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National Golden Retriever Day: When Is It, & How to Celebrated It

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If you have a Golden Retriever, or Golden, as the breed is also called, you may have heard of National Golden Retriever Day. If you’re unsure what this day is, it’s a day set aside every year to celebrate the intelligent, playful, loyal, and loving Golden Retriever breed. In the US is celebrate it on February 3rd each year. Read on to find more amazing details about this date.

Divider 7The History Behind the Day

Golden Retriever Day was founded in 2012 by a woman named Kristen Shroyer who blogged about Goldens and especially her special boy named Quincey. Shroyer and Quincey spent lots of quality time together and had loads of fun. While Quincey made new friends and warmed hearts everywhere she went, her human owner was busy blogging about their adventures, which earned the beloved dog many fans and admirers.

When Shroyer realized that there were special days to celebrate all kinds of things but none were set aside to celebrate Golden Retrievers, she decided to start a National Golden Retriever Day that was to be observed on February 3rd each year, which is, incidentally, her birthday.

Thanks to Shroyer’s efforts on social media and her blog, National Golden Retriever Day soon became a thing all across America and even in other countries like the UK and some parts of Canada.

Sadly, Quincey the Golden that inspired the day, passed away at just 7 years old due to cancer. However, his legacy lives on, thanks to the undying adoration of his owner who loved him with every bit of her heart!

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How the Big Day is Celebrated

On February 3rd of each year, people across America who have Golden Retrievers get together with other Golden owners and their dogs to celebrate in various ways. Some have group walks planned, others go on excursions with their dogs like wilderness hikes, and there are private parties in homes and clubs everywhere featuring happy Golden Retrievers and the people who love them.

The city of Golden, Colorado goes all out for National Golden Retriever Day with its Goldens in Golden event that attracts thousands of dogs, their owners, and on-lookers. At this grand event, Goldens take center stage and are treated to lots of goodies and games to celebrate how wonderful these dogs are.

Tips for Celebrating National Golden Retriever Day

There are many ways you can celebrate National Golden Retriever Day. If you have a Golden, buy your dog a brand-new toy he can play with. An interactive tug toy is a great choice because it allows you to play with your dog as he pulls, tugs, and huffs and puffs with the toy. And while you’re shopping for your dog, pick up a pack of yummy doggie treats you can give your pal on his big day to show him how much he’s loved and appreciated.When National Golden Retriever Day rolls around, why not take your beloved pooch to the local dog park or anywhere nearby where the two of you can take a long and leisurely stroll?

If you live in a part of the country where it’s cold in February, consider getting your Golden Retriever a warm dog coat so he can spend more time in the great outdoors without freezing.

Whatever you decide to do on National Golden Retriever Day, be sure to make plans that include both you and your dog. Sure, you could toss a new toy out in the yard for your Golden to play with, but he’d enjoy the toy even more if you were there to play with him!

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Image Credit: Justin Aikin, Unsplash

A Few Fun Facts About Golden Retrievers

Now that you know what National Golden Retriever Day is and how it’s celebrated, it’s time to learn a few fun facts about Goldens.

  • They Love to Swim: Goldens are athletic dogs that love taking part in all the family fun. One of their favorite outdoor activities is swimming. In fact, these dogs are built to swim as they have webbed feet that propel them quickly through the water and help them stay afloat. This feature makes Golden Retrievers among the best water dogs in the world.
  • They’re Often Used as Guide Dogs: It’s no coincidence if you’re used to seeing Golden Retrievers working as guide dogs. Goldens are often used as guide dogs because they’re friendly, eager to please, intelligent, and loyal.
  • They’re Always at the Top of America’s Favorite Dog Breeds: While their popularity ranking may fluctuate, Golden Retrievers are among the most popular dogs in the United States because they’re social, friendly, loyal, and highly trainable.
  • Many Famous People Have Owned Goldens: Golden Retrievers have been owned and loved by lots of well-known people including Betty White, President Reagan, President Ford, and daytime TV superstar Oprah Winfrey, just to name a few.

Divider 7Conclusion

Whether you have a Golden Retriever or are just a fan of this lovable dog, be sure to set some time aside on February 3rd to celebrate National Golden Retriever Day. Goldens are among America’s top dogs for many great reasons. Golden Retrievers are beautiful, smart, loyal, and loveable, making them very deserving of a day all their own!

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