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Cat Brush Glove For Grooming

Have you tried traditional brushes on your cat only to have them slink away in discomfort? We all know that grooming isn’t the most fun part of pet-owning, but it definitely shouldn’t be traumatic for you or your kitty. For those felines with more sensitive skin, our brush glove provides a clever method for scooping up all that extra hair before it lands on clothes and furniture. The best part? It feels just like a petting session, so your newly clean cat will be none the wiser! 


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Features -
  • Specifically designed to lift and trap hair
  • 5-finger design to tackle hard-to-reach spots 
  • Soft rubber provides comfortable grooming 
  • Thumb opening design for easy glove removal
  • Left and right-handed gloves available in up to 5 colors
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