are some downsides to this brand as well. Some harsher chemicals are used, such as artificial dyes, which may bother some dogs’ skin.

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Isle of Dogs Shampoo – A Quick Look

  • Formulations for specific breeds
  • Suds easily
  • Rinses quickly
  • Mild scent
  • Some harsher chemicals
  • Somewhat expensive


Isle of Dogs

Because this shampoo brand makes many different dog shampoos, they can differ quite a bit from each other. Each formula contains different ingredients, for instance. Therefore, there are no exact specifications we can lay out that compose all this brand’s formulas.

During our review, we examined multiple formulas so that our review represented all of this brand’s offerings, not a single formulation.


Of all the dog shampoos on the market, this brand features some of the best shampoos around. Because shampoos are formulated to your dog’s exact breed and needs, they are far more effective than one-size-fits-all shampoos.

The shampoo lathers quickly, allowing it to penetrate your dog’s coat. It also washes out fast, so you don’t have to spend forever rinsing. We understand that most dogs just want to get in and out as quickly as possible, so this is always an important consideration.

The product does not cling to the fur or leave behind a waxy build-up, which we have experienced with other products.

Plus, a little of this shampoo goes a long way. When you’re bathing larger dogs, it especially feels like you have to use a lot of product. Luckily, with this shampoo this isn’t the case.


Isle of Dog shampoo is surprisingly affordable. It is not the cheapest shampoo out there by any stretch of the imagination. However, this is a premium shampoo, so that is to be expected. Compared to shampoos of a similar standard, though, this brand is quite affordable.

Plus, because you use so little of the product, you can stretch this brand a long way. You may pay more upfront, but you’ll save more in the long run.


Dog shampoos are not closely regulated. Therefore, it is possible for unsafe products to make their way onto the shelf, especially if their ingredients have not been heavily studied and labeled as “unsafe.”

These formulas are decently safe. However, they are not “all-natural”. They do contain chemicals that may be off-putting to some owners and their dogs.

For instance, this brand commonly utilizes fragrances and dyes, which can cause irritation in some pets. Many canines are sensitive to these additives, which can cause all sorts of different problems. In fact, some dogs may develop a rash or even an infection when they come into regular contact with these ingredients.

Plus, many of their formulas also use DMDM hydantoin. Without getting into the scientific formulation of this compound, it is basically formaldehyde. It has just been reformulated so that the company doesn’t have to list formaldehyde on its products. (And this underhanded ingredient makes us question the shampoo in general.)

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Why Are There So Many Different Formulas?

This brand makes a lot of different formulas. However, this is mostly because they formulate their shampoos for particular dog breeds. Therefore, they have a formula for just about every dog breed out there. Some dog breeds share a formula, which prevents them from having hundreds of options.

However, they still have quite a few.

Do They Have Conditioner?

Most Isle of Dogs shampoos have a matching conditioner. The formula is made to be used alongside the conditioner of the same type. However, some users have found that the conditioner is lower-quality and dulls their dog’s fur. You can just use the shampoo if it works better for your dog.

Is It Gentle Enough for a Dog’s Face?

There are no serious problems with using this formula on a dog’s face. Overall, it is quite gentle. However, you should take care not to get it into their eyes, which can obviously cause problems.

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What the Users Say

Most users were very pleased with Isle of Dog shampoo product. They found that it left their dog’s coats clean and smooth. Those with longhaired dogs utilized the shampoo to prevent mats with some success. Plus, many owners loved that it was specifically made for certain breeds. They could rest assured that they were getting exactly what their canine needed.

Dog owners found the mild scent nice. It doesn’t overpower the room like some other products. The soap was easy to suds up and rinsed out effectively. However, some people who were sensitive to scents found that this smell was a bit overpowering.

In fact, there are very few complaints about this product.

The only complaint we found was that this product is a bit thin. While this isn’t necessarily a problem, it does make applying it to your dog just a bit more complicated. We recommend applying it directly onto your dog’s coat instead of pouring it into your hands first.

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Overall, Isle of Dogs creates some very good dog shampoo. It works extremely well, rinsing out with ease and producing suds with little effort. The mild scent keeps your dog smelling fresh without absolutely overpowering everything.

It may be a bit more expensive, but it is actually rather cheap for a premium brand. Plus, because it doesn’t require very much, you may actually spend even less than you’d originally intended.

However, their formulas do include some less-than-stellar ingredients. In the end, this doesn’t prove to be a huge problem— at least in the short term.

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